Brace for Impact

Brace for Impact

Within the next three days I believe we will see Trump close the jaws of largest and most amazing sting operation of all time. The military will intervene in the sham of an inauguration as it happens if not before. The country will operate under martial law for several months. Trump will be sworn in for his next term (some say that already happened in secret on the 15th). Antifa cells will be activated for mayhem and possibly bloody attacks. Mainstream Media propaganda will be shut down and in its place will be a 24/7 "C-Span" of military tribunals and footage of damning video evidence against and confessions by many household names. Once the smoke clears, a massive and powerful global "Cabal" or "Deep State" of monstrous untouchables will have been destroyed and their vast network of corruption will have been rooted out of the country.

The details may differ but the core event will happen. It is a logical certainty. I will explain my reasoning.

First, for a more in-depth overview of The Cabal, Q, Qanon, and Trump's role, read Smart Sexy Vegan's excellent article Vanilla Sky.

The Cabal Exists

A maxim: if there are powerful people who can be corrupted, they will be corrupted over time through vice, greed, and blackmail.

The Cabal invites or coerces high-profile people into the fold through bribes of the highest order and blackmail of the deepest, darkest kind. For example Belarusian President Lukashenko was offered nearly 1 billion dollars to enact COVID-19 lockdowns and crash his economy. And purportedly many elites have an initiation ritual of raping and then murdering a child, with video evidence kept safely hidden to ensure their continued full allegiance. That's the kind of blackmail you can never escape from.

Is that so beyond belief? Can you think of, say, governors you suspect might be willing to accept 9-figure payoffs to lock down their state and crash their economy as their part of a larger plan? Would they stop short of rape and murder to do it? Perhaps not at first, but as an escalation of situations they've already compromised themselves in? Perhaps it starts with having sex with underage teens and partying with hard drugs, then they're maneuvered into having sex with even younger children, and then one day they have to either take the final step and emerge a compromised blood money billionaire or else they're cut loose and their crimes are leaked for all to see - or perhaps they're just "suicided". Would old families and institutions worth trillions of dollars ever stoop to such tactics just to have control over the world's politicians and other elites and thus control over the world itself?

Sadly, yes. The Cabal is inevitable if no one is on their guard against it. Reports say the Cabal consists of 4 old and powerful ruling families (such as the Rothschilds) with a single family above them.

Sources (such as Simon Parkes) say that by 2015, around 70% of the US government had been compromised by the Cabal and that figure is closer to 90%.

The Pandemic is Part of a Global Communist Agenda

Once you lose faith in the mainstream media and their chorus of fact-checkers (as I did with the $12k Wayfair child trafficking cabinets) and start to really wonder if masks work and lockdowns work, or if the damage caused by lockdowns is really worth the cost, then the handling of the "pandemic" (plandemic, scamdemic) stops making any sense. For a while. And then you realize it makes perfect sense in another context.

Several world leaders such as Trudeau have spoken about "The Great Reset". So much damage to the economy has been done - let's give everyone a break and guarantee them a basic income and amenities. And cough have them give up their rights cough.

The mask restrictions make no sense. The redoubled lockdowns make no sense. Except - they are all a way to break the economy, break small businesses, and get everyone willing to sign up for communism. However Communism would ideally work in theory, in practice it works out to where most people are worker-slaves and there is an elite ruling class calling the shots. Change my mind USSR and CCP.

Never mind the clear ties of the Biden family and other democrats to the CCP.

How does this fit in? This is the plan for the world right now. This virtually proves the theoretical existence of the Cabal. This is what we're heading towards with a Harris-Biden administration.

Establishment TDS

Again, once the MSM spell is broken and you do not believe Trump is actually that bad, it becomes clear that the incredible amount of Trump Derangement Syndrome that smart, top-level politicians and executives are exhibiting is nothing short of a fight-or-flight response. Exhibit 1: the incredible censoring of Trump supporters after a clear false-flag storming of Capitol Hill. In what other scenario do Apple, Google, and Amazon all conspire to shut down the Parler app for "allowing the planning of the attack on Capitol Hill"? Never mind that Parler doesn't have a "groups" feature like Facebook does or that relatively few people were using Parler until after they got banned from Twitter.

Example 2: the incredible, frantic energy that was expended to impeach Trump a second time with, supposedly, only two weeks left in his term. Doesn't the nation have more pressing issues? The fact that the establishment is so keen to get Trump out even a few days early is a clear indicator that they are terrified of him.

