The House That Tanit Built

The House That Tanit Built

I was just browsing around today, minding my own business (not really), when I encountered an unusual photo from this legit article on Gloria Vanderbilt. It shows her reading a bedtime story to her sons:

First, off what is that bizarre necklace she's wearing?

Never mind that, because more importantly, what the fuck is that art behind her?

There is a bleeding human sacrifice in a coffin or torture box. Fire all around. A dismembered head ascends a ladder to heaven on the left. A dark figure holds a torch on the right. And the figure presiding looks quite sinister - in terms of shapes and symbols she seems to be the dark goddess Tanit who runs with Baal and Moloch and who demands child sacrifice.

It was Moloch upon the mountain of the Latins, looking with his appalling face across the plain; it was Baal who trampled the vineyards with his feet of stone; it was the voice of Tanit the invisible, behind her trailing veils, whispering of the love that is more horrible than hate. – G. K. Chesterton

That's the extent of the hard evidence I have that the Vanderbilts had unquestionably sinister and probably satanic (as in worshiping dark forces) artwork hanging above someone's bed. But here are some additional oddities.

The Vanderbilts built the Biltmore Estate. Inside Biltmore is a long-dry old-timey swimming pool that looks like this:

It has been suggested that this very pool is the backdrop in these illustrations by Biljana Djurdjevic, which depict children in bondage, and which are favored by Tony Podesta (more on that here):

While the tile patterns and floor grates do not match Biltmore's pool, the shape of the alcove, the hanging ropes, and the "bench" do all match.

One of the two boys in the Gloria Vanderbilt photo is her son Anderson Cooper:

Some say that he looks like the hanging boy in the illustration. That's a bit of a stretch but worth mentioning.

Anderson's older brother, Carter Cooper, committed suicide at age 23 by jumping from the terrace of his 14th floor apartment. Or perhaps he was suicided? I have heard that to enter the upper echelons of power the Cabal sometimes requires the sacrifice of a family member, and family members do seem to die a lot with this crowd. Similarly there could be more to the deaths of Joe Biden's firstborn son and/or first wife and/or firstborn daughter than we know. Whatever the case, Joe Biden has repeatedly lied about those events.

Unrelated to the Vanderbilts, at least in any overt way, is this page for The International Campaign to Stop Rape (I do not think this page represents the entire organization; it is one page or one group in a coalition). The only article it has on it is this:

Statement on the arrest of Mr. Joel Davis, former coordinator of the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict

(Thursday, June 28, 2018) Yesterday, we learned of the arrest and grave charges of child sexual abuse against Joel Davis, former volunteer coordinator of the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict.

As a coalition of organizations working directly to end sexual violence, we are deeply shaken, shocked, and appalled by these revelations. We stand firmly by the children and families allegedly hurt by these acts.

These allegations are intolerable with respect to anyone – even more so when the alleged perpetrator is an individual whose young career was built on advocating against sexual violence.

Effective yesterday, June 27, 2018, Mr. Davis is no longer the coordinator of the Campaign and his organization has been removed from the coalition. Mr. Davis coordinated the Campaign on a voluntary basis since 2017 on behalf of his organization. As with many of our initiatives and responsibilities within the coalition, the coordinator role has always been a shared responsibility among the member organizations and the steering committee is working to appoint a new interim coordinator.

We remain committed ––today more than ever–– to the urgent work and mission of the campaign: to end sexual violence wherever it occurs.

We express our full support for a thorough investigation by the appropriate authorities.

The logo of the organization? Seemingly Tanit, with stylized flames as a halo standing above her sacrifices.