Woke up to another Bitcoin and Ethereum all time high, no big deal.  Just money pouring into my wallet overnight while I sleep.  Tesla, or should I say Elon, whose self-stated goal is to “build an entire sustainable energy ecosystem” just bought 1.5 billion USD’s worth of Bitcoin.  Which is like three Bitcoin.  Just kidding — for now.

As more and more BTC consolidates in the coffers of the already-financially elite, plus the rest of us, it will be interesting to see how that plays out.  It’s one thing when it’s soft fiat, riddled with rot thanks to decades of quantitative easing, printed by a federal reserve that is neither federal nor backed by reserves.  It’s another when it’s a hard currency with built-in scarcity and therefore value.  Right now it looks like the institutional-level FOMO is setting in — with countries like Ukraine, and I think Iran? — getting set up to mine the eff out of BTC, and exchanges running out for the first time in, I think, ever — but at the normie-individual level, still no clue.

Anyway, the BTC stock-to-flow chart, which has been accurate thus far, has always shown a 100k BTC within, looks like, first quarter-ish of 2021, so waking up to a 44k Bitcoin is surprising, but not that surprising.

Waking up to a genuinely chilly morning was actually more surprising; I got the micathermic space heater set up for Buffy and I, and it’s almost like Albuquerque again!  Or Flagstaff.  Or anywhere else I’ve ever lived, before Hawaii.

I do want to speak to the climate change aspects of crypto, really quick, and just climate change generally: climate change was a narrative I was willing to accept until last year, and it’s still a narrative I’m willing to accept speculatively, but as far as governments stepping in and solving it — no thanks, I’m good.  These thoughts started to co-mingle for me, for the first time, last March.  I was like: I don’t know if this virus is as big a deal as they’re making it out to be — I already suspected not, because of having driven all the way across the country and not meeting a single person who knew anyone who had gotten COVID, in what was supposed to be the first big wave, and also working for a company that had hospital overflow equipment parked in the major outbreak hubs, and the operators telling me they finally got demobed after having facilitated the treatment of exactly zero patients — but anyway, I was like, maybe it’s a big virus?  But whether it is or not, it is for sure a major hack of our Constitutional and human and worker’s rights, without a shot fired.  In fact the Cuban-American rapper Pit Bull, who I’ve always secretly wanted to do a duet with because that would just be so much cognitive dissonance, said Fidel Castro is probably kicking himself right now.  You mean, you can just take it all over with a fake pandemic?  What the hell was I doing with this whole-ass military coup??

Anyway, yes.  It occurred to me that, whether or not the virus was a big deal, it was certainly a convenient way for the New World Order to fuck us all up.  And for anyone out there still thinking the phrase “New World Order” is just another conspiracy theorist boogeyman, wake tf up.  Anyway, same thing with climate change!!  At this point, I’m not willing to hear about it, certainly not from the same faction who’s proven they’ll destroy everything for everyone either through sheer incompetence, diabolical planning, or some fascinating compendium of the two.

Let’s see…other housekeeping items of current events.  Here is a link where someone is compiling all the anecdotal evidence of adverse COVID vaccine reactions; mostly people’s social media updates, sometimes followed by headlines screenshots of their fate or whatever.  I suggest you give it a glance — it’s kind of like a Twitter feed of doom.  Almost like real Twitter.  Anyway, I would prefer none of my loved ones get it, of course, but I’m choosing my battles.  None of us here will be partaking, obviously, but like I have one friend who I’d guess might be enough on the fence to get nudged away from it, and I sent that link, but no response.  When you send counter-narrative things to people and they don’t ever respond, that’s your clue to leave them to it, I guess.  I’ve been comfortable with the idea that vaccines, generally, represent a blank check that we’re all brainwashed into signing, for quite a while.  And I’ve also received tons of vaccines in my life, unfortunately, and haven’t had any issues.  Used to be in military medical critical care, so I received the whole gamut, on a regular basis.  But yeah — no way in hell I’d get that COVID vaccine.  The saddest part is the pregnant women:

And of course, if anything was normal or trustworthy I wouldn’t feel I’d need some random person’s compilation of social media update screenshots to understand what’s happening with adverse reactions relative to a big vaccine rollout.  But I’m used to it now.  I mean, it took my brother and our friend Rory, plugging COVID data into a tracker all spring, summer, and fall, on their own time and their own dime, for me to truly grasp the degree to which the pandemic was being misrepresented by the news media.  I know people have been irritated by how cavalier I’ve seemed about it, but that’s because they’re getting their fears hyped up by the fear hypers all the time.  It takes a lot of research and attention and time to assimilate the facts that meaningfully counter the narrative, and most people don’t have that energy to invest, realistically.  Thank god I’m part of a small but skeptical tribe.

Anyway.  In other news, the Super Bowl halftime show was hella occult.  It’s interesting how you just feel, emotionally, after watching something like that.  Full confession, I’ve been watching a lot more Bachata videos, and I just feel dazzled, enamored, vivified, and illuminated, watching people dance like that, translating emotions into movement so skillfully and with infinite nuance.  You know — art.  The way art makes you feel.  The Super Bowl half time made me feel…not like that, haha.  Props to all the performers and the hard work it took.  If it could just be less creepy and less as if it’s heralding some awful new chapter in human history, that would be great.

So, I guess that’s all the newsy-news.  Here on the home front, Nick built us a lifting platform the last two days!  What we had was a covered, smallish, very old, and extremely sloped concrete pad, with a step down to a lower concrete sort of apron, very narrow, which was almost level but not quite.  And then a steep, grassy hill down to the level-ish part of the yard.  So we either had to carry all the weights down there every day, which is what we were doing the first couple weeks until the winter rains became so frequent.  So for a while now, we’ve all (me, Nick, and Abe) been lifting on the sloped concrete, which is just problematic.

So Nick’s lifting platform was a bit of an engineering marvel, really, compensating not just for the slope but also the janky irregularity of the slope.  We had our first lift on the platform yesterday and it worked just great!  The top is two sheets of plywood thick, and there were a couple moments of concern when Nick dropped his deadlifts.  We were like…that sounds sort of…break-y…but so far so good.

Nick and I have been taking each other’s measurements each week and recording them in a tracker, and all the parts that are supposed to be getting bigger are getting bigger, and all the parts that are supposed to be getting smaller are getting smaller.  Training will be so much better now, with the platform!  Now we need some sort of chin up bar.

I’m kind of catching the spirit :)

When we first decided to definitely prep for a competition this year, I was into it, but also like…lord, this will be a lot of training.  I’ve always cared a lot about optimizing my body and my self, generally, so it’s probably no coincidence I attracted a partner into my life who could act as the perfect mentor for me, relative to higher echelons of physique I wouldn’t have known how to unlock.  So that part is great.  It’s just funny, though, because Nick would train like a pro athlete even if he lived in a cave for the rest of his life, because that’s what he loves to do.  I’m more lazy, and have had to entice myself forward with a variety of psychological carrots.  Strength training, and now competition prep, is not, like…”hard”, per se?  For instance, we used to always be at the gym in Albuquerque at the same time as this one trainer, Angelo, and his harem of female clients.  I don’t know how that worked — like, all the other trainers did one on one’s, and this guy Angelo was just ballin’, with like twenty soccer moms three mornings a week.  Anyway, he had them fuckin smoked.  And that’s the style, you know — floundering all around and doing “circuits” and functional fitness and Bosu balls and iron mikes and…those gals just worked really hard.  A lot of sweat, a lot of huffing and puffing.

Meanwhile, of course, me and Nick were plugged into an entirely different paradigm, just hanging out and texting and showing each other memes, mostly, with long rests between sets.  It’s just a different deal, with the barbell lifting.  And I wouldn’t trade places for all the money in the world, looking at their results and looking at mine.

