Who Was Isaac Kappy?

Who Was Isaac Kappy?

I'd seen clips from Isaac Kappy's videos before on Instagram QAnon channels but I didn't know who he was. I finally caught his name today and did some research. This is what I found.

His Life

Isaac Kappy, now deceased, was an ex-small-time actor who, as far as I can tell, got lost in the rabbit hole of Pizzagate and it consumed him. He accused many celebrities of being part of "Pedowood" including Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Seth Green, and Seth's wife Clare Grant. Here is a one-minute clip of him accusing Speilberg and Hanks.

I am unclear on whether he was legitimately friends with Green and Grant earlier on, but Kappy sent these letters to them warning them that he had a "dead man's switch" should he die and I believe this was after he had already "outed" Green on a video.

I must say that the handwritten letters - which Kappy acknowledges as his after they were published by TMZ - have an unusual all-caps style which makes me think he was marching to the beat of a different drum for sure.

Kappy said that once he found out about Pizzagate he put thousands of hours into researching it. He was in the habit of releasing long, rambling videos on the Periscope video streaming platform where he would comment on questions raised in the real-time chat window. He would name people and businesses he alleged were involved in pedophilia, sometimes in a sing-song voice (he was also a musician I believe so maybe not that weird). My impression is that he became regarded as a crusader of the Q movement, a source of new information, and something of a celebrity. But was the information actually new?

I don't know which of his allegations he claimed to have firsthand knowledge of and which he had picked up from others. From what I can tell he offered little proof of his allegations beyond saying that he would love to be sued so that he can get various conspirators on the witness stand.

Was he just redistributing information he'd gathered through his research? Are the accusations of Hanks, etc., based on circular logic where Kappy learns about allegations from QAnon, says something, and then QAnon uses the fact that Kappy is pointing the finger as further evidence?

Because Kappy says he put so much time into researching Pizzagate once he learned about it, it seems to me that he did not start out with firsthand knowledge of it. I hypothesize that, like myself, he was basically an activist, analyst, and commentator who helped disseminate new information from other sources and identify new connections in existing information.

For now, for me, his rambling accusations lend very little additional support to existing evidence. That doesn't mean the accusations are unfounded and in any case I very much appreciate what he did with his time and energy. Others did not appreciate his promotion of this material, however.

His Death

Here's where it gets weird.

"A few days" prior to May 13, 2019, Kappy streamed a final session on Periscope:

Michael Dade

He was extremely despondent and guilt-ridden. He said he had had a moment of weakness and betrayed the cause. He would not say exactly what it was that he did, but did agree to a theory that someone posted in the chat column:

Chat: Did you bet on something political that has now turned against you?
Kappy: Yep! Exactly, exactly, yeah. So dumb.

Chat: When you did whatever you did, did you know it was wrong at the time?
Kappy: No! I did not! And that's the thing because it happened so quickly.

Chat: When did you realize?
Kappy: Very fucking soon after! So soon after. And I undid it real quick and I was like "oh shit that was dumb", right? ... But the decision is what mattered. There's a digital trace.

People asked him if he was alone several times and he said he was alone. You could hear his dog whining off to the side occasionally. One weird thing is that at 2:04 you can hear the dog whine and then a male voice say (faintly) "shut up!".

He seemed fairly certain that his awful crimes would soon come to light, but none have as yet.

He sounded possibly suicidal or resigned to his fate. At one point he says:

I will tell you this: Junior is going to change the world and he's very, very in touch with the Light. It's gonna be great and it's a shame that I'm gonna miss it because I was so stupid. So stupid.

[In response to question:] Junior JFK. Yep.

A current theory of the QAnon movement is that JFK Jr. faked his own death during a real assassination attempt, has dedicated his life to bringing down the Cabal that killed his father, is the person behind "Q", and will return to public view to help guide America and the world through the turmoil and shock that will result from the anticipated fall of the Cabal.

Kappy published this farewell note which covers a lot of the things he spoke about in the video:

Some have found it odd that he "signed the letter" July 4, 2019 when he died on May 13, 2019. However, I think that's just the day he believed JFK Jr. would reemerge.

He jumped or otherwise fell off of an I-40 overpass in Bellemont, AZ, sometime around 7:30am on May 13, 2019, into oncoming traffic. He was struck by a pickup and killed then if not before.

There is a military base nearby and this dashcam footage of Kappy sitting on the side of the overpass was supposedly retrieved from a truck associated with the base:

Some people have said that Kappy looks like he was digitally inserted into the video. The poster of the video feels confident it's authentic. Take a look.

I've studied it myself and my opinion is: hella fake.

