Gah — this is crazy.  I actually had a dream last night where, in some symbolic form, almost like a video game, I was transferring value and power out of the old system and into the new.  And then I wake up and BTC eclipsed $50k, a new all time high.

I had a very idea-sponge day, yesterday, and I’ll share what I consider to be some interesting things.  Clif High, a guy who’s internet-famous for analyzing and interpreting global chatter, says in this video that governments will essentially start printing money with which to buy Bitcoin.  The context for this prediction (which may already be true for all I know) is the end of one empire.  Historically, as each empire has begun its collapse — because collapsing is what empires all eventually do — the people with any means whatsoever begin making their leap to whatever nation, language, currency, or system seems most likely to replace the old empire.  That’s what’s happening now, except it’s not just the dollar collapsing — it’s the entire global banking system.  And it should collapse, because it’s been the engine driving the disparity — with a built-in algorithm essentially “mining” human suffering the same way the blockchain mines cryptos — which is exactly what it was designed to do.

Those latter observations are mine, I should clarify, but the prediction of printing money to buy crypto was Clif’s.

Clif thinks that “desperation” and “secrets revealed” will trend all year until late summer, at which point the populace will finally have reached some important saturation point, ideologically — he calls the people abandoning the mainstream narrative, in droves, “parachuters”.  They’re parachuting out of the fucking Hindenburg, as it were.  There’s still a lot of people up there, drinking martinis and defunding the police, but many many people are getting the fuck out of dodge, and that trend will continue.

Cryptos represent a big new idea in many ways (money that lives only on the internet, primarily), but the oldest idea in the world in a fundamental way: a store of real wealth, same as precious metals and land.

I enjoy Clif High — my dad’s been a fan for years and, as he was into some bombasts and blow hards, half the time, I tended to be like “yeah yeah whatever” about his ideas, and this was back when I was more firmly subscribed to the Hindenburg myself.

Speaking of bombasts, I also listened to most of this video by Bix Weir, all the way up to the point where he fully indulged his own self-indulgence and I disembarked.  I know I’m the last person on earth to talk about indulging self-indulgence — which is like every single blog I write — so maybe I should shut up about that, but anyway he says nobody really has the power to squeeze silver except the Federal-level white hats, and they’ve abstained until now because it wasn’t in the country’s best interests to do so, but that situation will be changing.  He’s a former career banker guy and now longstanding full time internet guy and, having frankly an admirable perspective and scope of understanding on all of it, chooses to hold most of his wealth in Theta and silver.  Everybody has their pet crypto, you’ll notice — seems like LiteCoin is Clif High’s, maybe idk?, and Theta has something to do with global high speed internet and streaming.  (Public service announcement: if I waited until I fully understood the things I blog about, I would simply never blog because I fully understand very little, so it is what it is.)

He says that, even if historically-suppressed silver were to reach a commensurate market price with gold, he’d still HODL in silver.  It would have to far eclipse gold’s market price for him to consider diversifying there.  Basically the deal with silver is that, as far as precious metals and real assets go, it stands poised to explode upward because it’s been, essentially, a rubber band stretched to its full length, the kind you snap your siblings and classroom crushes with.  He enumerated the ways the central banks have been playing hanky lanky with silver, overextending themselves on technically the same silver over and over again, due to the simple unlikelihood that enough people at the same time would take physical possession of their silver.  Kind of like a Ponzi scheme, where its own collapse is inevitable but a lot of people can get really rich all the way up until the wheels come off.

I’m down to see what happens with silver.  Theta, I’ve been agro with.  Hard to buy, hard to store, and meanwhile BTC is kicking ass, so I remain unconvinced it’s worth all the extra ish, but who knows.  Passing that along.  We hold some Theta — exactly the amount, actually, that a stubborn and computer-not-savvy dad is able to chivvy and nag and guilt his two more computer-savvy children into buying, on inconvenient platforms, and, apparently, inventing out of thin air ways to store, while they’re genuinely busy with other shit, as has indeed been the case with my family.

Okay, so that’s Bix and Clif, and then finally I listened to Robert David Steele interviewing Juan O. Savin in this video.  Juan speaks very authoritatively on all matters Q and, as such, I’d love to give enough bio information to at least put him in some kind of context but I really can’t find anything.  I guess he’s like the Qanon version of Kim Kardashian?  Like: I’m not sure what this person ever did but anyway, cue more limelight.  The alt limelight, in this case.  So, Juan seems to be some sort of ex-military political insider.  The link helpfully provides a partial transcripts, which I’ll just go ahead and share here:

In a short interview conducted by Robert David Steele, Juan O Savin addresses the despair that many are feeling over the theft of the election and the systematic destruction of America being dictatorially executed by China Joe Biden and how there appears to be nothing stopping this sadistic marching of America toward her doom.

