The story of our Hawaii garden:

The tools were about the last thing to get organized, after the UHaul box finally arrived.  They got scattered out onto the workbench area attached to the side of the house and left there for a long time, while we organized the interior of the house and had disagreements with one another about how to do that.

At some point, Nick bought many packs of seeds from Ace with the intention of starting a garden, but then fell assbackwards into a construction job, as it were, and all projects got interrupted.

The seed packs were scattered inside a cheap plastic planter that looked like terra cotta, and despite the workbench area being basically covered with a plastic awning, the rainy season blew in and sideways and every which way.

I finally negotiated a piece of shit dresser that came with the house to live in a particular hallway and house all the tools.  That left only the plastic planters and by now almost forgotten packs of seeds on the workbench.

Nick came up for air with a couple days off and went out to investigate.  All the seeds has sprouted, inside their packets, and were confused as to what was happening to them.  He immediately got them into soil, be it in planters or casserole dishes, and watered them, and watched.  Firm green chutes poked up immediately and an army of kale and basil was born.

Nick bought more seeds in packets, and more planters and soil, with the intention of now deliberately gardening, but it became imperative to get the roof on the construction project finished.  Nick spent all day far above the ground, scrambling at steep angles, headachy from the sun scintillating off the roofing materials, and would come home and exhaustedly play video games that were amazingly stressful, which is the part I didn’t understand.

I’ve practiced eating a lot of produce, in my life, but in terms of actual gardening I still prefer to function as a mostly charming appendage.

So then a deja vu thing happened where, after not getting to the seeds for quite a while, it turns out they had sprouted themselves and were hoping for some sort of transfer to soil.  They were transferred to soil and are now becoming an army of peas and red lettuce.

Now we are leaving to go start our seasonal contracting business, leaving my vegan brother and mostly carn father here!  My brother is going to have a lot of options.

Yesterday, we traveled to the airport in Kona to investigate our options first-hand.  Hawaiian airports are like outdoor malls — very pleasant, laid back, open air.  In Hawaii you just forget about weather entirely, as a concept I mean, unless it’s actively raining on you or high winds or something, which is exciting in its own way.

So we’d heard conflicting things about pets on planes these days and decided to go stroll around and actually talk to human beings.  The sunny stroll became panic soaked almost immediately — traveling TO Hawaii with our bugaboos had been an ordeal but we weren’t expecting too many problems getting back to the mainland.

Southwest Airlines: oh no, nope, no pets.  The Feds eliminated the whole Emotional Support Animal deal in January too, so no.  Not ESA, not in-cabin with a kennel, not in checked baggage, not anywhere, not possible.  United: same thing. American: same thing.

Long story short, Hawaiian Airlines, which we had not considered before, and who actually flies to a bunch of places, said it’s just fine to bring our dogs, we just need xyz — health certificates, carriers, $125 each.  So thank god.  That almost really fucked us up.

Getting any appointment for anything, on the Big Island, has proven to be an almost maddening experience.  For instance, my dad realized his driver’s license expires soon, so we thought, “Oh, gotta get to the DMV!”  Turns out it’s by appointment only (COVID), and no one on this island has an appointment available before mid-summer.  There are no 3rd Party DMV locations.

That’s just one example.  So, getting an appointment for veterinary health certificates within 10 days of travel turned out to be a 2 hours on the phone deal, and I finally got in at a clinic where someone who could barely function penciled us in, but only because I said “Wait wait waitwaitwait” when he was about to hang up on me, having not even taken down my name, and still did hang up before I could communicate my number or breed of animals involved or anything.  I had gotten that…vet’s?…number from asking all the booked up places, “Hey, is there anywhere else you can think of that I can try?”  A lady had said, “Oh yeah, this place over here barely functions at all, maybe you can try them.”  So…yay?

This launched a whole discussion last night, when we got home, over whether it would be preferable to be trapped on the island or on the mainland by a deteriorating bureaucracy.  My brother and Nick say mainland; I say island.  The specter of a COVID vaccination passport looms large, these days.  It might get to a point where our dogs are the only ones legal to fly, and not their human owners.  And if they could just go run our fire season business for us, that would be great!  Someone could definitely make an adorable calendar out of it.