Here are some still frames:

And a still frame of a different section of the overpass railing by itself:

My arguments:

  1. The metal bar and cement of the railing seem to be straight vertical. I don't think the cement is "in front" of the railing.
  2. Kappy's shins are shown as being straight parallel to and very close to the cement of the railing. His thighs are at a 45ยบ angle and he is definitely "seated" back on the top of the railing. That spacing and that seating arrangement don't seem possible.
  3. There is a bright strip between his leg and his leg shadow in Frame 3, no gap in Frame 4, and no leg shadow at all in Frame 5.
  4. Frames 5 and 6 have a few stray pixels to the left of his body from the camera's perspective. I originally thought the large white spot to the left of his leg in Frame 6 was evidence of doctoring, but then I realized it is a white marker on the bridge railing which you can see in a few other places.

The newspaper report says that two teens (and I saw somewhere else that they were young men rather than teens) came forward and said they stopped and tried to physically restrain him from jumping but he "forced himself off".

Here are my thoughts on all of this:

  1. Who tries to physically restrain a stranger from jumping? From everything I've ever seen (in movies, granted), you try to talk people off the ledge instead of approaching and grabbing them.
  2. Suppose that the two men actually forced Kappy off the overpass. Suppose that they threw him right in front of a pickup truck so that he would be instantly struck for sure. They would have to know that there's a good chance that they would be noticed, and so what better way to avert suspicion than to wait for the cops and claim that no, they didn't throw him off, they were just trying to physically restrain him from forcing himself off? If there's any lingering doubt then hey, here's a dashcam video of Kappy sitting on the ledge by himself.
  3. If the dashcam video is fake - and it looks like it is to me - it could easily have been pre-recorded with an advance date or reclaimed after the fact "for review" and then edited before release.
  4. Is it a bit weird to come forth with dashcam footage of a guy sitting on the ledge? Best case the truck driver remembers the guy sitting there after hearing about the incident. Even then: is it a bit weird for that footage to be released to the public?
  5. If I were able to investigate this I would want to know more about the two men, where they live, and what they were doing that day. I would want to know more about who drove that military truck, who retrieved the dashcam footage, and who gave that footage to the police.
  6. Isaac Kappy lived in Albuquerque at the time. What was he doing way out in Arizona, about a 4-hour drive away? Was his car there somewhere? How did he get out to the overpass? This article says the official version is that he was on a trip from LA to Albuquerque, got a flat tire in Tucson, parked at a hotel there, and ... jumped off an overpass 260 miles away. An overpass that's not even on the direct route between Tucson and Albuquerque. For that matter, Tucson itself isn't even on the route from LA to Albuquerque.
  7. This happened around 7:30am. Suicide rates are much higher at night and very low in the morning. Only 12.78% of all suicides happen between 6am and 12pm. For pretty obvious reasons: you wake up, you feel refreshed, and it usually least takes a while at least for the cares of the world to start weighing on your mind.
  8. Isaac Kappy obviously had a conscience. It radiates through all his actions and videos including his "farewell" video. And yet he supposedly chose to kill himself by throwing himself off an overpass in front of a pickup? That kind of suicide could easily harm or kill the driver of the pickup and any passengers. I don't believe Kappy would suicide in a way that would endanger another life.
  9. If he was murdered I think it's likely he was killed before he was thrown off the bridge, knowing that the impact would erase the evidence.


Along with other allegations, one of the weird things about Tom Hanks is his love of posting photos of solitary gloves or shoes on Instagram with a little story about hoping the person who lost them is okay.

That doesn't seem too bad, but check this out. About a month before Kappy's assisted suicide, Hanks posted this:

Kappy was, in a horrible way of speaking, "road kill on Route 66". Coincidence? Possibly. But now check out the story at 8:31 here concerning a deep dive into another of Tom's photos:

Mouthy Buddha

Add to that the allegations of child sex/rape by Sarah Ruth Ashcraft and there are many coincidences starting to line up.

Dead Man's Switch

Sometime around when Kappy died (I am unclear on the when and the where), a disturbing video was posted on or associated with his accounts which some believe was his "Dead Man's Switch" video. It shows 4 pre-pubescent girls wearing virtual bikinis in a bathhouse or spa. The two that are nearest the camera are clearly very somber or even glum. I think any reasonable person can agree that this has a weird vibe:

Note the black floor with the white tiles on it. Also this commentator refers to the raised dais as having a motif of "the Black Sun" which does not seem correct.

Some in the QAnon community have pounced on the theory that this was "Mardan Palace" by "Titanic Hotels" located in Turkey:

Why do they love that idea? Because Tom Hanks endorsed that hotel:

Only problem is... the floor doesn't match. And the sinks and decorations behind the sinks don't match. Oh how the other QAnons wish it were true! Sorry guys.

However, another QAnon and/or YouTuber found a resort that does match:

It's Anjana Spa - The Land of Legends in Dubai. And it looks like everything matches!

However, I must point out that if there are two nearly-identical spas in different countries 2,300 miles apart, there could definitely be others.


