My viewing of Biden’s inauguration was interrupted by a little errand — our humane mousetraps had caught lil’ booger number…5?  6?, last night.  Anyway, I had to drive up the hill to a big open field and let him out, which has become a regular thing.  I could have waited, but he’d already spent all night in the trap, shivering and anticipating his own demise.  He was petrified, especially so as the plastic cylinder was moved into the vehicle and then out of the vehicle again.  Even mice, obnoxious as they are, are just little bugaboos when you get a good look at them.

I held the trap door open for him near a stand of tall grass and he shrank back.  I tilted it forward and he was like “ohgawdfuckit!,” and zipped out into the grass.  I wonder if he even remembers it all happened, now?

Then I dealt with a hater comment on my blog while waiting for the Post Office to open.  I guess I should regard it as an important mile post, to have accumulated at least one hater, now?  All my biggest influencers have thousands if not millions of haters, so…gosh, I have a long way to go.

The tone of derision leading up to and climaxing at, and after, Biden’s inauguration this morning is evidence, I suppose, of the fact that the Qanon perspective has at least, or should I say at last, saturated the public’s awareness.  And I think this hater’s trolling comment actually summed up the tone of it very effectively: “Crashing into reality yet??!”

So, it’s interesting how people who conflate consensus with reality can’t understand that those two things aren’t the same, and some people know they’re not the same, and that those people who know that will always be in their power and in their sovereignty, regardless of external storms.

So, consider this: it took me about three months to go vegan.  And what I mean is, it took three months from the time I realized it was the right thing to do, even though I didn’t want to do it, until my own cognitive dissonance was so great — because you can’t un-know what you know, as much as you might want to — that finally it was easier and felt better to just say “ohgawdfuckit!,” and go vegan, *rather than* deal with my own split energy about it.

Okay, that’s pretty clear cut, right?

Now imagine that I went vegan, not because it was what I had to personally do, in order to stay in my power and my sovereignty, but because I had joined a group of vegans who convinced me that at xyz time in the future, there would be a big reveal, showing everyone that you have no right owning a pet or even having a child, for that matter, if you’re not acknowledging the intelligence, sensitivity, and right to live of “food animals”.  Okay?  There’s gonna be this big global reveal, and everyone who ate meat is gonna be like “awwwwww dang!  I fucked up!”  And everyone who was already vegan was gonna be like “IN YOUR FACE!”  And it would be a huge party celebrating the comeuppance of everyone who’s ever asked me where I get my protein.  And so I joined this group.

Listen, here’s my point: it wouldn’t matter if that xyz day in the future ever came or not — because if I was sheepish enough to spiritually and ideological align myself with anything, right wrong or neutral, purely through a desire for public comeuppance — then that would mean I’m on of those people who conflates consensus with reality!  That would mean I’m one of those people who fundamentally does not understand what sovereignty means.

So guess what: if I was vegan for the comeuppance, I woulda definitely tapped out by now.  (Actually not because it’s delicious and helps me easily maintain a great body, but you get my point.)  But because that decision was the right one for me, at the right time, and for the right reasons, and rooted in my deepest heart-based knowing, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about it, and it never will.  I’m in my power.  Come at me, bro.

People in their power sometimes overlap with instances of comeuppance, but whether they do or don’t, it doesn’t matter, because that’s not why the live as they do.

And, analogy sequence complete! Back to the matter at hand, and the inauguration: wow. The “just act normal” force is strong with this one. I guess I wasn’t actually expecting any of the presenters or performers to explain why there are ~30k troops, who’ve established what looks for all intents and purposes to be a semi-long term base of operations? But it just felt like a bit of an elephant in the room. And by elephant, I actually mean ~30k troops, on the White House grounds.

And then this arrived…somewhere?…yesterday. Some say DC but some say Kentucky. Probably just routine movement of an intercontinental ballistic missile launcher…you know how they do 🥴

I’m sorry but wt actual f

So that was an odd touch, or a touch odd.

Other observations were that social distancing was mostly observed at the event, until it was over, at which point the camera gloried in prolonged scenes of everyone hugging everyone.  I believe in hugs, I have no issue with hugs, but it’s the same kind of nonsense as my last long flight, where we had to stand 6 feet apart to go through security but then spend hours breathing each other’s farts at point blank range on the airplane.  What can I say?  It’s a magic virus, with magic rules.

