Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

In 1978, in Jonestown, South America, cult leader Jim Jones convinced 907 followers to kill themselves by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid (technically "Flavor Aid"). Never before or since have so many people been convinced to kill themselves at once - until now.

I believe that the vax is the new deadly kool-aid and that over the next few months and years there will be an apocalyptic die-off of 70% or more of the people who have taken the vax, with a big chunk of them dying within the next few months as the US and the northern hemisphere enter flu season.

This is not an accident. This is a depopulation agenda being implemented simultaneously in all countries.

That's just crazy, right? Or is it?

Let me mention what I do have solid evidence for, including the vaccine being super dangerous, my reasoning about the rest of it, and you can draw your own conclusions.


I'll mention a bunch of stuff below, but here are the most important things:

1. Take a look at this PhD medical expert pulling zero punches and telling a school board exactly what's going to happen over the next few months (4m).

2. Here is a pathologist summary of what these jabs do to the brain and other organs. Super good! Even if you skip everything else, this is well worth your while. (17m)

3. Here is the PDF of a lawsuit filed by the same organization that is speaking in the video above: America's Frontline Doctors. It covers all the major problems with the vax and the vax program.

You can always wait to take the vax but you can't undo it once you take it. If you're at all inclined to take it, please just wait to take it until 2022 and make sure millions of people aren't dying from it by that point.

The Evidence

1. COVID-19 may literally just be the flu.

  • For the 2019-2020 flu season the US recorded roughly 38,000,000 flu cases; a normal season.
  • For the 2020-2021 flu season the US recorded just 2,038 flu cases. A 99.995% reduction!
  • It's not due to masks or social distancing because then how could flu be eliminated but COVID still be spreading?
  • The primary COVID test is the PCR test which involves running a number of "cycles". Too few cycles and you don't detect anything. Too many and you get false positives. Virtually all scientists, including Dr. Fauci (see lawsuit) agree that any PCR test run at a CT (Cycle Threshold) of 35 cycles or more is useless, with one study showing that 97% of positives with CT=35 were false positives.
  • Most COVID test labs have been running their PCR tests at CT=35 or more, with most of them at 40-45 cycles.
  • After vaccines started becoming available the CDC put out new guidance that said, in essence, if you are running a COVID test on a vaccinated person, be sure to use a CT value of < 28 (!!!). Don't want any false positives there!
  • It is quite possible that 97% or more of positive COVID tests are in fact the flu.

2. COVID-19 may not even exist.

  • There is a very interesting court case in Alberta, Canada, where the defendant subpoenaed Dr. Denna Hinshaw, the "Dr. Fauci of Alberta", for "all white papers showing isolation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in human beings in your possession or in the possession of Alberta Health Ministry, as these white papers would have been integral in the crafting of the statutes". She could not produce any such evidence of the isolated virus, the case was dropped, and shortly thereafter Alberta dropped its COVID restrictions.
  • Here's an excellent professional rant by Dr. Derek Knauss. All the supposed COVID-positive samples he's ever tested have actually been Influenza. He asked the CDC for some COVID samples to compare against and they could not provide any.
  • But what about people who lose their sense of taste etc.? I will touch on that in Point 13 below.
  • If those characteristic "losing sense of taste" symptoms can be explained by something else and most other positive COVID tests are actually just the flu, COVID may well not even exist. If it does exist, it may be little worse than the flu.

3. COVID-19 is not very dangerous.

  • Even taking COVID at face value as a virus we have to worry about, COVID deaths are extremely over-reported and misleading.
  • It's been the rule in most places that anyone who dies with COVID is counted as someone who dies of COVID. Even just having a positive COVID test within 28 days of death is enough to count as dying of COVID.
  • Here's the CDC admitting that 95% of COVID deaths also had an average of 4 additional causes of death (such as pneumonia). COVID was the only cause of death just 5% of the time.
  • That implies that AT MOST 32k of the 640k US COVID deaths in the last 20 months were otherwise healthy people.
  • US: the average age of death from COVID is 76.5, the average lifespan is 78.5, and 99.87% of people under 50 survive COVID. Based on this data.
  • World: the average age of death from COVID is 72.5, the average lifespan is 72.6, and 99.55% of people under 50 survive COVID. Based on this data.

