Ocean's 17

Ocean's 17

Well that fucking sucked.

Like many, I was immensely discouraged on the 20th when nothing happened during the inauguration of Joe Biden. No emergency alerts. No arrests. No MSM blackouts. Just the CCP and Deep State installing their Manchurian Candidate puppet president after successfully and blatantly stealing the election. What a shitty day.

We got played. We got totally played by Trump and Q. Trump's Chumps. Except... the Deep State just got played even harder.

We felt excited when Trump called for us to rally at the Capitol on January 6. Seems like we got played when the Deep State snuck in Antifa disguised as Trump supporters to do the same thing they always do: raise hell. But really Trump was playing the Deep State as he snuck in Special Forces disguised as Antifa disguised as Trump supporters (haha) to grab a number of laptops, including Pelosi's (which made her furious). Shortly thereafter he released a short video calling for everyone to go home peacefully. Twitter fairly quickly banned that video but it was too late and the damage was done: all conditions had been met that would allow Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, which by some accounts he quietly did and which has been operating behind the scenes. I believe that Trump called us to DC knowing that the Deep State would sneak in Antifa, used that situation to invoke the Insurrection Act, and scored a bunch of Deep State info off of laptops as a bonus.

We thought that Q was going to pull the trigger over Christmas. The word was leaked that they would. Trump declared New Year's Eve a Federal holiday to help keep the streets clear. He told White House staff to pack up and move out for the holiday. And then... nothing. On the one hand we got played, but on the other hand I believe Trump was rattling the Deep State's cage and seeing what came of it. Looking back on it, of course it wasn't going to happen then. Trump had not yet authorized additional FEMA funding for states or finished installing trusted lieutenants in key positions.

Do you remember hearing about how the Allies really built up D-Day in World War II, almost to the point of overselling it? "Bring popcorn" they said. Not! If it's going to happen, don't call attention to it - and vice versa. In retrospect it seems so obvious to me: there were so many signs and reports that something would happen on the 20th that of course it wouldn't. We all believed that something would happen and I'm confident the Deep State did as well. I think all their attention was focused on guarding against that, leaving Trump and Q free to do whatever they needed to behind the scenes. There were big Antifa riots on the 20th in various cities; I'll bet their handlers had them activated in order to cause mayhem after the coup that didn't happen.

So what really is going on? Here's my favorite theory.

A soft military coup has already happened. The military does not recognize Biden's presidency due to the egregious election fraud and the USA quietly came under military control at 12:01pm on January 20, 2021. They will allow Biden the sham of a presidency for now as they continue to make lower-level arrests and preparations behind the scenes. Two big concerns for them are to gradually disclose truths to wake up the citizens and minimize the amount of violence and destruction around the country when things eventually come to light. Biden and congress can pass whatever legislation they want but it won't matter in the long run. The military will tolerate whatever legislation does not conflict with their mission and they'll ignore legislation that does. As some have put it, this is a "controlled demolition" of the old structure.

The Deep State fucking knows it too. Many people pointed out how dull and glum everyone looked at the inauguration whenever the camera wasn't directly on them. People looked pissed. As Simon Parkes says, they know they have a poison chalice - they obtained the Presidency for the moment but it's worthless and a bulldozer is pushing them inexorably towards the cliff edge. They can't blow the whistle on the military coup without hastening their own destruction.

There is solid evidence of many Good Guy actions going on behind the scenes, including the collapse of various governments, the deaths and suicides of various Cabalistic VIPs, the closing of the Standard hotel and the divesture of the Bohemian Grove, both infamous for dark reasons, the EMS tests, the electric and internet blackouts, and the bomb threats.

Perhaps the only possible out that the Deep State can see is to provoke a civil war that will muddy the waters. That's why the government is so bloodthirsty and hammering so hard on censoring and canceling conservatives. They're trying to start a fight.

In the aftermath of the Civil War the original Republic of the USA was out of money. In 1871 it became a corporation, "USA Inc" (so to speak), in order to take out loans, take on debt, and in essence become beholden to foreign interests. Today China has been aggressively lending to the US and is the holder of an enormous amount of our country's financial debt - which also means they have tied up a gigantic amount of their money in us.

Trump's 2018 EO allows for enormous latitude in seizing the available assets of any foreign country that participates in US election fraud, with China and Italy at the top of the list after the 2020 election. We can effectively seize all Chinese assets in the US, including (I think) our debts to them. This is beyond huge. This means we can cancel our debt to China which will effectively bankrupt them. Like the Deep State, China (and the CCP in particular) is locked in a death struggle with Trump and Q right now, and the good guys have the upper hand.

Final thought: at what point is enough enough? When have the goalposts been moved back too many times? When will I have been disappointed enough times to make me realize this is all bullshit? The answer is "never".

There is abundant, clear evidence that the Cabal and Deep State are real, that the election was rigged, and that Biden and many other politicians are in the CCP's pocket. There is abundant, clear evidence that Trump & company were well aware of all of this and made advance preparations. The only real question in my mind is "can the Good Guys save the country?". I think they already have, with a little unwitting help from Trump supporters, and it will just take a while for the checkmate to play out.

Hang in there!