Unfortunately I just don’t trust them.  Milo likes to spend far too much time upside down, and Buffy can barely toddle her own ass around.

In other news, Clif High had predicted some sort of national/global level Federal Reserve and/or fiat dollar drama to happen or begin yesterday, February 24th (in I think this video…?).  He’s the guy who analyzes digital chatter worldwide, as you’ll recall.  Anyway, here’s an interesting thread:

Essentially the outage seems to have exposed a level of market manipulation previously unheard of; unimaginable.  Under normal circumstances I’d say “If this is true, Americans will not tolerate it” but who am I kidding — there hasn’t been a single thing yet we haven’t tolerated, or even mildly objected to.  I had no idea we, as a nation, were so into political BDSM.

And you know how you always imagine the dungeon masters, in these BDSM scenarios, to be, like, really sexy people, for some reason?  Because it’s sex fetish stuff, so you’d naturally assume…?  And then whenever you see an actual one online, it’s some awful looking, not sexy person?  That’s Fauci.  Even goddamn CNN is like, “So, my parents have both been fully vaccinated, can my children hug them again?”  And Fauci’s like, “I can’t make recommendations at this time.”  In that voice of his.  What a twat.

Even more so than the thought of getting trapped, either on or off the island, by a deteriorating bureaucracy, Nick is worried about getting trapped in a populace that simply doesn’t have an ounce of pushback in them.  Hawaiians are SUPER nice, but if the, you know, unthinkable occurred, the people around here would be like, “Oh, okay, which cattle car did you want me to get into?  Not the same one as my children?  Okie dokie; prodding me forward to my doom with the tip of your rifle is totally okay.  Mahalo!”

A populace more like Texas, or the Floridians who have been emboldened by their intransigent leader, would be a comfort, right now, psychologically.

I think 2021 is going to be one thing after the next.  Teal Swan’s 2021 Forecast(and her 2020 Forecast was spot on, for what it’s worth) indicated that a major trend this year will be unsustainable systems, of every sort, which have otherwise limped along for years or decades or longer, will continue the collapsening that ramped up last year.  And that that’s not a *bad* thing, obviously, but it is a chaotic thing.  So we all ought to focus on “hardening” our systems (my word choice, not hers) and making them more resilient.  Diversifying or otherwise becoming less entirely reliant on systems beyond our reach and out of our control.

I had already done this in some areas of my life, simply because they had already become unsustainable for me, personally, even as they limped along in others’ experience?  Like, my penchant for medical tourism and medical dentistry arose in response to, you know, not having access to healthcare.  To this day, I don’t know what most people are doing about dentistry, which along with vision care has never been covered even in any shitty occupational insurance I did have, at any point, and even that became moot as I shifted from an employee paradigm to a contracting paradigm long ago.

She seems bullish on Bitcoin, for what it’s worth: “There is an emerging cryptographic financial structure within the collective consciousness of mankind.  This transition of power away from centralized banks and federal institutions will instigate a very strong counterforce.  It’s akin to the battle over the control of the Wild Wild West.  Many powers that be are not interested in the liberation of money, which will become a new social movement in the years to come.  There will be many conflicts regarding the control of money (which is really just a tool for power).  In 2021, there is a push to control cash flow. And with it, people.”

Let’s see…the Anons are saying the National Guard is holding down DC on the surface while combat units are down in the tunnels, below — the D.U.M.B.’s, or deep underground military bases, which are reportedly particularly nasty and extensive below DC.  Here is a thing from Telegram which I can’t attribute so just take it or leave it:

There’s no quantifying the bravery of our Military

They go into D.U.M.B.s 6+ miles deep

with courageous Multi-Purpose canines

—the strongest & gutsiest of dogs

They burn out the Kuru disease

that could kill them

(Kuru comes from cannibalism)

They avoid lasers

that could evaporate them

They become disorientated

at that depth

They get into firefights with whatever demons

are in the tunnels

They confront evil, filth, depravity & horror


They rescue the children

trafficked women

seize the gold, documents, Art, etc.