So far nothing damning has been revealed about Isaac Kappy, nothing like what he was alluding to. And the Dead Man's Switch video, if such it is, is disturbing but hardly cracks open the case.

But in my mind someone obviously killed Isaac Kappy for saying or knowing too much.

Thank you for your service, Isaac, and rest easy.

Appendix: Farewell Video Transcript

The following is a transcript of YouTube's automatic subtitles extracted from Kappy's farewell video. I have made a few corrections but there are likely many more autotranscription errors.

hello hello everybody hey buddy hey
how is everybody how am i well I'm not
good well this will likely be my last
broadcast and it's going to be painful
for all of you it's going to be very
painful and I'm sorry telling you ahead
of time just to let you know
I've spent the last three years enmeshed
in finding the darkness in the world and
uncovering the darkness in the world but
not enough time uncovering the darkness
within me and the dog said to I made a
really stupid cynical petty stupid
decision this week and I did it in the
blink of an eye and as much time as I've
spent trying to mitigate risk and there
were a lot of people that I kept out of
my life that I wanted in my life but I
didn't want to bring harm to them
because of all the Illuminati shit
and this struggle against darkness the
struggle against darkness consumed me it
consumed me yeah I'm a bad guy I'm a bad
guy I'm a bad guy
I let the darkness consume me and I I
didn't spend enough time nurturing the
light and love within me thank you
I let down some really great people and
it was my desire to serve these people
but that desire was not born out of a
love that is pure don't get me wrong
children deserve to live in a world
where they are treated well I was not
treated well
Jesus Jesus came from heaven to earth to
die persons yeah he did and I have done
a disservice to God I've done a
disservice to America I've done
disservice to a lot of people and
honestly I I don't expect anyone will
ever did I hurt a child no I didn't hurt
a child
now I didn't do that I spent a lot of
time avoiding the really big evil stuff
right the big evil stuff is easy it's
easy to avoid right we know that hurting
children is hard
we know that killing people is did I
screw something over yeah I did
I screwed over I screwed over America I
screwed over everybody to be honest and
it happened to the blink of an eye I
didn't kill anyone no mm-hmm no I'm not
being threatened and this is very it's
been hard to do I've been meditating all
week thinking about stuff I know how is
it possible let's talk about Judas Judas
let's talk about Judas Judas loved Jesus
Judas fought for Jesus but in the end
Judas betrayed Jesus
and it was a flippant petty vile
decision and it's happened again
I took some bait I did take some bait
the truth is the truth is there was a
lot of there was a lot of work that went
into making me do it or inducing
inducing inducing me to do what I did
and I didn't see it and I was overcome
by ego I was overcome by just petty
petty greed what not even just stupid
absolutely stupid decision and I
therefore am a traitor
I am a traitor and it happened in the
blink of an eye and I I don't know how
it happens well I do know how it
happened I can tell you exactly how it
happened I accessed some very high
levels of consciousness and then right
away I went way low to conscious way
away away away away away away way low
and the truth is the answer was in front
of me the whole time but I was too
stupid I was too stupid to see
what I was and what I had become
I you know the last I've spent a lot
I've been alone I've been alone I've
been I've been not nurturing myself I've
been not connecting to my heart and not
connecting to good and doing what is
good I exposed a lot of bad guys and now
I'm exposing myself I'm exposing myself
and everyone out there let this be a
warning to you to not give in to
don't give in to darkness don't give in
and here's here's the thing again the
big stuff the big stuff that you do it's
easy to avoid that because you see it
little stuff the little stuff it just
creeps up on you and if you're not
vigilant and if you're not in your and
you in this in a state of love if you're
not in a state of love and care then you
can make bad decisions mm-hmm is this no
so it's really bad it's really bad guys
it's really bad it's really bad
and I I can't uh I'm not being told to
say this I'm doing it of my own free
and I told a very good man a very good
man I told them that I would try to use
this situation and I would try to
utilize it
so that people may learn something about
themselves yeah I want them I want to
I want my bad decisions to serve as a
guide of what not to do you don't
understand I'm saying yeah I know it's
uh it's unconscionable it's so stupid
it's uh it's really dumb and it happened
in the blink of an eye and it was guys
it was so dumb what I did is so
dumb so dumb
am i one of them now I am now I am now
I'm one of them now I'm one of them
those people that I was so concerned
with finding and rooting out right
because of the darkness but that
darkness I didn't use it to see my own
light I just let the darkness consume me
and in the beginning when I came out
when I came out in the beginning that
was in a place of bravery and love but
then it just it became I became my anger
at these people these people my anger
consumed me and I didn't have a good
grip on my anger I didn't I just let it
seep inside self-sabotage yeah
self-sabotage indeed self-sabotage like
you've never seen folks just
awful awful stuff and I have betrayed
all of you I've betrayed everybody I've
betrayed everybody and I I was a good
guy and I you know what here's the thing
you can be a good person like look we
all have different levels of darkness
