The Cabal's Satanic Symbolism

The Cabal's Satanic Symbolism

Humanity is under attack by a satanic Cabal of global elites. They worship Satan, Moloch, and Tanit, among others. It many ways it does not matter whether or not those entities exist or whether or not you believe they exist. It is enough that the Cabal believes it and this informs many their actions.

It seems to be that one of their weird occult rules is that they have to symbolically show their victims what they intend to do to them beforehand so that dark forces will support their efforts. It is akin to visualizing the success you want in order to manifest it in your life. That, and they are nuts about symbology in general.

One major way the Cabal has been executing this symbolic priming is through the ceremonial shows at major events such as the Olympics and the Superbowl. Below I will touch on a few such shows and on other items of heavy symbolic meaning, giving my interpretations.

London 2012 Olympic Ceremony

The stage is set with children on their beds. Nurses read to them, telling them what is good for them.
The lights turn red. COVID is unleashed. Doctors and nurses are dancing. Quite prescient.
Nurses perform jabbing motions. They are giving out jabs.
The stadium looks like a COVID cell. NHS is in the middle of it.
A nuclear bomb goes off. By several accounts if Killary had been elected in 2016 the Cabal would have done 5 years of COVID lockdown with false flag nuclear attacks to help obfuscate the situation and escalate international conflict. The vaccines would have been "ready" and fully FDA-approved in the 5th year, there would have been much less hesitancy around taking them, and everyone would have drank the kool-aid. The White Hat faction that is opposing the Cabal got their man Trump elected to sabotage those plans. That's why Trump approved Operation Warp Speed and the quick release of the vaccine - it was to short-circuit the 5-year lockdown and create additional vaccine hesitancy by not being FDA-approved.
The children are asleep (dead) and covered with sheets (shrouds).
Another shot of the COVID cell stadium.
Monsters or demons come out to revel in the death.
The nurses are still jabbing.
The dead children are delivered to Moloch.
Nurses acting like Thriller-esque zombies.
A flotilla of super-powered Mary Poppins's comes to save the day.
Each Mary Poppins tucks in a child. They've been "saved".
A huge demonic baby is born.

About Those Mary Poppins's...

A young Russian prophet named Otrok Vyacheslav (AKA Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov) (1982-1993) spoke of the coming End Times. Sylvie Ivanonva did a recent multi-part documentary on him. Here is the most relevant video:

Key points along with my thoughts on how they fit map onto our current situation.

  • Otrok is a wise and powerful soul who wanted to just briefly come to Earth in order to give a heads-up to upcoming shenanigans.
  • The New World Order (or enemy parasites as Sylvie calls them) will demand that every person have a new global passport (vaccine passport).
  • This passport will demand that people will be marked with the sign of the beast, 666, on their right hand and forehead (this could easily be the jab if we're not too literal).
  • Many people will be sick and dying from diseases that the parasites have created (COVID and especially the vaccines).
  • Seemingly benevolent aliens will come to the aid of the people of Earth. They will set up small medical huts (advanced healing "med beds") all around the planet and heal everyone.
  • But it's a trick! The aliens will appear beautiful but they are actually demonic parasite entities from the depths of the Earth. They have been around for a long time, observing, abducting, testing, experimenting, and mutilating. The people who are healed in the med beds will no longer be human and will be essentially be immortal cyborg slave workers for the demonic entities.

Given everything that's going on I'm willing to entertain any and all possibilities and keep all options on the table. Still, that's pretty far out and I did not initially put much stock in it.

And then I rewatched the 2012 Olympics Ceremony. At the end, magical Mary Poppins entities float down from the sky, chase all the bad things away, and tuck all the children back into their bed. Holy fuck, that's the exact same vibe as in Otrok's prophecies!

So. It may or may not happen, but if seemingly benevolent aliens come down to heal everyone from the vax in their med beds then I advise not rushing in to take part. Otrok warned of it and then the Cabal seem to confirm it in their satanic ceremony.

