I’ve had one of those odd days where it seems like the fridge is full of food I don’t want to eat, and there’s nothing to eat, and I’m hungry but I can’t remember what it is I’ve ever wanted to eat for the last 44 years, or what I even know how to make, and I’m all discombobulated.  I’m feeling a little pre-defeated by the task of entering more complicated dishes into the calorie tracker, and I think I’ve fallen short of my caloric goal (2300) every day since I started.

I’m going to make rice and beans in the InstaPot tonight and go more whole foods for a while, and just sit down to plates of food on a regular basis whether it feels magical or not. Or at least get all my 2300 calories in with whole foods, and then if I want some enchiladas or tofu scramble on top of that, great.  But I’m never going to see the strength gains I need if I keep dicking around with inconsistent calories like this.  The more quickly I figure out how to eat so that the major variables for competition prep are at least being MEASURED, period, the easier it will be to then control the variables.

The end of the year seems like a long ways away, especially considering we have a whole military coup and re-installment of Trump to pull off, or alternately the nation’s fascinating demise as the only possible sequel to the banana republic election.  But when my body needs to go from being *this* to being, instead, *that*…it’s not that long from now.

Nick and I are making headway with the fire season contract equipment project, of course, and as it’s a new business we’re launching, we’re obviously assessing the risks, and every time we remember (again) that the entire fate of the nation is one of those risks, we’re like GODDAMMIT that’s actually so annoying.

I finally realized today that it’s Burma, basically, that had the military coup upset its sitting leader, and claiming they’ll need to hold a free and fair election to determine the will of the people.  I kept seeing these passing references to “Myanmar” and I seriously thought it was some new form of non-stick cookware.  Jesus!  Sometimes I mourn my qualification to talk about literally anything, at any level, for any reason.

I think I’m feeling punchy because I woke up at 3:45a and never went back to sleep, because that’s when the New York Stock Exchange opened and I wanted to see what was happening about the silver.  I’ll maybe try to do another quick vlog follow up on that tonight.  I mean, SLV did hit an eight year high today, shortly after trading opened, so that’s something, but otherwise nothing dramatic going on except the scarcity of physical silver bullion.

My dad wanted to tag along on my trip to the post office and ended up spending forever in several stores that I didn’t need to go into, so I sat in the truck and got sucked down a YouTube rabbit hole called…wait for it…Bachata Mestiza:

or alternately, Bachata Sensual:

A fascinating stye of couples’ dancing.  Prior to sitting down to type out this blog, I was trying to remember the name of it and the only thing that came to mind was “horchata sensual”.  This, combined with the fact that I crave chips and salsa in a  mouthwatering, Pavlovian manner every time I hear Mariachi music, speaks to either my deeply racist psyche as a white person, or only that I grew up in the Southwest.  Anyway, I could watch couples’ dancing forever and ever, all forms of it.  My body wants to be doing it, but mostly doesn’t know how.

I don’t know the difference between Mestiza and Sensual, they both look pretty Sensual to me.

And what else?  More buses of soldiers arriving at the Capitol.  That’s gotta be cold duty, whatever the rationale is, or turns out to be.

A trend of posting riot throwbacks, with the caption “BLM looking for their Nobel Peace Prize in _____,” Chanel, or whatever store they were smashing and looting in that particular photo.

I’m worried about Brandon Straka.

Idk what else.  I think I’m too sleepy to blog more and I need a nap.  I thought I could pull an all-dayer after the early am but it seems not.  Okay, enjoy the horchata sensual!