and light within us but if you are
susceptible to the dark for just one
incident just one instant then you you
can destroy everything you've worked for
you can destroy everything you've worked
for did I choose to be bad how bad is it
on scale of one to ten I would say easy
ten was it drug-induced now wasn't
drug-induced it was ego induced and it
was cynically induced and it was it was
a lot of things it was a lot of things
and the truth is I haven't
practicing self-care I haven't been
loving myself I haven't I haven't I
haven't been I haven't been holding the
light within me I haven't been holding
the light and I made a really really
like the most stupid decision they will
write books about this decision and how
dumb it is and I had nothing to
gain did I lie about Seth Green no
Seth Green is a pedophile am I afraid of
something I'm afraid of no I well I
should be because bad things are coming
my way I can assure you that I don't
think that's actually true pachyderm
princess there's not hope because I
crossed a line that I shouldn't have
crossed and it's it's a decision that
will forever forever you'll you'll
remember it forever uh really dumb
really don't know I didn't take a
satanic vow I did not take a satanic
vow redemption is with Christ
yes redemption is with Christ and
redemption is redemptions earned and
that takes a lot of time and the true
spirit of Christ is to find the light
within and I ignored that light and I
fed into darkness and framed me uh I
wouldn't say framed
although I will say very there's a lot
of there's a lot of work that went into
I'm always worthy of redemption
well I hope to be I sure hope to be I
hope to be I hope to be and what I've
been doing this week is just reviewing
my decisions and what I've done in my
life and especially recently and taking
a good hard look at it and being honest
with myself like why did I do the things
that I did why did I do it I'll never be
bad in your eyes
well I hope that you can remember the
good that I've the good that I've
brought I hope you can I hope that you
can remember the love that I showed you
I'm gonna miss the brackets and jackets
yeah well the bracket holes for thee is
cute going to bracket my initials
probably yeah probably yeah most likely
I just saying really done I'm not
suicidal I'm not suicidal did I do it
for money yeah man it's bad it's so dumb
it's so dumb I'm not going to
tell you what I did because at this
point it still could endanger people and
I don't want to do that so can you help
me you could pray for my soul you can
you can pray for me and you can you can
pray and you can pray you guys it's so
important it's so important to take the
time to find the light and stay in the
light yeah
it's very sad guys it's really sad it's
really sad I've done a huge disservice a
huge like the most the good guys are
always watching ready to embrace me
other ready to embrace me now they're
definitely ready to embrace me who did
it affect well I don't want to go into
it it's bad it's so down and I just just
like that guys it's just like that it's
just like that a blink of an eye blink
of an eye you can do something so dumb
and so stupid that it you forever
yeah it's really bad minor it's really
bad it's really bad is this my
last broadcast yeah it probably will be
it probably will be it probably will be
and I feel I just I saw all the love
about pouring towards me and the
messages and made me feel really badly
did I put any of you in danger yeah yeah
yeah plead insanity well I have been
under a lot of stress in PTSD
but at the end of the day I made some
choices and I up I up
badly very very badly so I want you to
remember the light that I showed you and
I want you to remember the love that I
showed you because
people aren't gonna like me they're not
they're gonna think I'm the worst thing
ever and I did something really bad and
um we'll we find out you'll find out
soon enough
you'll find out soon enough how bad is
it and why would I sell out why would I
sell out good question because
I've always said I would never sell out
for a bunch of money like I wouldn't I
would just not do it
right but it turns out I did for much
less like a ridiculous it's it's on the
part of Judas it's so awful guys I know
you're sick I'm sick we're all sick I
did not join the Illuminati is vegan
Mikey okay I don't know I haven't talked
to him I hope he's okay what did I was
done because someone manipulated well
that's why we're getting into a little
there are some things that induced the
am I going to leave the country I might
I might yeah my something bad is about
to happen
yeah some Bad's about to happen the
truth will set you free the truth is I
did something so cynical and so petty
and so selfish
so just stupid guys so dumb so dumb and
I could have avoided it very
easily very easily but I didn't and for
that I will pay yeah do I need legal
advice no I don't do you need to prepare
yeah you need to prepare with the
feeling of being betrayed by someone you
love which would be me so
but I told someone very great a very
great person that I would use this
experience to try and transmute what I
did in the blink of an eye just that's
all it takes guys all it takes is a
blink of an eye and you can have I
spoken to Jesus yeah I have I may have
does it have to do with getting my music
out No and that's guys here's the thing
I encountered so much hardship and so
much is crap and I let it I let it tear
me apart and I let it slow me down I did
not overcome I did not overcome I just
let it destroy me while fixated on the
darkness so there you go and everyone
makes bad decisions well not like this
am i a liar no not a liar well does it
have to do now it doesn't have to do
with you I will tell you this
Jr is going to change the world and he's
very very in touch with the light it's