4. The vax is already the deadliest vaccine in history.

  • The COVID vax (COVID vaccines as a group) has already killed more people than all other vaccines combined for the past 30+ years. In the VAERS vaccine adverse event reporting system, there were a total of 8,662 vaccine-related deaths in the years 1990-2020 and 12,964 just in 2021 (through August 6, 2021).
  • Fact-checkers say that anyone can submit a report to VAERS so how do we know those numbers are true? Which brings up the issue of the total lack of transparency around vax statistics.
  • A whistleblower in the lawsuit PDF alleges that the true number of vax deaths is at least 45,000 dead in the US (July 19, 2021).
  • Another whistleblower from Pfizer alleges that the number of deaths is closer to 200,000 (August 24, 2021).
  • Medically savvy entrepreneur Steve Kirsch has also independently arrived at the figure of 200,000 dead based on his own research (September 4, 2021).

5. The vax has terrible adverse reactions.

  • Take a look at how many serious adverse reactions have been logged so far.
  • Here's a peer-reviewed study from eminent journal publisher MDPI, stating that "For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two [deaths and eight serious side effects] inflicted by vaccination." We save three people but two others die and eight others develop Bell's Palsey or whatever else?!?!
  • There are many social media posts etc. that describe people dying or having other disabling adverse reactions. For example, here's a large PDF of collected social media posts just from January and February.

6. The vax is experimental

  • The mRNA vaccines are new technology that have never been tested on a human population until now.
  • COVID is a coronavirus like SARS. We have never been able to create an effective coronavirus vaccine. In animal trials with previous coronavirus vaccine attempts, the animals always end up dying from the virus due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). More on that below.
  • The vax is operating under the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which can only be granted if no other treatments exist.

7. There are safe, effective treatments for COVID

  • You may remember some fuss about HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) and its even more effective cousin Ivermectin. Turns out both of those antivirals are highly effective at treating COVID.
  • Here's a summary of research papers written about Ivermectin's effectiveness. It's quite impressive.
  • Ivermectin is safe, effective, and worst of all cheap.

8. Noteworthy and credible mainstream experts have serious concerns about the vax.

  • This includes many experts who otherwise believe in vaccines. Their concerns are not coming from a general anti-vax stance.
  • Including the founder of mRNA, Dr. Robert Malone, from the ADE video above.
  • Including medical tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, who has written this excellent article expressing his concerns.
  • Including Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Pfizer, who gave this excellent interview with his expert observations, including the ridiculous fallacy of asymptomatic spread that justified the world's lockdowns and en masse testing.
  • Including Dr. Byram Bridle. "We know that the vast majority of people are not susceptible to severe, certainly lethal COVID-19. So the other approach is naturally acquired immunity. I do think that most people could, and had we had to hop to this strategy, most countries could probably be very close to herd immunity right now."
  • Including America's Frontline Doctors, a large organization.
  • Including all these doctors and medical professionals:

9. Vax counter-narrative voices are being heavily suppressed

  • Big Brother (Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Tech, Mainstream Media, etc.) all came together to suppress many kinds of counter-narrative information.
  • Many social media accounts, including YouTube channels, have been censored or terminated.
  • They've suppressed the mainstream experts who call for the vax to be halted.
  • They've suppressed reports of anecdotal reactions. For example the PDF of social media posts above was removed from several document hosting sites, so I made sure to grab a copy when I could.
  • They've suppressed information about the effectiveness of HCQ and Ivermectin. If they admitted that HCQ/IVM was effective, Big Pharma could not have released their vax under EUA.
  • Best-case scenario is that this collusion was motivated purely by greed. Big Pharma stands to make $50B this year off the vax.
  • Worst-case scenario is that the vax is part of a depopulation agenda that's now being executed all over the world.
  • Either way Big Brother has a ton of blood on its hands. If we'd been giving people Ivermectin it would have prevented 75% or more of COVID deaths.
  • Here's a very interesting two-part interview where Mark Crispin Miller explores media suppression and propaganda in regards to the plandemic:
Part 1:
Part 2:

10. There is no transparency around COVID or the vax.

  • The MSM (Mainstream Media) runs constant COVID fear porn with very few substantial facts.
  • Likewise they offer a consistently rosy picture of the vaccines with little to no reporting on the scale of known adverse reactions.
  • Especially for the Emergency Use Authorization people must make informed consent. There is very little information.
  • What is one's risk of dying from COVID given one's age and health? What is the risk of dying from the vaccine - how many have died from it? No information like that is ever offered. "Side effects are rare". How rare?!

11. Huge risk of blood clotting.

  • Per the video and the paper in the TLDR section, the vax is reprogramming people's bodies to clot up arteries and capillaries.
  • The injected mRNA is designed to reprogram cells to generate the characteristic spike protein of COVID for the body to generate antibodies against.
  • The theory was that mRNA would stay in the shoulder muscle, but studies show that 75% of it ends up travelling to all major organs of the body. So spike proteins are being generated all over the body. These spikes stick to whatever cells they can find, which are turning out to be tiny capillaries in the lungs, the heart, the blood brain barrier, etc.
  • When other cells in our body encounter the rough cell walls of a spike-covered capillary, it triggers a clotting response to seal up that capillary. Heart and lung tissue never regenerates, so people start getting permanent damage to their lungs and heart. There are anecdotal reports of permanent shortness of breath and vaxxed athletes collapsing on the field because they can't breathe.

12. Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

  • It's looking like the vaccines will actually increase the risk of people dying from COVID.
  • This is due to something called Antibody Dependent Enhancement, or pathogenic priming.
  • This is the reason all the animals in the animal trials for Coronavirus (and/or mRNA) vaccines died.  Not from the vaccine directly, but from encountering the virus in the wild. Vaccine-induced antibodies to the original virus make the reaction to subsequent variants more severe in a way that overloads the body. Getting the vaccine to prevent COVID-19 may be like carrying around a grenade to prevent getting mugged. Yes, you'll kill the mugger, but you'll take yourself out as well. So all the animals died, and instead of trying to solve that problem they rolled it out for humans, worldwide.
  • COVID goes on the same cycle as flu, so when flu season hits the northern hemisphere this winter (~Nov-Feb), the vaccinated may be much harder hit than the unvaccinated and will probably die off in large numbers.
  • "L" of posted this good thread about ADE.

13. The vax allegedly contains 99% graphene oxide.

  • A research team acquired a vial of vax, analyzed it, and found the payload to be 99% graphene oxide (GO).
  • Supposedly GO particles have been found on some masks and swabs from China. Did you ever see the "mask worms" videos? In retrospect they were graphene oxide.
  • Allegedly GO was in the 2019-2020 flu vaccine was well.
  • GO is toxic. Apparently the symptoms of GO poisoning include losing one's sense of taste and all the other unique COVID symptoms.
  • In retrospect it is likely that (in some cases) as people were masking up or being tested for COVID they were ingesting GO filaments and getting poisoned by them.
  • This explains why some people have severe COVID (graphene oxide), others have milder flu-like symptoms (flu), and others are asymptomatic (false positive PCR test).
  • GO is an oxidant. Antioxidants help clean it out of the system. Young people and athletes have a lot of the antioxidant glutathione and older folks don't have as much, which explains why older people were harder hit by COVID.
  • Certain wireless frequencies that 5G can produce causes GO to break down and oxidize very rapidly.
  • This team's research has to be taken more on faith than the other points I'm listing.
  • This theory explains a lot and I believe it myself.
  • Here's a an additional analysis of what's in all the major vaccines:

14. The vax is being pushed so hard and so indiscriminately.

15. A surprising number of high-profile medical professionals are not getting the vax.

  • Congress recently took testimony from the heads of the CDC, FDA, and NIAID. Those heads all confirmed that "about" 40%-50% of their employees have not taken the vax. I believe this was August 2021.
  • Many hospitals have vaccine mandates with upcoming deadlines and anecdotally many nurses are quitting - or have indicated they'd rather be fired - rather than take the vaccine. These include nurses who worked tirelessly throughout COVID and so they understand the risks of getting COVID better than anyone.

16. Lack of insurance coverage.

  • Any adverse reactions or medical expenses you might have related to the vax are likely going to come out of your pocket.
  • Your insurance won't pay, the vax manufacturers won't pay, the administering clinic won't pay, and if you die, your life insurance won't even pay because it says in almost all policies that it's nullified if you elect to take experimental drugs.
  • So they have a legal out, all the way around, because it's experimental, and yet they're still mandating it?  Clearly this is not about our well-being.

17. The world economy is being destroyed in the process.

  • Pretty self-evident IMO through lockdowns and ridiculous restrictions.
  • Britain has the "ping-demic" where the supply chain is being disrupted by swaths of people getting notifications on their contact tracing app to self-quarantine instead of going to work. There's not even a COVID test involved, just a notice that they've been in contact with someone else who had it!
  • China closed a major shipping port due to a measly 3 COVID cases.

18. Basic human rights are being violated.

  • It's a basic human right for people to be able to choose their own level of risk for living life. Mileage may vary by country, but it should certainly be a guarantee for first-world countries like the USA and Australia.
  • The narrative says that we have to endure these incredible restrictions for the greater good.
  • There's a saying that if rights can be only be suspended during an emergency, the government will create an emergency in order to suspend rights.
  • I believe that's fundamentally true which is why we have to stand firm against surrendering any rights.
  • COVID could be the deadliest virus in the world and lockdown restrictions should still be off-limits. Then again, if it was actually deadly then people would truly change their behavior and self-quarantine or else they would die off.
  • The vaccine could be the most harmless vaccine ever and people should still not be mandated to take it.

19. The vax doesn't even fucking work

That's like, the whole reason any of the risks would be worth it, right?

  • Israel was one of the first countries to jump on the vax bandwagon and is almost completely vaccinated. They've been having a big spike and 95% of their COVID deaths are in vaccinated people.
  • Daily deaths from all causes versus a year ago are up 15x in Israel and 4x-5x in the UK. Deaths from all causes is a very important statistic because they can't just mask vax deaths as heart attack deaths, etc.
  • COVID cases in many regions are spiking higher than ever. Higher than ever, despite heavy vaccination compliance.


There are an incredible number of red flags. After locking down for a year or more, almost every country in the world is pushing so hard to get everyone vaccinated, including kids with no risk of dying from COVID and people who have already recovered from COVID, with an experimental vax that uses sketchy new technology and that credible experts have serious doubts about, for a virus that is 99.87%+ survivable. The risks of the vax are not transparent at all and dissenting voices are being heavily suppressed.

For me it is beyond belief that this is all just a perfect storm of bad decisions, corporate greed, and obliviousness.

Instead I believe this is a global conspiracy set into motion by "The Cabal", AKA the Illuminati, the Deep State, etc.

One friend of mine (or perhaps now ex-friend) said he hoped I would see that all this is not a conspiracy, "which would take unimaginable levels of organization and obedience across party lines, not to mention across nations". I'm like: yep!

If you think of it in terms of the masterminds putting together a plan and getting others on board with that plan and making sure no information leaks out, then yeah it's pretty ridiculous to imagine that working.

