COVID-19 Confirmed to Be Much Less Deadly Than Flu

COVID-19 Confirmed to Be Much Less Deadly Than Flu

The CDC has updated their COVID-19 data with comorbidity numbers. They state that only 6% of deaths where COVID-19 was present did not list comorbidities (AKA serious pre-existing health conditions) in the cause of death:

6% is an upper bound because some of the reports may have failed to mention comorbidities. I freely admit that COVID-19 exacerbates serious pre-existing health conditions and hastens death by at least a few months, but it's also clear that it has very little effect on healthy people.

Worldometer reports a current US COVID-19 death count of 186,855. 6% of that is 11,211 people who were apparently healthy and died from COVID-19.

The confirmed case count is listed as 6,139,078. However, Business Insider reports on a CDC estimate that the actual case count is 10x higher than the confirmed case count. 11,211 deaths out of 61,390,780 cases is a fatality rate of 0.018% (or 0.00018). When compared to the fatality rate of the seasonal flu (0.1%), the flu is 5.6 times more deadly.

So just to be clear: if you are a healthy person, you are at least 5 times likelier to die from catching the flu than from catching COVID-19.

The saddest and most infuriating part is that all this information is nothing new. The Italians announced a long time ago that only 1% of their COVID-19 cases did not have comorbidities, and I wouldn't be surprised if our true number is closer to 1% than 6%. That would put the fatality rate at 0.003%, or 33x less deadly than the flu. We have destroyed tens of thousands of businesses, paralyzed the economy, confined people to bad home situations, driven people to suicide or bankruptcy, forbidden and punished normal social interactions and customs, and caused people to live in fear. FOR WHAT?!?! For a virus that is 5 to 30 times less deadly than the flu?!?!

Well, no, the lockdowns aren't actually about the virus. I think the truth is one or more of these three things:

  1. Many state governors and Democratic fearmongers really are just that ignorant, stupid, and/or fearful and are unable to realize that they're destroying their state economies and the lives of their citizens because of a phantom menace.
  2. And/or those same political leaders are complicit in an astounding scam involving the incredible amount of money that can be made by producing a vaccine for this overblown virus.
  3. And/or the Left is desperate to have a deadly pandemic destroy America "on Trump's watch" as a reason to vote him out. Note: this is obviously the same basic plan that they have going with the rioting, so they're really putting a lot of eggs in that "let's blame Trump for the disasters we've manufactured" basket.

Pandemic. Plandemic. Scamdemic.

Trump 2020.