gonna be great and it's a shame that I'm
gonna miss it it's a shame that I'm
gonna miss it
because I was so stupid so stupid
where am I going
uh jr. JFK yep jr. JFK Jesus was sent
for our sins so that we could find the
darkness within us right that's why
Jesus was sent you're deleting your
periscope now yeah no not Paris you and
your children are not in danger you're
fine you're fine someone's telling you
to someone wasn't telling me to say this
but I talked to a man a very good man a
very very good man and I told him I was
like he was like dude this is retarded
I'm like I know but I would like to use
this to further the light am i deleting
this go now I'm gonna leave it up I'm
gonna leave it up I have to leave it up
I was always brave I was always brave
but stupid stupid stupid people put
other people in harm's way stupid people
make other people lose
am I in danger yeah I'm in danger but
only because of myself only because of
myself this is a blow to the awakening
yeah it really is guys it really
is it really is and it's all my fault
it's all my fault so I apologize to
now goodbye goodbye
embrace the lights heat
I betrayed a trust is what I did I
betrayed a trust in a really petty way a
really petty way yes see you later I
hope to you know what I've been thinking
a lot I hope to come back into this
world and I hope to come back into this
with the desire to
with the desire to find the light within
and serve others and more importantly
care of the self I woke you up to a new
well you know I feel like I've done a
lot of good I've done a lot of good and
I haven't really brave I happened brave
but the darkness consumed me whose trust
everybody's everybody
I know everyone loves me and that's why
it feels so because I've betrayed
you all and I know I'm not a patriot I'm
not a patriot
I was a patriot but I'm not anymore
can you forgive me I hope you can I hope
you can find it in your hearts to
forgive me I hope that you can realize
that I hope that you can realize that
although I have a lot of light inside I
also have a lot of darkness and I didn't
tend to the darkness Thank You pachyderm
I didn't tend to the darkness guys I
didn't I didn't make peace with it and I
didn't learn how to come to the light
right how are you going to find out I
don't know but maybe maybe this will get
maybe Q will post this you're shocked
I'm shocked to you I'm shocked to you
guys I'm shocked too
temptation is a temptation
is a guys temptation is a
and if it's something
little and you do it and then don't
think about the consequences and like
who might be affected by your decision
then you're how when did this
happen it happened this week happen this
week did I put Fiona in danger now I
didn't put feeling in danger
no it'll be newsworthy ya know you feel
sick I'm sorry I'm so sorry did I put
you in danger yeah yeah yeah
don't give in to cynicism guys don't
give in to the sin
it will pass and well it's only gonna
get worse from here for me I'm afraid
the guardian angels are important they
are guardian angels are important am i
doing the scope for a reason yeah I am
I'm doing it for the reason that uh you
know there's a lot of people have done
bad and they don't they just lie
and avoid the bad they they don't
want to fess up and I don't want to fess
they don't want to tell the truth but I
came here to tell the truth because like
I said I told her really great man that
I would use my folly five minutes of
folly to to transmute it to transmute
and use this experience yeah
no one is safe from this matrix well
it's all about guys I deleted everything
on my Instagram because I'm gonna get a
lot of hate I'm gonna get a lot of hate
a lot of hate is coming my way
a lot of anger is coming my way and it's
deserved it's deserved yeah I don't
think that would happen stylist on are
we living in the end times no we're
living in the beginning times we are
living in the beginning of a great new
age and it's a shame that I will be
probably not around it's a shame I let
some people down really really really
down so basically you will hate me yeah
you might you might hate me you might
hate me you might learn to hate me
you're sorry this is happening I'm sorry
I'm sorry I betrayed you sorry I
betrayed you thanks broads
Thank You pachyderm princess thank you
you know my heart you know my heart but
I don't always remember my heart and
remember to stay in my heart and that's
the problem today stay in my heart
should you defend the allegations no
don't defend the allegations no don't
defend the allegations am I alone right
now how can you help how can you help
you can pray and meditate and reflect on
your decisions and your actions and do
it in truthfully in a place of love and
acceptance there's a thing like you can
just switch right back into a higher
awareness and you'll be fine but you
have to stay there if you if you fall
lower if you fall into a lower awareness
you will you might make some bad
decisions yeah you might makes a bad
decision then compromise yourself
mmm see all right here's so here's tree
says how about we all come over and
place to your place and give you a big
hug and keep you safe well I would like
that however I wouldn't want to do that
because it might put you in danger and I
don't want to put you in danger and
that's called making a smart decision we
all make bad decisions well this one's a
whopper folks a real whopper am
I in danger yeah I am in danger and it's
all my fault yep yep
oh no no one's threatening me no no
one's threatening me I'm not under
duress right now I I'm doing this in a
place of service doing this in a place
of service because when you want to
serve others you're in the light but not
serving others at the expense of your
your body learns a Tegrity
I need a movie hmm well I'm sure it'll
make a movie about me you're not in
