Okay, so I’d run across the contention that the United States is actually a corporation, not a country, several times over the years.  A corporation owned by London and the Royal Family or something.  My default reaction was not so much disbelief, because call me a pessimist but probably no level of boardroom cuckery would truly surprise me.  Just a sense of ‘okay — wtf am I supposed to do with that’.

I took a bit of a deeper dive into it this past summer, on the Creek fire, back before they made me haul everyone’s potable water, when I still had free time to investigate random things on the internet.  This site was saying that you could take xyz paperwork actions to legally change your status from this to that, like an employee of the company to a free and independent citizen but I don’t remember the wording, and it had something to do with capital letters versus lower case?  And then once you changed your status, they couldn’t tax you anymore or fine you, and if you got pulled over or taken to court, here’s exactly what to say [and then they gave the verbiage] and they are legally required to let you go, so on and so forth.

Again, I didn’t get the sense that it wasn’t true — I just know that would open the floodgates to one big MVD experience, where you’re always dealing with someone who is far stupider than you, but thinks you are far stupider than them, and can’t function outside of the red tape transaction they’re accustomed to.

I mean, just case in point: I’m not aware of any law or ruling that allows for the enforcement of masks, or closing their restrooms to customers, or mandating that owners can’t attend their pets at the vet, or family members can’t attend patients at the hospital.  But you can argue til you’re blue in the face AND the cows come home (fuck it, let’s cliche), and they still won’t let you.

My friend Julie’s significant other just broke his collarbone, and has a longstanding TBI so he hates to go to the doctor without her — she helps translate new environments for him.  So she took him to the hospital, they wouldn’t let her in with him, then they refused to help him.  The collarbone had some hardware in it from a previous break, and they told him he’d have to contact his previous doctor and schedule with him.  Gave him one pain med while he was there and a prescription for more that was $300 to fill, except Julie found it for $45.  Sent him back out to the curb and had her pick him up.  This whole time he’s got a traumatic brain injury and couldn’t sort out how to tell them, “Look motherfucker, you’re fixing my broken bone, end of story.”  Julie would have absolutely arranged a different story arc, but they wouldn’t let her be there.  So as of our last communication, she was just at home with him, and he has a broken collarbone, and can’t remember who his previous doctor was.

I think every day is a good day to avoid going to the hospital, if possible, which is why my lifestyle is what it is.  But I’ve had this sense that the fake pandemic is an especially bad time to go to the hospital.  Maybe paranoia, I don’t know.  My friend Rich got a frantic text message from a music industry friend of his last summer, all misspelled etc, and it said he was being kept in the hospital against his will, they wouldn’t let him communicate with anyone, they wouldn’t let anyone in to see him, they were telling him he had COVID and he knew he didn’t have COVID, he’d come in for something else, and for Rich or anyone to please come get him.  Rich did everything he could to come get him — he didn’t even know where the fuckin guy was, and after that one message there were no more — and then next thing he knows, he’s getting news the guy died of COVID.

This sequence of events really freaked Rich out, and gave me chills just hearing about it.  I mean, fuck ghost stories.  That’s truly creepy.

Anyway, back to the United States as a corporation, and all of us as unwitting employees of the corporation, and now I’m hearing something about the corporation agreement will legally expire on Jan. 20th if no one is elected, so the point is not to have Trump back in office right away per se — the point is to not have a president at all, on the 20th, so the corporate status will expire.  Then a period of the military safeguarding us, as the only reliable entity at that point, then Trump sworn in as the 19th president of the actual United States, because the last guy who held the office before the banking act of 1871 (which changed our legal status from country to corporation) was Ulysses S. Grant (whose statue, as you’ll recall, it was real fuckin important for racial saviors to tear down).

So the maneuver here, as it’s being contextualized for me, is not just to drain the swamp as it stands now (which has been an enormous undertaking no doubt) and to improve the current status quo, but to actually address a slippery boardroom gentlemen’s agreement from back in the day, which tied us to a privately-owned Federal Reserve (I still can’t get over that) which prints money for us and charges us interest for borrowing it.  The Banking Act of 1871 basically changed it so that, instead of our nation existing for the people, it exists as a host for the elite to bloodsuck.  Legally, even.

As you may suspect, I am not the person to fully explicate the ins and outs of this for you, but whenever I have something come across my radar, I want to put it on your radar.

Oh, and a bunch of patents are going to be released.  Like, the Deep State or whoever rushed to patent emerging technologies (clean energy etc) NOT in order to develop them, but in order to prevent their development.