Another minor thing is that it was strange to see Hunter Biden there, wearing clothes and looking composed, rather than dicking down not just one underage Chinese prostitutes, but apparently ALL the underage prostitutes.  How did that guy even have time to embezzle all that money and sabotage the interests of our nation?  It’s impressive. And by impressive, I mean horrible things I can’t unsee.

Oh sorry but, speaking of Hunter Biden, quick side note: the actually-racist anti-racists are at it again, alleging that the term “crackhead” is racist.  Add that to the list, along with the Coco Pops monkey, of the most actually racist shit I’ve ever heard in my life.

Okay, where was I.  Um, oh!  Lady Gaga: that was…weird, and gross?  I’m talking about her rendition of the national anthem, not the fact that she’s a high priestess and like Satanic handler of VIP underlings or whatever.  I didn’t like the arrangement or vocal choices.  I didn’t like her energy.  I didn’t like her look.  I massively respect her talent and her body of work, and honestly I go through a little period of personal mourning each time I see the name of someone I formerly fanned on, on the Lolita Express list.  She’s on it, and Eminem, which is just awful.

Now, just to prove I’m being fair, Jennifer Lopez was just more dynamite than she’s ever been before, and she’s always been dynamite, and I am not sure there’s ever been a more compelling and vibrant and gifted woman in the history of the world, than JLo.  I’m not at all being sarcastic.  From her humor skits on SNL to her movies to her performances to her beauty, I just think she’s, like, the ultimate wow factor.  I can’t find, right off the bat, if she was on the Lolita Express?  And I kind of don’t want to know, because that would make me probably sadder than all the rest of them put together?  But — anyway.  What a performance.

Garth Brooks: he’s kept his great voice but his arrangement and moment-by-moment vocal choices, in that song, were frankly monotonous.  Lolita Express?  I don’t know.

The poet: gaaaaawwwwd could those slam poets please evolve a new delivery? Every time I’ve ever been to any poetry event in my life, it’s that. It’s so effing generic. It could be the best poetry on earth but all I can hear is the slam poet version of the nightly news anchor-face going on. It’s an incredibly stilted cadence. Someday — probably far in the future, when we have hover cars, medbeds, and Constitutional rights — some poet is going to read their shit like a normal human being, and become instantly famous.

Anyway, enough about that.  Sometimes I rail at the gods for giving me the blog gift but not so much the meme lord gift:

Anyway, everyone’s figuring out how to feel right now.  I would assume some people are having buyer’s remorse.  It’s hard for me to believe that anyone out there is like “yay, this just feels right!,” but maybe they are and good for them.  I mean, even the people in the VIP box at the inauguration didn’t seem to think it felt right — I’ve never seen so many pensive, uneasy looks in my life.  Some people are feeling burned by Trump and Q and realizing that the next line in the sand has got to be the inevitable move to disarm us.  Some are still holding out hope that this is part of the plan, and that it will all make sense in hindsight.  I’m frankly not sure if or how Biden got the nuclear codes — I think Trump took those with him last night.

For me, I guess I’m all set on acknowledging that Biden is our 46th president, who really is invested in unity and moving our democracy forward.  I just have a few questions, a few loose ends that aren’t quite tied up, like:

Why have ~30k troops set up a durable military base of operations on the Capitol grounds?

Why has an emergency been declared in DC through 1/24?

Why is the head of FEMA now in charge of DHS?

Why has the FCC been suggesting it may be wise to prepare for a potential power outage?

Why have there been an uptick in tests of the emergency broadcast system lately?

What’s gonna happen with all the recently declassified information, including Hunter Biden, Ukraine, Obamagate, etc?

Why have six world governments collapsed due to scandal and mass resignations in the last several days?

Why did the Catholic leadership start dying, en masse, of “COVID” if Biden would be in charge within days?

What’s up with the spike in VIP suicides/deaths lately?

What was the point of the 200k sealed indictments?

What was the point of the 2018 executive order on foreign election interference?

Why did Gina Haskell step down (or get dragged out of Frankfurt, amiright)?


So, yeah!  If I were an author and this was my manuscript, I’d expect the publisher to say, “Fuckouttahere.  Put an ending on it and then we’ll talk”.  If I were a mouse, I’d expect the trap door closing to be the beginning of the end, too, and wouldn’t trust the tall grass.  If I were a spiritual luminary, I’d say: enjoy the view from the energetic continental divide.  From here, all the rivers either flow down one side, or down the other, and do not intermingle again until they reach the ocean.