Juan explains, “What you’re being allowed to see is who these people really are,” and he maintains that the military is very carefully watching and waiting for every civilian option to be exhausted before taking action.

On on February 19th and 26th, two election fraud cases will be heard by the Supreme Court. He says, “At the end of the day, if there is nothing there that they can act on to reverse this stolen election, then it’s going to revert authority…to the military to protect America from a foreign attack that was originated offshore, outside of America. The revolution begins here to flip that back…

“This is about a revolutionary war against a foreign enemy that’s trying to take over our country externally. That enemy is defined as Globalists, international banking cartels, bloodline families, intelligence agencies and their operatives, working together in collusion – people that purport to be our friends – trying to enslave and control America by owning its leadership. And that’s not gonna stand.

“As we get through the last-ditch efforts on the civilian side, with Congress and with the courts, once that has all played out and they haven’t successfully responded to this cyberattack, this Pearl Harbor cyberattack on America, on our vote, then that responsibility will fully rest on the military.”

Robert David Steele then asks, “Would you call it a dual- or tandem government, in that you’re allowing the fake administration to proceed but the military is basically locked-down?”

He responds, “Well yeah, you’re giving them room, while we work through the mechanics of deciding how to respond and allowing the civilian government to protect us. From a civilian side, Congress and the courts, they’ve been inadequate, at this point in time…

“After the military does its investigation; vets the data from that January 19th Director of Nation Intelligence report that came a month late concerning foreign interference in the election, if the courts and if the Congress are unwilling or unable, because they’re compromised and captured, to protect the Constitution and the Republic, then that responsibility, the last trigger is the military.

“And they’ve already been triggered. They have to do their own internal analysis of every single detail, vet every single detail in that report, verify it and then, once you’ve done that – which has already occurred – decide what’s the proper response.

“Because, according to Military Code 11.3 and -4, they then have to protect the country first, the Republic…and then they have to, as quickly as possible, restore legal civilian authorities to power. And that’s a process, it’s not instantaneous.

“There’s a lot at stake. It’s not just the US and it’s not even who’s controlling the military.

“You can’t kill the country to save the country, so you have to allow room for everything to keep moving, everything to keep flowing…we’re in a very serious situation and there’s a lot of finesse gonna be required, here. People cannot go off the handle and be pissed-off because it didn’t happen in a heartbeat, like a TV episode.”

Later in the conversation, Robert forces Juan to become crystal clear on where he stands regarding the topic of topics:

“We’re talking about Satanic pedophilia, the trafficking and torture and murder and cannibalization of children and the drinking of adrenochrome as a drug.”

To which Juan responds, “Right. Because, part of the thing is – this is a really important point – why would they do such a thing? Because they have this Law-of-the-Jungle kind of mentality…That’s how they show that they’re King of the Beasts; the top of the food chain.

“And so, they’re literally operating in a way that shows them to be the Top of the Food Chain, by literally feeding on the other animals. That’s the way they view us.”

Robert wants to make sure that this point gets driven home. He says, “Just to clarify…you are saying that Satanic pedophilia is the core aspect that we need to take down, as part of taking down the Deep State?”

Juan responds, “Absolutely, these are Baal and Moloch worshipers, that you see in multiple societies.”

Robert replies, “That’s all I need. Do you have a last word…?”

Juan says, “Everybody needs to take some deep breaths. Cut the crap about ‘nothing’s happening’. A lot is happening. If you don’t know everything that’s happening, thank God that the key people in key positions aren’t giving away all of their next moves to everybody.

“You’re in a war. Understand that and act like it. Everybody needs to close ranks, stand firm, take some deep breaths. We’re a lot bigger than these monsters that we’re going after. The only thing is we can’t be disheveled as we do it. Straighten-up your blouse, your uniform. We’re going after ’em. Hold together.”

[And stay home and be non-violent].

That last admonition added by RDS.

For the people still on the Hindenburg, Q and Qanon is reviled as, howdoyousayinyourcountry, eh, a “domestic terror” organization.  Interestingly, though, my brother and Nick and I were discussing how, if not for Q, it’s likely conservatives would have already taken matters into their own hands, using, if you’ll forgive my pun, their own arms.  That would have been real bad, no matter how you slice it, so we all have a lot to be grateful for, there.  The idea of a civil war with one side being kinda good at it and the other being — well, you know — was all fun and games until I realized the Left’s army is literally China so yeah, let’s not do that.