Then blow up the tunnels


all are healed with Med Beds

a Godsend tech

for these angelic souls

God bless every Soldier

Q, Qanons, and the Q-curious are the only ones talking about DUMBS, and if thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of trafficked and even intentionally bred captives are being rescued, I don’t know where they’d put them all.  But I did find these articles from previous years, and as usual you’ll have better luck on DuckDuckGo than Google:

Etcetera and so forth.

Back to Teal: “2021 follows in the footsteps of 2020 in that there will continue to be a huge divide between what is actually happening and the public’s knowledge about what is happening. To understand this, I want you to imagine that two parents are getting a divorce. But they intend for various reasons to keep the kids in the dark about it. The kids will end up either in total illusion because the truth is being hidden from them. Or they will end up confused and feeling gaslit because signs are showing and things are changing, but the narrative they are being fed and the show that the parents will put on will totally contradict those signs and changes that they are experiencing.  In 2021, the public is being actively gaslit for many reasons, both well intentioned and not so well intentioned.  The reality is that human society is in the midst of a power grab.”

Given that half a billion was spent, beginning in late 2017 and well into 2018, to train combat units in underground and specifically tunnel warfare, and given that Q says that’s going on but MSM says “cricket cricket”, and given the natural questions that would arise from disclosing or considering that tunnel warfare may be occurring — with whom?, and why? — and given that no feasible explanation has been offered by anyone, anywhere (except Q channels), for the standing military presence in DC, and given that Biden has yet to offer a State of the Union address, and given that the MSM must ignore that which it cannot explain, and given that GameStop stock shot up just as the Fed’s money system experienced an outage, and given that the natives are getting restless regarding the ever-retreating COVID containment goalposts, and given that the Dems are pushing to now remove the nuclear codes from Biden’s possession, and given that hell must officially be freezing over now because AOC is calling for an investigation into Cuomo’s handling of his nursing home COVID human sacrifices, to bump up otherwise rookie numbers, and given Teal Swan’s warning about a “huge divide” widening between reality and what we’re told, this year, and given that the Q hit pieces have accelerated to the point of the New York Times headlining an article specifically demanding that people do not, under any circumstances, investigate the Q drops for themselves…I think 2021 will be interesting.

You know, brief anecdote: one time I dated this guy, okay?  And, previous to our reasonably short-lived affair, I had fallen madly in love with a book called Sextrology.  I’d always been interested in astrology, but this was the first treatment that separated the sexes — one discussion for male Taurus, an entirely separate one for female Taurus, for example.  I don’t know if the authors, Starsky and Cox, sold their souls or what, but it’s *very* compelling.  I’d already made a study of my own chapter and those of my loved ones and anyone else who floated across my radar, and so of course when me and this guy started dating, I pored through his chapter as well.  I tried to get him interested in it but he was very, you know, ScIeNcE, and looked down his nose at it.

Later, we broke up, and somehow this coincided with him becoming curious enough that he bought the book and read both my chapter and his, in their entirety, plus a couple others corresponding to people in his life.  We had a final break up lunch, very amicable, and yet he was forlorn and stressed.  He brought up the book and said, only half-kidding, “You were cheating this whole time!  You read my instruction manual and I didn’t read yours.”  (And it really is that caliber of book.)

And that is the story of why I don’t limit myself to only normal channels of information.  If it’s important for me to understand, or attempt to understand, what’s going on around me and why, I look at everything, because I trust my intellect and, even more so, my gut, to form an evolving synthesis of meaning and interpretation.

Long story short: I think it’s crazy, in this particular time/space moment, to put all your eggs in one source-of-information basket.

Finally, in closing, I’ll leave you with sage words from my friend, ALL CAPS LABRAHODL.  His profile picture is a big, black Lab with laser eyes, he actually communicates in all caps, and is forthright about having dyslexia, performing poorly in school, experiencing difficulty in reading and writing, and has been stacking sats (Bitcoin) since the bull run of 2017:


They’ve been saying for a while that there are alllll different kinds of intelligence, and so far 2021 is proving that to be true!