The Orange Man is coming for all of them.

The 2020 Election was a Sham

If you fully accept the MSM (MainStream Media) narrative on the election, I cannot help you. Just stop reading. There was massive election fraud. There is a mountain of clear, compelling evidence. Every court dismissed cases out of hand because they were either too scared or too compromised to hear it. It is further proof that our government is totally corrupt. If it were an honest election, Democrats would have no problem opening an inquiry to examine all the evidence and debunk the accusations of fraud.

Trump is a Fighter Who Planned for This

Look at Trump's history. Look at his accomplishments. Look at his character - not just despite what the mainstream media has to say, but because of it. He is a self-made man - born a millionaire, granted, but a self-made billionaire since then. He goes for what he wants. He does not back down. He is a patriot. He does not give two shits what anyone has to say about him. And he is uncancellable.

He is also something of a tactical and strategic genius, which many would have a hard time believing. He put in place the "2018 EO" (Executive Order) which gives him broad powers in the event of foreign interference - which absolutely happened.

And yet - he's practically done nothing. No invocation of the 2018 EO (as far as we can see), no invocation of the Insurrection Act (as far as we can see), and really no consternation being shown at all for his current (apparent) situation.

Trump swore an oath to protect the Republic and he has plenty of evidence that the Bad Guys have taken it over. It will in fact be criminal for him to allow a fraudulent election to stand. One of the following two things is true:

  1. Trump is a weak little bitch who is folding without ever throwing any punches.
  2. Trump is giving everyone as much rope as they need to hang themselves before springing the trap.


Granting that the Cabal exists, authoritarian communists are in charge, there is an unreasonable amount of TDS in the government and in boardrooms, the election was a sham, Trump foresaw what was coming, Trump is a fighter, and Trump hasn't fought back yet... either the Q operation is about to have an epic conclusion and the world will change forever, or we will soon all be under the yoke of a globalist communist agenda.

We can't do much about the latter, so I'm really hoping it's the former.

Supporting Evidence

Here are some noteworthy things that have happened over the last few days.

  • Trump has authorized 25,000 National Guard troops to DC to "protect Biden's Inauguration". They've built blocks and blocks of wire fence, razor wire, and 12-foot wall. Any person with half a brain left knows that there is zero danger from Trump supporters. The defenses are likely intended to defend against the next evolution of Antifa causing mayhem with Chinese-supplied guns, to maintain order in the face of thousands of angry Wokewashed libs who will freak out even harder at Trump retaking control than they did in 2016, to catch rats trying to flee the sinking ship, and even possibly to defend against a foreign invasion.
  • Trump has authorized military and FEMA support to every state in light of the threat of riots - but really for the same reasons.
  • State of Emergency declared in Utah and Maryland ahead of potential riots.
  • Pelosi was MIA for two days earlier this week. Then she reappeared with a permanent escort of US Marshalls. She is so operating under arrest.
  • Heathrow airport was shut down and evacuated after a "bomb threat" that is most likely a front for a covert operation.
  • Police "shot a gunman" at Frankfurt International Airport after "reports of a bomb threat".
  • One of Google's buildings was evacuated due to a bomb threat.
  • A Virigina courthouse was evacuated due to a bomb threat.
  • The US has closed land borders between Canada and Mexico to all but essential travel for a month. Because COVID (but really to contain any Cabalists trying to flee).
  • The UK has closed all travel corridors for a month. Because COVID.
  • The entire Russian government has resigned (except for Putin).
  • The Dutch government has resigned due to scandal.
  • The Estonian government has collapsed due to scandal.
  • The Italian government is on the edge of collapse.
  • The Kuwait government has resigned.
  • The German chancellor has announced she is stepping down.
  • Strict Canadian Curfew (prevents bad guys from leaving)
  • Strict French Curfew (same)
  • Some don't want to face the music. Notable Deaths this Week:
  • 1. Sweet’N Low magnate Donald Tober
  • 2. Baron Benjamin de Rothschild
  • 3. CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson
  • 4. 9 Catholic Bishops
  • 5. LA music producer Phil Spector
  • 6. British billionaire Frederick Barclay
  • 7. Hilary Clinton's chinese friend Lili Luo
  • 8. INXS manager Chris Murphy
  • 9. Nigerian billionaire Bolu Akin-Olugbade