harm's way you're gonna be fine yes
pachyderm princess says mind your dreams
fam mind your dreams radec reject dark
auto suggestion yes and I will tell you
that some things were planted inside my
consciousness and they went on repeat
check your tweets from this morning I
will look up your tweets from this
I'll look it up right now
you know I'll have to find those tweets
when I get off because I can't get on
the Twitter here
where we go one we go all yep and I
decided to go a different direction
just for blink of an eye
yeah we'll see mostly I'm gonna use this
time to reflect and to pray and to come
into the light because I fell out and I
really operated in opportune time
pray for me pray for each other but more
most importantly pray for yourself and
when I say pray for yourself it's not
about God make me better make me better
it's not about that
no it's about using awareness to find
within the dark things that can motivate
you who put me up to this I told a very
good man that I would do this as a
service to everyone so have I been
misleading you now no I haven't been
lying to you
so this will be this will be a blow to a
lot of people people are gonna be sad so
I want you to be there for them and tell
them that this fight is noble and this
fight is good and this fight is very
important it was a very important thing
to do very very important Thank You
pachyderm princess I appreciate it
so even though people will be pretty
bummed out by this they'll be
bummed out by me and be like what a
what a stupid man uh know that I'm not
always stupid just stupid enough to do
dumb so now you are being watched
I'll tell you this you're being watched
at a level that is pretty crazy pretty
crazy from within your mind
this isn't about the Illuminati but yes
the Illuminati anyone that hurts
children can off forever
that's just like unconscionable but
speaking of which maybe you've heard a
child in a past life
did I astral travel to the wrong place
well I'll tell you what I did I'll tell
you what I did I went to a level of
awareness a very very high level of
awareness but then right after I slipped
back and went way to a low awareness
Hugh says there will there will be those
we thought were good but turn out bad
yeah he did and little did I know that I
would probably end up being one of those
people I didn't know that I was just
foolish and not looking within I'm not
embracing the light within instead
consumed with the darkness outside and
what I should have been doing was
embracing the light within so
we all make mistakes well this is a
whopper folks this is heavy I know it's
so heavy it's so heavy and so shitty
and the ass shame it's a shame did I
make this up no I didn't make it up you
didn't make it up
did I tell my mom no but I called my mom
and told her I loved her
here's the thing though people of Earth
the kingdom of God is within you and it
lives within you for as long as you
embrace it and hold it and let it live
within you when you let it fall out
you're not in the kingdom of God anymore
praying for me the good guys win yeah
the good guys do win look you guys do in
mind your dreams everyone minds your
dreams and something is coming there's a
there's a great light that is coming so
make sure that you are worthy of being
in that light yeah make sure you are
worthy of the light
dimensional transition yep the coming of
Christ could be could be in a lot of
ways I think this is a mirror of an
ancient story and in a lot of ways I
think it almost had to happen this way
as the mirror yeah pretty much t1 pretty
much pretty much yeah I may have I may
I may have Humanity is going to be fine
it's going to be great it's
gonna be awesome
and I hope to come back and join you
someday I hope to come back and join you
was I at the Met Gala no it's not the
Met Gala guys I've been alone for the
last for a while for a while and it was
hard for me to really get into a sense
of service to others while so alone I
should have been using the alone time to
pray every day but instead I was just
going at it
finding the darkness finding looking
looking for the darkness you know and if
you look too hard for the darkness
eventually it just kind of seeps in
I'm gonna be praying and what level of
darkness here's the thing about darkness
okay darkness can come in the flash
looks like a and it looks like a trivial
thing you know because you're not
thinking about it
thanks salty surge I don't know that
will be an option but I appreciate it
when is this scope going to end I don't
know a good question I'm just gonna keep
going until
we just want goodness for the world and
I wanted goodness for the world I wanted
goodness for the world but did not focus
enough on finding the goodness within
myself I broke your hearts yep yep guys
you're being tested right now everyone's
being tested and hopefully this message
will get to you in a way that you can
utilize it
your loyalty is being tested your
loyalty is being tested in a big way
your loyalty's being tested in a big way
so whose judgment do I fear well
loyalties to God God and also the light
within the light within okay God is not
some like external concept right that
you pray to as an idol God is God is God
lives within all of us God lives within
all of us okay
God lives within all of us and you have
to well here's the thing
God doesn't live within all of us it
doesn't live within you if you are
ignoring that and if you were you know
caught up in dumb right God lives
within me it does and I got right back
into the spot you know you can get there
whenever you want you just have to hold
and in in the moment in the present
right in the present present because all
you ever have is the present that's all
you ever have so you must hold God in
your heart in every moment that is how
that's how you find it right that's how
