Penny Kelly Look-See - Predictions for November 2021-February 2022

Penny Kelly Look-See - Predictions for November 2021-February 2022

November 15, 2021 - December 15, 2021

  1. Silence around election audits - people aware of fraud & it's not gonna be addressed; realization that the US is over.
  2. Assassination attempt on Klaus Schwab - lightly injured but recovers & survives.
  3. Aussies & Canadians begin fighting back against mandates.
  4. Rash of school closings, blamed on C19, seriously disrupting education.
  5. Lot of chatter about finances but not much changing yet.
  6. American Cabal bankers want to begin bank bail-ins but fail. Trial run in Malaysia fails miserably.
  7. Trump looks more and more questionable as he continues to support the vax. People increasingly wonder about his loyalties. Trump (and/or Biden) may be the last President.
  8. Mid-December: government may shut down. Military splits, some taking government's side and some the people's side. People are very angry due to some proclamation or information that has come out. People have been shocked to the core.
  9. TPTB, especially Soros, are initially happy to see people getting angry, raising hell, and taking down the system. The plan is to step in and steer the people's actions towards pre-determined Cabal ends. However they probably won't be able to pull it off like they think. They move ahead with their plans but they have delayed too long, they are way too divided and desperate, they have not been able to resolve their financial problems, and the reaction from people is much more ferocious than they expected. Alliance snipers have taken out a few key Cabal people. The Cabal has lost their confidence and morale.
  10. Worry and anxiety among people continues to build, as does the momentum to address the source of the problem: the collusion between the corporations, the media, and the government. Not much happens yet but the momentum continues to build.
  11. "Everybody" (!) who tries to get home for Thanksgiving spends their Thanksgiving in the airport or sitting and waiting for transport.

December 15, 2021 - January 15, 2022

  1. Frenzy of shopping the week before & after Christmas, but unrelated to gifts. People stocking up because the likelihood of shortages becomes obvious.
  2. Deepening shortage of food, parts, supplies, etc. Sales boom of 3D printers that can print custom parts.
  3. The struggle among those vying for control of the US continues. Trump and Pelosi secretly team up but the general population isn't in the mood for old-style politics and neither are effective.
  4. A few countries declare the end of COVID but don't remove mask mandates etc.
  5. Quite a few sick people in January, fighting for the lives. Hard to see that.
  6. The threat of forced vaccination begins to ease as many countries declare the virus is under control. Governments pretend their policies were successful so that they can re-enact lockdowns etc. in the future.
  7. The US government is falling apart. The elections are still not fixed. The financial system is a mess. People are sick or dying.
  8. First week of January: vision of dollars floating down from trees like leaves. Not a good sign. Rigged financial system may be coming apart.
  9. Pfizer under investigation for medical fraud.
  10. Younger generation, teens and 20's, is very savvy and begins to make their voice heard.
  11. January 14: everything comes to a head in the US; crisis point, showdown. Financial system, government, medical system, everything.

January 15, 2022 - February 15, 2022

  1. Population finally begins working through the many issues they face.
  2. China more and more unstable as fallout from Evergrande spreads and deepens. Their winter is rough, their food is in short supply and is very expensive. Their people have had it and their backs are against the wall. Many protests, becoming more aggressive.
  3. Kinetic war breaks out in the US (Global?).
  4. European union begins breaking down at the same time as the US. Things move slowly.
  5. Restaurants begin opening in many places again; they are no longer respecting the mandates.
  6. Deaths are very high. People of all ages are departing for the next world.
  7. Original group of 11 states that sued the Biden administration over the vax mandates begins talking secession. This would/will split the US into three regions or countries: eastern, central, and western.
  8. There's a renaissance of people and spirit. More and more people opt out of corporate America and begin working for themselves as entrepreneurs. Quite a few people start their own businesses. Deliberate effort to undermine corporate America. Corporations are facing many lawsuits and are being broken up. A new way of thinking and action is taking shape.
  9. New leadership in Australia.
  10. Silver is up. Cryptos are struggling. Cryptos have a difficult time after the first of the year. Just hang on to your crypto.
  11. Many confrontations between parents, school boards, and the government.