Here's how it really works in terms of what I've heard and what I believe:

  • The Cabal is a real thing and has spent centuries acquiring control of influential people all over the world.
  • Mere bribes and favors wouldn't ensure loyalty. Instead they go for kompromat; blackmail material which they engineer and retain.
  • Imagine this: you're a young up-and-coming politician. You're invited to parties by famous actors and politicians or whoever. You do some drugs, you hook up with some cuties. You've indicated your proclivities, so now you're invited to even more exclusive parties with harder drugs and younger cuties. Are they even 18 yet? 16? Younger? Doesn't matter, everyone's indulging and that guy Epstein is happy to introduce you.
  • You're part of the club now. Doors open for you. Money finds its way into your account. All you have to do is keep being a sport and living a life without the limits imposed on regular folk.
  • But you've sold your soul for this lifetime. They've got videos of you doing hard drugs and raping minors. They'll keep it quiet, but if they ever need a favor you'd better do it or else your life will be ruined.
  • How ambitious are you? Do you want a taste of real power? To be governor, perhaps? Supreme Court Justice? POTUS? You're already compromised. How far are you willing to go?
  • To get to the upper echelons of power you have to really commit. Someone with a video camera brings you a child and a gun. You rape the child and then kill it, on camera. That kompromat is tucked safely away. Congratulations, you are now part of the inner circle.
  • Are there at least some people who would commit those types of heinous crimes in return for wealth and power? Of course.
  • Are there at least some mega-wealthy elites who would facilitate those types of heinous crimes to gain control of politics, tech, science, or other areas? Of course.
  • If it's possible then it's inevitable and by numerous accounts it has been happening for a long, long time.
  • The compromised elites mostly go on living their lives, perhaps often living their entire lives without being asked to do more than grease a few wheels and pull a few strings.

But now we're in an endgame. The Cabal is playing for all the marbles, they are pulling the strings of all their captured puppets, and they are activating all assets.

Their goals are to destroy the global economy, substantially depopulate the planet, and start a worldwide communist government. They call it "The Great Reset". Their plan has unfolded as follows:

  1. Create a real or imaginary virus to make the population fearful and compliant and create an excuse for substantial abuses of power.
  2. Lock down the population to destroy small businesses while increasing fear, loneliness, and willingness to cooperate to end the lockdown.
  3. Create a killer vaccine shot and encourage everyone to take it to "get back to normal". It will kill most people who take it but not too quickly. You need... (rolls dice)... 2 shots to be protected. And a booster every... (rolls dice)... 8 months. Make that 6. Okay, 5. Be sure all your friends get it too or else you won't actually be safe.
  4. Lift the lockdowns and the restrictions. Let people get a taste of freedom. People start to die of the vax. Oh no, that's because variants and because some selfish people didn't get the vax! Punish the whole class because a few weren't paying attention. Lock it down!

The vaccine wasn't created to eliminate the virus. The virus (or the idea of the virus) was created to get people to take the vaccine.

They are pushing so hard right now to get everyone vaccinated, before flu season hits in the Northern Hemisphere.  Against reason, against caution, against data, against science, against informed consent laws.  Because, after flu season, ain't no one getting that shot, whatever the pressure.  It's gonna be pretty clear that it's not a good idea. So this is their big window of opportunity.

Australia has been mostly locked down for a long time but vaccines have not been very available. The reason for that, in my opinion, is that Australia is just coming out of its flu season and they needed to wait until after that so that mass die-offs wouldn't happen right away. The constant lockdowns with the promise of lifting them once 80% of the population is vaccinated is both a stick and a carrot.

The next few months will be very rough. People are already starting to die of strokes and heart attacks from the clots. Many signs point to a mass die-off probably starting in October or November.

This is all super heavy, super scary stuff. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Too many people are refusing the vax and catching onto what's going on. The Cabal's position is tenuous and once the game's up and people realize what's been done to them, they will rise up and kill everyone associated with the Cabal. French Revolution 2.0 + Nuremberg Trials 2.0.

If all this seems too bizarre or incredible, well then, as I said at the top, just please wait to take the vax until 2022 and I think you'll be glad you did.