you find it but you must listen all
right you have to listen to the voice
no I don't think so t1 I don't think so
well must see ourselves as scientists in
a laboratory yeah yeah science of
spirits the science of spirits guys I'm
giving you panic vibes don't be panicked
all right don't panic don't panic
whatever you do don't panic panic is
giving into darkness when you're in
God's light there is no panic there's no
all right like I feel it now right now
right now I feel I feel it's I feel the
love of God in my heart right now the
journey is in the journey is within the
journey is within guys the journey is
within the journey is within us
this should not end but transform it
into more lights than hate and judgment
of others yes yes so much that so much
that and that's why I'm here all right
that's why I'm here that's why I'm here
because we we need to let go of anger
and well not let go but integrate anger
because anger is normal you just have to
be like oh I'm getting angry and then
you know transmute it into something
positive right spin it into something
positive and that's why I'm here
I want to spin this into something
positive am I going to tell you or am I
going to let you hear it it's it's like
the worst it's so stupid it's so dumb
and so flippant and so petty and so it's
really dumb it's stupid
so like the stupidest the stupidest are
you comped now you're not counter
yeah you don't have to ask me I'm sure
you'll find out I'm sure you'll find out
thanks I love you too
on the news could be we'll see we shall
see thanks ink slinger I'm worrying you
well don't be worried just be like wow I
think was a really good dude until he
gave in to darkness and he didn't hold
the light and something happened in the
blink of an eye really and he up
it's not money
yeah it's money related so stupid so
flippant darkness the darkness within
guys the darkness is within darkness
exists within just as light exists
within okay we all have the capacity for
darkness and for light yeah so you must
choose the light
choose the light and it's every moment
is a choice
every moment is a choice to go to the
dark or go to the light
right and what you choose choose to be
in the light I didn't take money I
gambled on something stupid flippantly
just cuz I was like oh look at that
without thinking without thinking guys
without thinking without
thinking if you are a smart person you
think about the outcome of your choices
right that's what smart people do and
even though the signs were in front of
me I didn't well I didn't listen to them
and I let the darkness
take over me
yep exactly exactly
Anna so down
I'm telling the lesson that you need to
learn yeah I am I'm telling the lesson
that you need to learn that's why I'm
here I'm here to share my truth right so
that you might integrate it
who else knows well probably everyone
everyone knows all the important people
know when you did whatever you did that
I know it was wrong at the time no I did
not and that's the thing because it was
it happened so quickly I didn't think
about it I did not think about it I
didn't think about it I didn't I didn't
contemplate on it right when did I
realize very soon after so soon
after and I undid it real quick and I
was like oh I was dumb right it
happened like my the realization was
quick the realization was quick
yeah but the decision is what mattered
and I chose Portland
hello ever digital yeah there's digital
trace digital
yeah I told you and I didn't lie so I
got that going for me I don't want to
reveal it because harm could be done
from it
so there are no shortcuts to
enlightenment enlightenment is of the
moments no that's so true 8:1 -
that's so true
there are no shortcuts to enlightenment
it takes years years and years and years
and years of conscious praying and
meditation and contemplation which I was
not doing I wasn't doing I was not doing
who are you to put judgment upon Kaffee
yeah I mean that's a good question who
are you to put judgment on anyone really
it's like we all hair to err is human
no I'm not talking about Sims not about
Sims am i being blackmailed no not being
black no I come here my own volition was
I tempted by someone I trusted yeah yeah
it was pretty elaborate to be honest
but I chose the wrong thing I chose the
wrong thing guys was it a trap having to
do well I don't want to I don't want to
elaborate any further on the act like
the technical of it just because it
could still jeopardize things and I
don't want to do that
what would advice would you give your
son if you had one if he was in the
exact situation well I would hope that
if I had a son that I could teach him to
be a better person than I am
and to embrace the love within and to
find the light
and again guys I'm so sorry that this is
gonna break your heart it's gonna break
your heart what would Jesus do sage
words by the way if you ever have a
decision ask yourself what would Jesus
do what would Jesus do that's important
if I were to ask myself that question in
the moment
I don't want it done what I did because
I don't know like Oh what would you do
not the that so there you go
what would Jesus do good question guys
what would Jesus do
ask yourself ask yourself what Jesus
would do it's a good way to live
he died for you yeah and you know what
at the beginning when I came out I said
I'm willing to die for this
which is true but was I willing to live
in the light for this that's a different
question that's the different question
and the awakening
you know I externalized awakening to
like awaken to what's going on all
around us cuz guys I'm not gonna I'm not
gonna why do you my life has
been very stressful since way
before I came out way before I came out
I'm talking about and the isolation
before I came out was happening a lot
too because there's Illuminati's
that were like trying to get at me and
