What's the Deal With Tom Hanks?

What's the Deal With Tom Hanks?

Today, August 22, 2020, is the 3-month anniversary of the last time Tom Hanks posted anything to Facebook or Twitter.

A few things have been posted to his Instagram, however - mostly political things urging people to vote, but none of his signature "lost item of clothing in the dirt" posts, not since May 24. Used to be everything that was posted on one of his social accounts was posted on all three.

The official story is that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were in Australia, contracted COVID-19 (announced on March 11), had to stay in quarantine a bit, returned to the US on March 27, and then travelled to Greece on July 12, 2020, where they now reside.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson return to the US on or around March 27.

That may all be true.

However, some believe that Hanks may be under house arrest, in prison, or even dead. I think we can rule out the last possibility given occasional video interview appearances over the last couple of months, but - as ludicrous as the first two possibilities might sound at first, let me explain why some people think that and why Hanks may have a sinister side.

Disclaimer: I honestly hope it's not true and that Tom Hanks really is just America's Sweetheart and an All-Around Good Guy. I love his charming earnest nature and he's made many wonderful movies. But I can't give him a pass if there is something to all this, so I have to at least entertain the possibility.

Rape Accusation

Sarah Ruth Ashcroft says that in 1994 or 1995 her father sold her to Tom Hanks for sex. She was 13 years old.

There are many cases of both real and fabricated rape and abuse accusations and so in my view this allegation is nothing definitive. But it is the first of several things to poke holes in the wholesome image of Tom Hanks.

Weird Instagram Photos

This Reddit rant makes a lot of claims that are in my mind mostly unfounded, or shall we say the evidence is circumstantial at best. Like the comments on Sarah Ruth Ashcroft's Twitter post, the Reddit rant also points to Tom's weird Instagram photos.

I mention one of Tom's photos in my Isaac Kappy article. Kappy was a QAnon/anti-Cabal activist who claimed Hanks was part of the Cabal. Tom's photo predated Kappy's death on Route 66 by a month. It said "Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not!" Coincidence? Possibly.

Another abandoned item photo from Hanks which caused some controversy:

Some commentators suggest that "SRC USA" is just an infrastructure work crew tag for gas pipes and such. It could be just that.

The weird thing is, as this video shows, if you type SRC USA into the Russian Yandex search engine, it pulls up a lot of inappropriately sexualized photos of young girls. You can type KIDS, you can type SCR USA, etc., and no similar patterns show anything like that. It's a code phrase that's somehow become associated with pedophilia. WARNING: I advise you to follow the video author's recommendation and not try this yourself.

Vegemite Toast

After announcing that he and his wife had contracted COVID-19, Hanks posted this on March 14, 2020:

He caught a lot of flack for spreading on his Vegemite super-thick and that was about it.

If we study the photo there are several odd details about it.

  1. There is a reflection on the table of what could be jail bars.
  2. The side of the water glass is raised up on the plate and yet the water appears level with the top of the glass.
  3. The toast perhaps has something drawn in the Vegemite on the right piece and is perhaps symbolically arranged. It's arguable, but there's a distinct T on the right piece of toast and the whole thing looks a bit like a hanged man. I drew the X myself (there's no suggestion of that on the toast) to help paint the picture.

What does it mean? Some believe that Hanks has been caught by Federal law enforcement and was aboard a prison ship. That doesn't explain the nice marble table. But if he's not on a ship, the glass of water seems impossible. And why would he set the edge of the glass on the plate if it wasn't to convey a subtle message?


On April 11, 2020, Tom Hanks "hosted" Saturday Night Live with a pre-recorded monologue from his home:

He comments:

This shaved head was just for a movie and my hair is growing back very slowly.

It's true that he was filming an untitled Elvis movie when he contracted COVID-19. Not sure why he would need to shave his head for the role he was playing, but that kinda makes sense.

Except... check out this Instagram photo he posted after he announced he had COVID-19:

You can see around his ears that he totally still has his hair at this point!!

Wait a damn minute! The timeline would have to be:

  1. Hanks works on filming Elvis.
  2. Hanks contracts COVID-19 in early March and on March 12 he still has his hair.
  3. When he returns to the US on March 27, two weeks later, he has a shaved head (you can see from the photo at the top).

Why would he shave his head "for the movie" during his two weeks of COVID-19 recovery?! The whole prison ship thing is starting to sound less ridiculous.

Another thing about the monologue: Hanks is well-known for his multi-million-dollar homes:

I ask you - does that look like a multi-million-dollar kitchen in his SNL skit? It doesn't to me!! If it is then he got robbed.

On July 14, 2020, Tom Hanks did an interview with Stephen Colbert:

On August 19, 2020, Tom Hanks did some sort of fundraiser where he listened to one of Biden's rambling stories:

Look how short his hair still is after 6 months! It's not "growing out slowly", it's been kept shaved. Maybe he likes it and wants to do short hair forever. Maybe he's in prison and through some arrangement they just let him do these special events. It sound bizarrely far-fetched, I know.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst, who worked with Tom Hanks when she was a child and he was an adult, posted a couple of cryptic photos to Instagram in April. As a rule it seems like Dunst does not post photos of her son or his activities, but she posted this on April 7:

Toy Story background. Pot - 4/20? Leaf - fall?

And then on April 19 AKA 4/19 AKA 4/20 depending on time zone, she posted this:

A fallen "Woody" (voiced by Tom Hanks). Not to mention some possibly symbolic background details: some figurines waiting on a dock to board a ship. An upside down Huggies box with a hole cut out of it, a food bowl on top of the baby, and some red marker "dripping" down the side from the bowl.

Perhaps most interesting: she tagged the location of this photo as "Auckland, New Zealand". She doesn't have a location tagged for any of her other photos around that time.


There's a lot of smoke coming from Tom Hanks. Is there fire? I don't know.

Part of the QAnon theory is that the Q operation, with President Trump's facilitation, is cleaning house on this heavily entrenched deep state Cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophile cannibals, or pedovores. Yes, it sounds insane, but so does all of it and yet there's a lot of factual evidence supporting the Cabal theory.

If the military does "have" Hanks, they could be letting him keep up the pretense of life as normal for one of the same reasons the justice system would create a sealed indictment: it's not the right time to create a public spectacle. A sealed indictment is the result of a secret pre-trial without the knowledge of the person who will be accused. Evidence is presented of a crime that is strong enough to issue an arrest warrant and proceed with a trial, but if the time isn't right or they want to avoid tipping off a collaborators, they'll create a sealed indictment which is basically an IOU for an arrest and trial.

Incidentally, the average number of sealed indictments was about 1,000 per year in the past. In 2017-2018, and possibly still, that number has shot up to be about 60,000 per year. QAnon believes that most of those target the Cabal.

Most likely one of these three things will happen:

  1. There will be the "big reveal", mass arrests, the swamp will finally be drained, and the incarceration of Tom Hanks will be revealed.
  2. Tom Hanks will "die in a plane crash" or other accident.
  3. Tom Hanks will get back to work after COVID-19 and this will all have been an absurd delusion.

Time will tell!