A liberal said an insane thing, and it was so insane I had to spend some time with it, and in the course of that I gained some clarity about a psychological tic I hadn’t quite understood before.

Okay, first: the insane thing.  Eric Holthaus, an apparent climate journalist — I never heard of him til he said this insane thing — tweets, ““I finally figured it out: Bitcoin is weaponized toxic masculinity.”  And then follows that up with, “Same exact vibes as frat boy raep culture.  The cruelty is the point.”

I’m unsure as to what level of analysis to take, here…I mean, in my mind, why would I spend any more time analyzing this than I would, say, analyzing a monkey at the zoo who shits in his hand and then throws it at another monkey?  It might be funny, it might be weird, but I’m not gonna sit there and scratch my head about it.

I guess I will say this, and then move on: in my mind, toxic masculinity — yucky as it is — is no more complicated than this: you know when you read your horoscope, and (here I’ll just do mine) it says something like: Taurus at her worst is jealous, lazy, stubborn and materialistic.  Taurus at her best is loyal, patient, pragmatic, and aesthetic.  Each of these Taurean meta-traits can express in either a more or less illuminated way, depending on the day I’m having but, more importantly, on the level of self development and personal evolution I’ve achieved.  We tend to use the terms ‘young soul’ or ‘old soul’, and I’m not totally sure that’s it?  But you get the picture.

So, certain meta-traits and impulses come along with the masculine territory, and so depending on the level of illumination of an individual man, or men in a group or society, these traits will express in either destructive or constructive ways.  Violence, illuminated, becomes fearlessness; control becomes taking responsibility; inflexibility becomes steadfastness amid the storms; emotional disconnection becomes emotional discipline; cruelty becomes courage — you get the picture.

We never like to talk about toxic femininity, apparently, but same-same.  Manipulativeness becomes insight; creating drama becomes insight; neediness becomes trust; jealousy becomes self-investment; so on and so forth.  Just add illumination.

It might help to think about it like this: ‘toxic’ traits are seeds, healthy traits are flourishing plants, and the difference between the two is only soil, water, and sunshine.  You don’t get a flourishing plant from irradiating a seed — you give it what it needs, spiritually, and it grows.

Okay, so that’s all I have to say about that.  Monkeys throw shit and liberals throw accusations of toxicity and neither of them is rocket science, imo.

So now, Bitcoin is weaponized toxic masculinity, where cruelty is the point.  What a fucking beta thing to say lmaoooooo.  Okay sorry, not sorry.  How do I do this.

Alright, so here’s the thought: these people are so fixated on identity politics that the most egalitarian thing in the history of money can happen right in front of their faces and they absolutely don’t see it, BECAUSE…white males under 30 are excited about it.  Therefore it must be bad.

We’ve pathologized white males so thoroughly that their collective engagement with [a thing] serves to…reverse Midas touch [that thing] in our estimation.  Like this:

Bitcoin = most egalitarian money ever + white males under 30 interested in it = reverse Midas.

Or this:

Jordan Peterson = most egalitarian worldview ever + white males under 30 interested in it = reverse Midas.

Gold turns to shit.

This superpower of white males under 30 being able to, collectively, render things intrinsically toxic reminds me a lot of my superpower, as a vegan, to render things intrinsically elitist.  It doesn’t matter if I save 4k gallons of water a day, 200+ animals a year, subsist on a $30/wk grocery budget, and do my own laundry in my bathtub because I’m broke (it’s happened, time to time) — I’m an elitist.  Because I’m vegan.  It’s this backwards thingy.  Is wanting better health for everyone, a better environment for everyone, a better relationship between humans and animals, humans and their own psyches, intrinsically elitist?  It is if you decide vegans are elitists and then work the equation backwards.  I’m not making this shit up.  I sat in a packed auditorium and listened to Sherman Alexie spell this out, in college, and it went over great with the crowd.

So if you’re excited about anyone with an internet connection being able to put their money on a rocket ship to the moon rather than heaping it into a leaky row boat that’s currently on fire — that’s toxic masculinity — weaponized.

It’s probably not even worth observing, at this point, that the most toxic people I know are the ones calling everyone and everything toxic.

Anyway, here we are, sorting ourselves out as pro or against the Bitcoin gang bang.  People with Bitcoin are essentially running a train on people without Bitcoin, in this man’s rape culture analogy, which those people without Bitcoin could instantly fix by getting on the internet and buying some Bitcoin, but no — it’s more important to pontificate about the most egalitarian money ever functioning as weaponized toxic masculinity.

My current favorite Tom MacDonald rap quote (there’s a new one every day): ‘Y’all could probably crash a plane and blame the road conditions.’

(My favorite a few days ago was: ‘Eminem used to gay bash and murder his mum; now he doesn’t want fans if they voted for Trump.’  I still can’t get over that one, it’s so funny.)

Now, my position on Bitcoin and the environment remains the same — go vegan or shut up — but I will say, it’s my understanding that Bitcoin is so energy intensive because it was designed to be an absolute overkill no-brainer for governments, big banks, and meta-corporations, to stand even a chance of widespread adoption.  Those “whales” simply aren’t going to even consider moving their trillions into a new form of money without egregious, truly over-the-top assurance.  Bitcoin is so secure, so beyond secure, it’s like…putting your petty cash in Fort Knox.  There probably will come a point of diminishing returns where everyone will have adapted to thinking about money in this new way, enough, that the security overkill factor becomes less important and the various advantages and disadvantages between coins will shake out and create new hierarchies.

It’s kind of like the cellular revolution: among a teeming host of competitors, AT&T and Verizon emerged as the big dawgs — much like BTC and Ethereum — and now that that’s established and everyone, everywhere accepts the validity of cell phones, with all the pros and cons they’ve introduced to our lives, now new companies and concepts are coming along to stake new claims in that market, based on a widespread level of acceptance and adoption that allows us to focus on different variables.

Now, I do want to say: looks like Eric Holthaus is vegan and for that, I commend him.  There is nothing more oxymoronic than a meat-eating environmentalist, and by aligning his diet with his principles, Holthaus has done more for his own cause than any number of insane tweets could detract from.

But now again, I also want to say: we’ve got to stop pathologizing the white males, y’all.  I could sit here and tell you about Isaiah Jackson’s ‘Bitcoin and the Black Community’, or all the crypto chicks like me, or all the fully fuckin oppressed denizens of legit Third World countries (I know I’m supposed to say ‘Developing World’ but in the case of Venezuela, that shit ain’t developing nowhere, because communism), locked haplessly into useless fiat that’s more suitable as a means of heating than a means of exchange — in short, the millions of BTC enthusiasts who are absolutely not white males.  But I’m not gonna do that.  Why?  Because that’s shitty, and short-sighted, and narrow-minded.  We’ll only drive more of them straight into the arms of Jordan Peterson lmaoooo.  J/K — I love Peterson’s ideas, and I’d load up everyone on a bus and physically drive them into his arms if my CDL made me god, but it doesn’t.

I’m just saying, this isn’t about white males, and it’s not even about Bitcoin.  It’s about manipulating a populace.  Identity politics are ostensibly about equality, but realistically they’re about making a populace extremely malleable.  Let’s just go ahead and install a ring through our noses to make it easier for us to be led, damn!  If all they have to do — I think I have an idea of who ‘they’ is but that’s beside the point — if all they have to do, to make masses of people adopt things on command, or reject things on command, without filtering those things through their god-given intellectual process first, is to connect valorized or demonized demographics to those things in strategic ways…game over.

If your central criticism of any given thing is the race/sex/etc of the people who like it, then that means you don’t actually have an opinion, and you haven’t earned an opinion because you got distracted by trivia.  There’s a lot of things white males under 30 are into that I’m not into, but it’s because I’m not into it.

I feel really strongly about this because it was my intention to write a blog about how women don’t dress up anymore and it’s become really counter-culture to wear pretty dresses and blouses (not club wear), which I think is both interesting and sad, and I was gonna tell you all about it.  But I had to derail that plan because characterizing Bitcoin as weaponized toxic masculinity is so insane, and simultaneously so mundane, that I had to just stop the presses.

Now I’m out of time so maybe I’ll tell you about pretty dresses tomorrow, when I’ve recovered from this head scratcher of a shock.