I really enjoy thinking about how many aspects of life on Planet America could change and improve, as a result of better management.  It’s never made sense to me that Tesla already solved, like, all the energy problems we have now, in the 1800’s for chrissake, but they suppressed him and he died broke.  And I definitely inherited my mom’s skepticism about health — there’s no way an actual free market would cause people to get sicker and fatter and more toxic every single year, when what everyone wants is to be healthy and in equilibrium and clean.  I took a deep enough dive into veganism and the animal protein conspiracy to realize that the exact same food charts I grew up with, the food pyramid etc., were actually marketing tools, designed by the meat and dairy industries to sell more meat and dairy, obviously.

I guess that’s kind of the switch that happened, somewhere along the way.  We BELIEVE that we, first, receive accurate information about ourselves and our world, AND THEN stuff gets marketed to us based on what we think we need, as per the way we understand reality.  What actually occurs is that the people with products to sell realized, a long time ago, that if they could get themselves into position to actually BE the ones educating us about ourselves and our world, we would become lifelong customers before we even knew we had a choice.

They always say, ‘follow the money’, but I’ve never understood until now — and I’m only getting my first glimmer — how true this is.  When I took my deep dive into veganism and the animal protein conspiracy, I was honestly shocked at how the government has been basically the key player in advancing RDA’s and guidelines for the military and the medical establishment and school lunches, etc, even after they’ve been fully scientifically debunked.  The PCRA, Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, has been out there kicking ass and suing entities left and right, for continuing to espouse not only inaccurate but harmful dietary guidelines, and WINNING, and it doesn’t matter.  There’s just too much money in it.  It’s like JP Morgan getting fined for manipulating the price of gold, and then paying off their fines by continuing to manipulate the price of gold.

But somehow, I still thought of the government as this neutral entity.  Until 2020, anyway.  Maybe kind of a fuck up, maybe like one big MVD, maybe like an obstruction to progress, realistically, but a basically benign and basically neutral entity, conceptually.  But it’s just not true.  And it’s not because it got filled up with bad people instead of good people, although that’s true, and it’s not because the wrong behavior got incentivized, although that’s also true.  It’s because I hadn’t been able to think big enough, to follow the money deeply enough.  I mean, how could I?  I’m a truckdriver / creative writer / audiobook narrator / songwriter / Australian dress bon vivant.  But apparently no one else could either, so whatever, I’m still in the 85th percentile as usual.

I love how the Left has made it feel really tacky to talk about god or the Constitution.  I was in that world for long enough that I viscerally feel the eye-rolling, even though I’m not rolling my eyes.  You know what?  I don’t want to have friends that make me feel shitty if I want to talk about god, or the Constitution.  Anyway, you have to really watch out for that — ideas that have been pre-dismissed for you, by the powers that be, through assuring you that they are laughable.  I think it’s just as important to form our own conscious, authentic reasons for rejecting ideas just as much as for accepting ideas.  Probably more important, in fact.

Case in point: Nick on Reddit.  He’s a lot more wiling to be combative than me, but then again he’s on some really male dominated, combative forums on there, and talking shit is just what they do.  He showed me a reply he’d formulated the other day, and at first I thought it was really mean but then I read the others and realized it was the nicest one.  Anyway — these juice heads with their meat obsessions.  He’s always hazing them for it too, like “bro it’s pathetic how much your fragile masculinity depends on paying other people to torture and kill helpless animals”, etc.  But their fragile masculinity really does depend on it!  And so their first go-to is, “Let’s see your DYEL-incel physique, you fucking soy boy” (DYEL stands for “do you even lift”), which is the moment in the conversation that Nick just loves, of course.  He’s hardened up a lot since he went vegan and is currently two years ahead of even his own weight and body fat percentage goals.  He’s not just talking shit, he really has shown himself that plant based IS the fast track.  Do the right thing and hey, miracles happen.  So yeah, he’s always ready to put his money where his mouth is, and then no one says shit but they all just downvote him, because their fragile masculinity depends on that too.

And I just think: you know what’s really masculine?  Not being vulnerable to manipulation.  Knowing your own mind.  And you can’t achieve either of those things if you’re busy being led by the nose by a marketing machine that, in REALITY, is making your erections softer and less frequent, clogging your circulatory system, spiking your estrogen, and padding your body with hormone and pharma-laden fat stores.

So, I think the same thing about god and the constitution.  If you’ve been pre-convinced that there’s nothing worth your time or attention there, it might behoove you to sort what you actually know from what thought climate you’ve passively absorbed.  I’d like to try living in a country governed by that Constitution, without a separate secret deal in place, negating much of it.  That would be fascinating.

Welp — rain rain rain, and it looks like the next wave of Ghislaine Maxwell documents were unsealed about forty minutes ago.  I think I’ll post this and see what I can find out about that.