Okay moving right along, then some guy on Twitter figured out that dryers (as in, washer-dryers) in the US expend more energy in the US alone that Bitcoin does, globally, and he showed his math here:

Launched a really interesting host of comments, for and against BTC relative to the environmental aspect.

I hate to roast an already roasted chestnut, but my response to environmentalists, about Bitcoin or anything else, remains the same: go vegan or shut up.  I hope someone compares the impact of a meat based diet, environmentally, to the impact of cryptocurrency, and I hope that someone isn’t me because it sounds like an enormous pain in the ass.  I’m just not gonna have people who eat meat like it’s their full time job, and ban plastic drinking straws with a little wink, and promote the COVID narrative with a bigger wink, telling me I need to keep my money on the Hindenburg.  I’m just not having it.

So, by virtue of limiting my armchair commentary to an absolute minimum, I have now succeeded in conveying the gist of most of the ideas I consumed, yesterday, in case any of them are of interest to you.

Not much going on here except being on, apparently, the right continent and not the wrong one, for the absolutely hellish conditions people are enduring right now.  I saw video of power lines arcing and blowing transformers, and more interstate pile-ups and helpless ice skids, and many many people without power, in the cold.  I am gutted, thinking of the animals, the livestock, also the humans, definitely the truck drivers — just everyone.  I’m one of those people who, if I lived in Game of Thrones world, and had had the choice between execution versus serving out the rest of my days at The Wall, I would have been like “kill me now then because that’s too cold”.  So, yeah, it’s physically uncomfortable, considering it.  I’m sure there’s been a run on kerosene heaters etc.  No fucking way would I live on the mainland again without non-grid sources of heat and food.

Here, I’m feeling quite guilty to report, the little dogs and I were so hot when we returned from our noon-time walk up the big hill that I chucked all three of us into the big, turquoise swimming pool and we all swam for our lives.  Some of us more urgently than others.  It’s only four feet deep so, okay, you got me, it was the dogs swimming for their lives.  I scooped them back out onto the deck again, when they reached the side, and Buffy shook herself and ran away.  She has funny little knees and legs anyway, but when she’s feeling especially “omg” she gets a four-footed pigeon-toed stance, while she shakes off, and it’s just the cutest thing.  So she ran away to check her medicinals.  She’s obsessed with several types of plants in the yard, *obsessed*.  Apothecary Burf.  Milo shook off and ran away, then ran right back, so I threw him in again and he swam for his life, some more, and then trampled all over Nick’s new green pea sprouts in their starter planters.

Being in a climate that’s not trying to kill me is exactly the game changer I expected.  And, not to belabor my interest in cryptos here, but that’s what I’m trying to do financially: get my money into a climate that’s not trying to kill me.

Just one more thing, and this is a bummer thing but worth identifying: I guess a lot of cows are raised here, not-officially-organically, and then shipped to the mainland in cargo containers to be “finished” certified organic, for the last two years or whatever of their lives, then slaughtered and sold to meat eaters who pride themselves on buying organic.

So, from the roof of his ‘struction job, yesterday, Nick watched the cow hands funnel and force the happy black cows into the shipping container, yesterday, for their month-long journey across the ocean with no light, no food, no room to lay down, and utter terror.  Obviously a percentage of them don’t make it and that’s just an accepted cost of the process.

These cows, on the next parcel of land over, have known nothing but grazing in paradise, because it’s absolute paradise where we live.  Every day is blue skies, mild warm temps, the enormous ocean right there, and mostly quiet all day.

It’s always been a problem for me to consider the plight of other creatures, and I can get actually quite destabilized.  This represented my absolutely undeniable call to vegetarianism, as a young child, because as soon as I was able to imagine the animals’ situation, I felt galvanized to extricate myself from its horror as much as possible, so that at least my own actions were less connected to their reality.  I woke up this morning and, to be quite honest, downward spiraled a bit, about those cows.  Those exact cows, not just any cows anywhere.  They’re cows that we drive past all the time, I’ve been seeing them since we moved here and marveling at how wonderful their cow lives are.  What misery they must be feeling now.

All of the ‘struction guys on the roof with Nick stopped for a moment, to mark the event.  Nick eventually said, “Anyone who makes their money exploiting others is a piece of shit in my book.”  The other guys kind of startled, a little.  Their identities are intertwined with meat, as most men’s are, and Nick’s comment was challengingly unconditional.  But he’d already gone back to hammering.

A post-pool moment with Milo, to finish the blog: