Today is the first day of Trump’s second impeachment trial, which is a perfect moment for me to reiterate how much I appreciate Q, Qanon, and the Q movement/mindset generally.  So if anyone’s wondering how all that is shaking out with me, here’s your blog.

I’ve always said: while being ‘for’ something versus ‘against’ something else can SEEM like two different ways of saying the same thing, it’s not.  Energetically, there’s a huge distinction BECAUSE…that which you resist, persists.  All of our ‘againsts’ (mine included, obviously, and I’m as guilty of this as the rest of us) act like boomerangs, which we chuck out into the world with force and which then return, with force.  This is not a moral thing.  Be as shitty of a person as you want, but your agenda will get a lot more traction if you line up WITH something rather than AGAINST something else.  It is universal law.

Secondly, knowing what we’re ‘for’ is a relatively simple, and therefore honest, and therefore authentic affair; knowing what we’re ‘against’?  Not so much.  Now you’re overextended.  Now you’re a little less of an idealist, and a little more of a zealot.  Now you want to prevent others from sorting and sifting their preferences, as they go along.  Now you’ve become that which you sought to destroy.  So in my mind, the phrase ‘stay in your lane’ is, practically speaking, synonymous with ‘you be for what you’re for, and I’ll be for what I’m for’.

So, some examples:

I’m for cryptocurrency; I’m not against fiat.

I’m for a plant-based diet; I’m not against every single other approach, ie the most illogical-extreme examples people come up with, to include the ubiquitous “survival situation” and/or families who wouldn’t make it through the winter without half an elk in the freezer and the other half dried into jerky.

I’m for an investment wardrobe; I’m not against it-fits-me-so-who-cares clothes.

I’m for women and feminine stuff; I’m not against men and masculine stuff.

I’m for barbell strength training in the sense of getting the experience and results I want; I’m not against any other form of exercise IF people are getting the experience and the results they want (important qualifier).

I’m for meditating; I’m not against praying.

I’m for conscious and deliberate celibacy, when in dating-doubt; I’m not against casual sex

I’m for spirulina and nutritional yeast on my popcorn; I’m not against butter and salt on your popcorn.

I’m for my interpretation, based on what seems relevant to me; I’m not against your interpretation, based on what seems relevant to you.

You get the picture.

So, maybe that context will help frame what I mean when I say: I’m for the phenomenon known as Q, Qanon, and the Q mindset generally.  And the reason for that is super simple; like, egregiously extra mega simple: whenever I’m given a choice between an influence who tells me what to think and how to feel, VERSUS an influence who invites me to broaden my ideas, do more research, cultivate my own impressions, and form my own conclusions, I’m going to choose the latter.  Probably the only reason I wouldn’t is if that latter influence had been, oh I don’t know…maybe demonized, or trivialized, or both, by influences of the former variety (telling me what to think), so that I had a strong knee-jerk reaction to it prior to gaining any first-hand experience?  That’s gonna act as a strong deterrent, sure, maybe for a while; maybe forever.  I’m much more willing to enter into exploration with a person, project, or perspective that invites me to partake as I wish, interpret as I choose, and depart when I’d like.  Which is also the golden rule for charming that hard-to-get introvert in your life, by the way.

I think this is why dogmatic religious stuff never gained a foothold with me, whereas spiritual self-help / metaphysics captured my attention completely.  A lot of religion-based messaging seems to be telling me, essentially, “Don’t go there, or do that, or think that, or want that!”  Well, why not?  “Because: sin!, or whatever, and stuff!”  That’s not very convincing.  I mean, and then what?  Get in the virtuous fetal position under my existential desk and wait for, like, God to come get me, like in grade school tornado drills, or what?

Spiritual metaphysics, on the other hand, urge, “Go everywhere; do everything; think everything; want everything; become someone who cannot be triggered, who cannot be vibrationally compromised; who cannot be knocked out of their love intention, their joy intention, their freedom intention, their expansion intention.  The only way to get your balance is to fall down.  The only way to know what you want is to experience infinite shades of what you don’t want, that invite you to choose and choose again.  You didn’t come here to have a padded nest.  You didn’t come here to deny your body.  You didn’t come here to deny your intellect.  You didn’t come here to cower under your desk until God comes and gets you.  You came here to shake it up.  You came here to experience the best of what life has to offer.  You did not come here to save anyone, or to fix anything.  Go forth and relish!”

Obviously that’s a better PR campaign; at least I think so.