just PTSD evil guys PTSD in a
big way PTSD stress yeah but we choose
to be on that stress you know we choose
to be traumatized by things that happen
I would say be very vigilant guys be
very vigilant very vigilant yeah
in your mind be vigilant with your
thoughts okay there's no one in the room
right now
we all
yeah that's a shame I took it down I
just comments I want people to remember
the good that I did and not just a
little really one stupid thing
well not just one
I don't lot of stupid things but focus
on love that's right guys focus on love
energy flows where focus goes energy
flows where focus goes all right right
energy goes we're focused so focus on
love focus on love loving each other
you're loving yourself and holding the
light within something about a karaoke
yeah you could probably find it you
could probably find it you already did
yeah already did you feel like you're
going to puke
I'm sorry guys I betrayed you guys I
happened in the blink of an eye yeah
have I been involved with children
I'm gonna end this scope for now maybe
I'll do another one we'll see they did
the devil will put his hooks in on all
of us whenever and wherever he can
that's true guys the devil will yeah the
devil will but the devil okay
the devil can only tempt you into
something you have the choice if you
stay in the light mm and it's already
I'm sorry Anna I'm so sorry I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry
calling Jesus for help I will
Ponzi just stupid so dumb so don't so
dumb so foolish threw it all away but
again I think that this may have been
all humans make mistakes that's true all
humans make mistakes
hopefully not super big ones I may have
been MKULTRA yeah well I will tell you
there was some things that happened that
were not normal as far as like things
playing in my head that came from
outside that happened yeah it was not
yeah yeah it wasn't straight forward and
yeah Oh hmm yep they that's the thing
that is a thing Virginia Archangel of
Michael is with I hope he's with me I
hope is with me
but that's a choice I mean if you want
to use to be with you just call upon
them and find them in your heart always
there it's true
thank you what the heck thank you
the degree of yeah it is kind of by the
way if you're targeted at a weak moment
and can't control your consciousness
yeah that is something to think about
that is something to think about
you're without words well that's all
do you believe God's Word the Bible is
the only truth we can truly rely on
there's a lot of truth in the Bible but
also there's a lot of things that aren't
totally of the light I would say like
where they talk about I the the right
way to own slaves and there's a much
when will you find out I don't know
you'll find out one idea I guess
I'm not well don't think I'm an alien
I don't oh well I don't want to do it
now because again I don't want to get
into the specifics you can't tell what's
real right now I would say guys you need
to find the light yeah find the
light within guys find the light within
find the light within very important
very important and stay in the light
how do you find the light it's an
awareness and I think the most important
is coming from your heart yeah coming
from your heart and just getting into
the present humble yourselves yes
humble yourselves stay humble
people see full armor of God which I
don't know that armor is I don't know
armor is what you need because armor
just keeps stuff out all right but you
need to let things in the way the truth
and the life that's right Jesus is the
way the truth and the life the way the
way is the most important part of that
the way how do you stay the way is the
moment and becoming attuned to it is Q
good yeah Q's good he's good there's me
I mean yeah well armor could be good to
like keep some things out but the more
important thing I think is to find the
light within find the light within you
all have a light within you're all
beings of God yeah
even the worst among us even like even
the worst among us
is it possible I may be wrong yeah
possible but well there's there's some
things kind of weird it's Q mad at me
right now yeah yeah probably
yeah people people are gonna be very
hurt people are gonna get their
feelings hurt in a big way right
physically No
I'm gonna go now and maybe I'll come
back we'll see but stay in the light
stay in the moment thank you thank you
I'm gonna go to I need to eat something
I haven't eaten all day I've just been
praying and meditating thinking about
what I was gonna say to you guys because
you deserve to hear it from me we've
been together there's so much and here
we are so I'm gonna go eat and maybe
maybe we'll come back okay I love you
I'm sorry for betraying you
it happened in an instant I wasn't
thinking right
mm but yeah I'm gonna just I'm gonna eat
and I need to be praying I need to be so
I'm gonna do that guys I cannot stress
this enough you need to pray and
meditate and you need to contemplate can
you watch replay yeah I'm gonna leave
this one up I'm going to leave this one
up everyone deserves to hear this
message integrate your shadow self
integrate your shadow self folks
integrate it yeah maybe I'll be back in
a little bit though I'm gonna go eat if
I'm not just know that it was really an
honor and a pleasure to serve this
movement and get the word out and the
truth out you know but
don't get so focused on the monsters out
there that you become one yourself and
you let the darkness seep in cuz guys
once I found out about pizza
gate I was literally work I guys I put
thousands of hours into this thousands
of hours like easily thousands of hours
but what happened you know I became so
focused with the externalization of evil
that I did not find the evil within and
focus on the light maybe I'll be back
later I love you take care ok