Also at 48:39 in this video, a Remote Viewer makes a similar assertion: that people who take the vax are injecting tech that will be used to turn them into cyborg slaves for aliens, dead or alive:

Even if all these wild things are true in some sense, they are just potential timelines. There is no rigid destiny. We all have free will - "no fate but what we make".

2016 Gothard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony

Switzerland. June 1, 2016. AKA 6-1-2016 = 6-1-20-1-6. The Cabal loves their symbolic occult numbers, including 9/11 and Veterans Day 11/11 (a day to celebrate the war deaths they've engineered over the years).

This all happens in eerie silence. No music; the only sounds are caused by the actions of the actors.

We begin with shuffling zombie workers who then break into spastic dance moves.
Other workers are hanging from chains, more or less motionless (dead and strung up).
Here comes a train car of half-naked people with a constant cloud of dust.
They are getting sexual.
Symbolically having sex.
Some kind of avian dom on the right.
A man with chains on his wrists whips them against metal plates, seemingly trying to escape.
Men writhe at the feet of the avian humanoid.
Shambling mounds hop off a car and shamble around while evil laughter echoes.
The shambling mounds gather next to a dark spirit.
A human-shambler hybrid worships the dark spirit.
A satanic procession.
Satanic maidens.
Satanic procession.
Satanic circle.
A group of "regular people" jumps and waves excitedly to someone they see in the distance. They run to the seats on the sides and encourage the onlookers to join them on the floor.

The fucking end. I don't have too many other insights right now other than that this is all highly disturbing.

2021 Superbowl Halftime Show

After everyone had a rough year in 2020, a light, uplifting halftime show would have been very appropriate and welcome. Instead we get a dark, satanic, morbid show.

The following video is on Bitchute. Screenshots are from this YouTube version which they do not allow to be embedded.

Las Vegas AKA Sin City.
A phantom with glowing red eyes floats down in front of the singer.
The phantom floats in front of a dark city which looks like tombstones.
The singer emerges from a dazzling corridor of lights in the middle of the city.
The colors are red, black, and dark blue. People with glowing red eyes are standing at each city building "tombstone".
The city turns red and black. We see the words TOUCH, ALONE, HOURS, ENOUGH.
The singer moves into a dizzying hall of mirrors with words like FEEL NOTHING on the walls.
"Burn victim" dancers appear.
Large synchronized dance number with singer and burn victims.
At the end the dancers all collapse dead.
Red and black. Darkness. Hellish lights. Death.

'Nuff said.

The Occult Meaning of COVID

This article makes a case for COVID having the hidden meaning of "possession by an evil spirit". Shades of cyborg slave workers mentioned in the Olympics Ceremony section above.

On The Occult Meaning Of The Term “COVID” , a succinct incursion into pattern recognition .
Summary: Secret Societies always have two types of truths, one for the masses and one reserved for the initiates. Is COVID meant to be re..

The Occult Flat Earth

I don't believe in a flat Earth for many reasons, including:

  1. We can see that all other celestial bodies are spheres. Why wouldn't the Earth be as well?
  2. Why would They spend so much time and effort in convincing us that the world was spherical if it was not? What benefit would there be?
  3. If the Earth were flat the longest plane flight possible would be from Australia to South America. shows a flight from Sydney to Santiago De Chile (South America) taking 13 hours while Sydney to Vancouver (much closer on the Flat Earth map) takes 14.5 hours.
If this flat Earth map was accurate, how could it be quicker to fly from Sydney to the tip of South America than from Sydney to the west coast of North America?

However, this video provides some good evidence that a Flat Earth figures prominently into the symbols of the Freemasons (and therefore the Cabal):

A FreeMason describes flat earth. Very interesting 🤔 Expand your thinking 💥===================🍿Channel @TRUMPINTEL 🍿 Chat @AwakeningGlobal

Is there a way that both models could be true? Could the Earth exist in multiple dimensions? Perhaps in the physical dimension it is spherical and in some energetic dimension it is flat.

Anyhow, the key takeaway is that Freemasonry is heavily filled with Flat Earth symbols. A lot of it has to do with the rays of the black sun that are angling out of the arctic circle.