What does this have to do with Q and Qanon?  Well, let’s just fucking see, shall we?  Hm, looks to me as if:

The MSM remained entirely silent on Q and Qanon, a global awakening/awareness movement attracting tens of millions of normal people, like you and me, who had every option NOT to be involved.  The MSM remained entirely silent about this elephant in the room until things reached a certain threshold of total undeniability, and then they put out hit piece after hit piece, targeting the Q movement in a rapid fire manner second only to their vendetta against Trump.

Q, whatever the hell it is and wherever it came from, correctly predicted Jeffery Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell — three scandals that have rocked our understanding of our world to its core, and whose implications we have not even begun, as a society, to unpack, AND whose arrests remained somehow impossible until Q, and Trump.  Elite pedophile rings are being busted on the daily, to include a GOP senior staffer just recently, who vocally opposed both Trump and Q-besmirched Marjorie Greene.

Isn’t it weird how the most vocal anti-Q voices tend to be, as it turns out, huge fucking pedophiles?  And isn’t it even more weird that the media and big tech has managed to so bamboozle the American normie public that a literal war between child traffickers and child trafficking interceptors can be waged *right under their fucking noses* and they don’t even notice?

I mean — if me and all my elite, wealthy, powerful co-conspirators were heavy into child trafficking, and a grassroots movement aware of and opposing our little open secret were to gain traction, I’d definitely do everything I could to first, suppress, then when that became unworkable, to smear and distort and demonize the movement in everyone’s mind, to distract from what was really going on.  That’s definitely what I’d do, if I was a piece of shit pedophile.

Social media tech giants have functioned in perfect lockstep with the media, cancelling thousands of Q pages, groups, and accounts.  This would be odd in any case, but especially odd given that violent extremism was the rationale used to justify the broad censorship of Q accounts, WHILE violent extremism in the form of BLM/Antifa was given a free pass to rampage around.  And not just a free pass, but like funding, buses, lawyers, infinite bail posted — a lot of highly organized institutional support.  Oooooo…kay.

Meanwhile, as the dust of our outrageously stolen election and subsequently installed hollow administration…settles…?, and all the anti-Q’s are feeling pretty smug — about what, I don’t know, because this is your fucking country, too — Myanmar happens.  Kind of interesting — the military claims the election was fraudulent, the leader secured her position illegally, declares martial law, removes her, and goes about establishing an election re-do.  Sounds like an important thing in its own right, but also sort of a dress rehearsal.

Quick question: when the actual fuck did we all sit down and agree to use 3rd party vote counting machines here in the US?  I’ve been a legal adult since 1994 and I don’t remember anyone ever asking me if we should go that route.  But if they had, here’s how that conversation would have gone:

Them: Hey Hannah, do you think it would be a good idea for the US to buy, from a third-party, for-profit company, machines that connect to the internet and are designed to count votes in major elections?

Me: No.  That sounds like a terrible idea.  It sounds like money could be exchanged and someone, somewhere, could use the vote counting machines to establish…oh I don’t know…like some kind of, I wanna say, dominion over the US, with the illusion of free choice and fair elections, negating the civil war that would result from openly stolen elections.

Them: Oh, funny you should say that, because….

So yeah.  I’ve noticed all the establishment voices here decrying the situation in Myanmar and urging the military to reconsider its anti-democracy choices, and to reinstall Aung San Suu Kyi.  And under normal circumstances, I’d probably be like “oh wow, banana republic stuff, military gone berserk” or whatever.  But it’s just interesting to me that no one, anywhere, is voicing the possibility that Myanmar’s election might have been fraudulent.  Because that would hit way too close to home right now, wouldn’t it, given that that’s what Q said would happen here.

Meanwhile, we’re goin on 20 something days since the Inauguration and there’s still a lot of soldiers and fencing all around the capital, AND visual incongruencies regarding photos of Biden in the Oval Office, Psaki taking questions, and now Air Force 1 lookin like a twin prop.  Q said, ‘castle_rock’ back in June, and it turns out Castle Rock entertainment is one of the few studios with a functioning White House set, and indeed a man in the background of the Inauguration footage is wearing a Castle Rock Studios stocking cap, for whatever that’s worth.