So yeah.  Our intensity is ramping up for sure, but it’s still the chillest workout in the world, compared to all that functional fitness-ing.  Yesterday we did a full exploration of Offspring’s live shows, in the early 90’s, and how much that lead singer dude looked like Bart Simpson, and then there a girl on YouTube named Jen Fiorentino who does awesome acoustic covers that we listened to, and it was just a great time.  I got a 3×5 of deadlifts at 155, and Nick did a 3×5 at whatever weight almost broke the new platform, plus a bunch of rows at my deadlift weight.  I moved on to stiff legged deadlifts, which are my new thing I have to do all the time to make my butt cute enough for this endeavor, and I’ll need to add weighted hip thrusts now that we have a level surface.  I need to work on my arms more but we only have 35 pound dumbbells, which are pretty enormous.  I do the best I can.

So anyway, I can feel that a shift is occurring for me.  The psychological carrot on a stick of having this or that physical result is still present, of course, but I’m really deepening into the practice more than ever before.  Just feeling it, and enjoying it, and not even needing to make it about an outcome or goal.

Interestingly, neither of us actually has many cheerleaders, relative to the major endeavors in our lives, outside of one another and our immediate families, to a lesser degree.  I’m talking about professionalizing as a strength athlete for him, and writing/content creation for me.  We were just kind of talking about this and realizing, yesterday, that we could both really use some mentorship.  We both put a lot of time and energy into our respective crafts in a way that is enthusiastic, for sure, but maybe not channeled and leveraged as well as it could be.  We’re sort of flying blind.

I’m not sure what is exactly right for us.  For Nick, he needs to make the most of his 30’s, as an athlete.  He looks a little too much like a powerlifter for bodybuilding, and too much like a bodybuilder for powerlifting.  He’s gonna really kick it in the ass this year and see if he can get his pro card, at one of these events we do.  For me, I’ll be happy to just make it onto stage and not stick out like a sore thumb.  Anything beyond that is gravy.  I mean, I’ll do my best to prepare, but it is what it is.  Some of my favorite dresses aren’t fitting me in the shoulders anymore and I’m so sad :-/

I mean, I’d rather have great shoulders than a dress that fits, but it’s still sad.

My shoulders two years ago vs shoulders now. Side note: holy shit I used to wear makeup. Probably to compensate for my shoulders.

For instance, the dress I was wearing the day Nick and I moved from Flagstaff to Albuquerque — on our two month dating anniversary lol — has sentimental value to me, and I went to put it on the other day and it almost ripped.  Ugh.  I guess I’ll just have to sell it for like a million dollars on eBay.

Anyway, back to my vocational path, here, it’s interesting.  The entirely secular, optionally academic creative person’s trajectory isn’t something I’m keen on, or else I would have already done that; and I also already dropped out of seminary because the dead dogma thing isn’t a good fit for me either.  The secular is too secular and the religious is too religious.  I mean, I’m comfy blogging til the cows come home, obviously, but I’m talking about longer form publications and music and video content.  I’ve been unsure as to my own organizing principle, and so my audience receives mixed signals in that regard.  I get it.  I just think that an organizing principle is, maybe, something that has to emerge as the result of a lot of curious creation, rather than a thing you arbitrarily assign and confine yourself within.

Who knows.  I hope the right organizing principle emerges.  That’s one thing I was hoping this year of daily blogging would help with.  Burn all the carbon out of the barrel and see what the aim is otherwise.  So far I’m just really offended that everyone thinks cultural sensitivity is more important than the emergence of a naked global depopulation agenda, which has not even been veiled or hidden from us in any way.  It’s just out there, and no one’s reacting to it, and I’m like: that Gates motherfucker don’t care what color we are, he wants us gone!  Hello!

Or as my dad always puts it, quoting that old passage in the Bible: “They say ‘only a remnant shall remain’; the only question for us is, how do we become part of the remnant?”  By not signing that blank check of that vaccine, for one thing.

Just another weirdo, out here saying things that don’t make any sense until they do.

As an emerging artist, I feel victimized by psy-op WW3 being unleashed, just as I was about to find ‘my voice’.  Who knows what paper doily works of prose and raw vegan recipe videos I might have churned out, otherwise?

Just for old times sake, here’s an old vegan recipe video from like 2015 I filmed when I lived in Tucson, using my neighbor Ben as my victim.  He’s not really talking to me anymore because I’m a Trump supporter but so it goes. This was before I had Mexico braces, which really helped my jaw alignment FYI.