Peaceful protest, one of our most important Constitutional rights, has been effectively nullified by the now-predictable infiltration of violent actors posing-as.  When BLM protests first got randy, I assumed it was unsavory elements attempting to discredit the movement, honestly.  Then the movement was like “oh no, that’s definitely us, it’s reparations” and I was like, okay never mind.  This deal with the 2nd impeachment is based on “the siege of the Capitol” or whatever they’re calling it, which is confusing because there were Antifa disguised as MAGA, and then there were also MAGA disguised as Antifa disguised as MAGA, because that’s how they got Pelosi’s laptop, and then out of nowhere one of the guys who was clearly Antifa disguised as MAGA — the guy with the bull horns — turns out to be some kind of strange freedom fighter that I’m not even going to attempt to categorize right now.  The one sure thing is that Trump never advocated violence, obviously — I was watching, — and then when things got crazy and he tweeted to remain peaceful, Twitter blocked his account.

So I’m aware this 2nd Impeachment is going on, the same way I’m aware that Tampax has made sure we’re aware that they’re aware that not all women have periods, and not all people who have periods are women, and that it’s time to celebrate the diversity of people who bleed, yay!  I’m aware when a manufactured franken-narrative hits me in the face, yes.

Meanwhile, reportedly, the official Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, FEMA, and NSA Twitter accounts don’t follow Biden’s official POTUS account.

I’m sure I’m missing some major gestures, but my boyfriend has informed me it’s time to work out and pump up our stronks :)

I’ll just close by saying, I’ve had some horrified reactions from people when I openly acknowledge — because I see absolutely no reason not to — the fact that I find a great deal of value in Q, Qanon, and the Q perspective.  I can see how that would seem controversial, when literally every single talking head on your TV who tells you what to think is assuring you that Qanon is a domestic terrorist organization.  And like I said in the beginning, I’m not here to oppose anyone else’s position.  But I am pro-Q, and this is my position, and these are the ideas that I’m for: the encouragement to do our own research, connect our own dots, and consider the possibility that a lot more of those dots might turn out to be not only connected but actually put into place through the common theme of child porn, pedophilia, and child trafficking.  I’ll leave you with this observation, shared around on Telegraph:


Let me explain something about bIackmail… it isn’t an accident that all these perverts are in positions of power & success.

This is what all the normies trip over & can’t get past. It seems crazy to think all these politicians and artists would just *happen* to be the worst kind of pervert.

What they can’t wrap grasp is it’s the *other way around*

They entrap some low-level Joe. A struggling actress. A local-level politician.

In the movies, we see blackmail “victims” being forced to do things they don’t want to do.

But what if someone gets caught with CP on their work computer… and instead of prosecution/punishment…

they get offered a promotion? Not just a promotion: THE Promotion. The one they’ve always wanted.

With the understanding they’ll do what they’re told.

Why do you think all of Hollywood/Journalism/Politics is an apparent Monolith?

Obedient people get promoted.

People that are dangerous get kept down… or worse.

That’s the key to understanding: these aren’t politicians/Hwood/“journalists” that *happen* to be perverts.

These are perverts that we’re selected, controlled, and THEN put into those positions.

Some are turned as children [Disney, Bloodline families].

And depending on their ambitions, they get invited to more [exclusive islands & locales], & [knowingly] show they’re willing to go farther.

It’s not that Joe Shmoe became a Senator cleanly through the American Dream and then HAPPENED to get caught with CP.

They were ensnared long before

& then funded and promoted up the chain.

Literally selling their souls for positions & advancement within [The Club].

And if they decide [they] want out or grow a “conscience” – or just decide to save their own skins by flipping…

they have an accident.

[They] play the long game. [They] use powerful families and Old Money to keep The Game rigged.

So many people – especially normies – can’t wrap their head around this. It’s counter to everything they thought they knew.

So they just see a 1-Dimensional image (“Q people think everyone is a psycho child abuser – psh, the odds of that are insane”).

They think WE think it’s an accidental happenstance.

Keep their misguided perspective in mind when engaging with them. They’re not just asleep: they don’t even understand what Awake would look like.

I know – everyone right now thinks they’re the one with the facts and it’s the other side that needs to educate themselves.  I don’t want to throw any more fuel on that fire, god forbid.  I’m just saying, like I’ve said all along: maybe give a little less credence to the influences demanding you think a certain way, and a little more benefit of the doubt to the influences who say, here are some ideas — do your own research and see what comes up.

Once again, for anyone curious, all the Q posts can be found here.  If you don’t trust yourself to encounter new information and form opinions about it, then I definitely don’t trust you to regulate my ability to form opinions about information I’m willing to explore but you aren’t.