I think it’s gonna be time, soon, for the more-awake people to help the just-waking-up people adjust to reality.  I’m not really sure how to tackle that, because I’m still helping myself adjust to reality, but let’s adjust together, shall we?

Okay.  For whatever reason, it seems the Democrat Party has been almost thoroughly corrupted.  There are a few exceptions, but I don’t see the Party persisting.

But, the Republican Party is trash and slime too, with more exceptions than the Dems but not enough.  I don’t see them persisting either.  I think they’re dead.

The term “Patriots” has gained ground because there’s no better way to capture the essence of this growing group of people who understand the Constitution to be our best playbook for what’s happening right now.  Enemies foreign and domestic, operating under the guise of pandemic, under the guise of racial justice, under the guise of the fairest election ever held…you know.  Fans of President Trump, obviously.

Okay, now let me explain two groups: MAGA and Qanon.  You can be MAGA but not Qanon — these are the people scratching their heads about the 25k troops in DC right now.  These are the people who would see this Newsweek article from 2018 and not know what to make of it.  MAGAs are wonderful folk, but they haven’t allowed themselves to grasp the full severity of the problem.  They think Democrats, BLM, Antifa, and senseless lockdowns are about as bad as it gets.

Guess what!  It gets so much fucking worse!  Qanons are the group who have allowed themselves to realize how much worse.  So you don’t become Qanon through conscious decision.  I became casually Qanon this past summer, without even intending to.  What happens is: things in the world don’t make sense, you search for answers, you strike a rich vein of answers, and those answers are associated with the Qanon perspective, whether you know it at the time or not.  None of the other perspectives — MSM, simple corruption, simple greed, one-dimensional analysis of any aspect of reality right now — helps you to make sense of what’s occurring around you.  But the Qanon perspective not only helps you to make sense of it — it allows you to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, what’s coming next.

I’ve made frequent reference to veganism, in my blogs, relative to my unwitting Qanon conversion, because there are just so many parallels.  Going vegan was this really unpopular, maligned, supposedly extreme thing, which I resisted because of social pressures for so long.  But eventually my own demand for integrity, authenticity, and spiritual connectedness made the choice inevitable.  Then I found out I like life, on this side, so much more, and I would never in a million years go back to being a normie.  (Actually I was vegetarian before, but you get my point.)

That’s what going Qanon is like.  So, what is Qanon and what is Q?

So it’s a military intelligence operation with mysterious origins, but the first “drop” is from October 28, 2017.  The drops are Socratic, mostly asking questions, like drop #3 here:

There are a total of 4,953 drops, or posts, from Q, and you can read them all here.  The last one was Dec. 8th — Q has gone dark for some time now.  The posts are predictive of the future but often months or years too early — almost like some entity in the future sending missives back in time, and getting it almost, but not quite, right.  For instance this one has seemed especially pertinent lately, and note the date:

I’ll tell you more about what I know of the origin of these missives, but not yet.  First: I didn’t know about these, and when I encountered them I couldn’t make heads or tails of most of it, and overall that part was a big question mark for me personally.  But what I did latch onto, immediately, was that this past year — the infamous 2020 — seemed, more than anything, like a massive red herring, intended to prevent us all from realizing that there is some serious shit going on with widespread human trafficking, pedophilia, and routinized, even ritualized sex crimes at the highest levels of our government and society, and even around the world.

It’s not my intention with this blog to get into how all that got on my radar — just read like every blog I wrote over the summer, for more intel.  I’m trying to keep it general, here.  So, just a couple meta-points, here: there’s been a lot of churn around Trump, and I guess the Dems are trying to make it so all our names, as Trump supporters, go on a blacklist now and we get sent to FEMA camps first, or whatever.  I don’t give a shit about that.  If you don’t get anything else from this blog, then please just get this:

Trump’s done more to intercept and combat human trafficking, sex trafficking, and pedophilia circles, than any other president, ever.  Plus he hasn’t started any new wars, as a secondary point.

So, suffice it to say: once I learned that, I didn’t care who said what, anymore.  If you put any other issues above that one, you’re just wrong, point blank, and that’s all there is to it.

So, this freed me from my built-in…you know, herd mentality.  It’s not comfortable for any of us to differ greatly from those around us, and so it’s something we avoid, and it took a big lightbulb for me to distance myself from the mainstream this much.  But I’m sorry — you stand me up and put me on trial right now for supporting Trump, crimes against humanity, whatever, and I’ll fucking tell you right to your face, or right to a firing squad if it came to that: if you don’t get that he’s against human sex trafficking, and willing to rip it out at its roots, no matter how rich or powerful or protected its beneficiaries and customers are, and you’re manufacturing all kinds of bullshit to demonize him while distracting from the fact that we’ve got an actual fucking emergency, an actual human rights crisis going on, right under our noses, involving literally the most vulnerable members of our population — I don’t care what you think and I don’t care what you do, you’re wrong.

Turns out — and I learned this from Qanon channels — human trafficking ops aren’t some separate, different problem from other networks of graft and corruption.  Find the human trafficking arteries and you find all the rest of it.  Everything.  And whoever is most involved in denialism and distraction and demonizing the hounds sniffing out these clues?  Now you’ve found your complicit customer base.  And guess who that turns out to be?  Hollywood.  Government.  The global intelligence community.  The royal families of several nations.  The Vatican.  Etcetera.

So!  That’s a doozy.  I mean, it took a pretty dark turn for me.  There was this kind of collective unwillingness to think about Epstein, right?  Like — okay I’m sure that was all just underage massage therapists.  Who probably would have been out fucking boys at the drive in movie theater if they weren’t, you know, fucking members of Congress and the Supreme Court and famous actors and producers and musicians and models and prime ministers of governments, on the Lolita Express…right?  I mean…no way was that, like…really young kids.  I’m sure kids as young as, like…JonBenet Ramsey aren’t, like…being victimized.

Well, again my purpose here is not to recreate for you the entire trail of breadcrumbs that led me to the truth that’s frankly not even that hidden or that unheard of, but hundreds of thousands of kids go missing every year and it looks like the foster care system “helps” them go missing, it looks like various non-profits and orphanages and religious organizations and on and on, are actually funnels.

Why haven’t whistleblowers come forward, you might demand?  They do, all the time, and then they turn up dead.  They get “suicided”.

And where do all these trafficked kids and women go?  Well — not only is there a market for them, but it’s the most lucrative and fastest-growing black market on earth.  Aided and abetted by the digital age, “consumers” of child porn etc. can monetize the whole deal like never before.  Now you can sell a child, over and over and over, to wealthy monsters, AND sell the video capture, over and over and over, to middle class monsters.

And, even worse, there seems to be a strong occult, even Satanic thread running through these networks of corruption, necessitating trafficked victims for a variety of ritualistic purposes.

Okay I think that’s enough on that.  Just going back to the basic 2+2=4 here, due to my proficiency with, you know, the internet, I was able to quickly establish for myself the veracity of these claims and concerns, on the part of the Qanon community.  I was also able to establish that the entirety of the political-media establishment seems dedicated to ensuring none of us ever quite manage to add this particular 2 plus 2 together, and get 4.  But it’s right there, if you ever just stop and think and research.  It’s right there.

And then, that reframes everything.  Now you’re not just MAGA; you’re Qanon.  Whether you want to be or not.  You can’t un-know what you know, and you can’t unsee what you’ve seen, and you can’t believe the flimsy sham of the fact checkers, coming along and debunking everything the minute people start to find out.  I think it was during the Wayfair scandal that the scales really fell from my eyes, once and for all.

Alright, let’s zoom back out.  Here we are; it’s Sunday January 17th.  We’ve got 25k soldiers in Washington DC, 12 foot walls, and military blockades.  They’re checking people’s IDs.  States of emergency ahead of the inauguration have been called and National Guard troops deployed in states all around the country.  Kamala has yet to resign her Senate seat, the pornographic and disturbing contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop have been largely declassified, the fact that nearly a dozen of the law enforcement officials that viewed the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop subsequently died or got suicided remains mostly obscure — these monsters and their fucking laptops! — and more info has emerged about the circumstances of Seth Rich’s demise, and, most importantly, it has now become apparent to everyone but the most somnolent that the MSM is, indeed, the mouthpiece of the Deep State.

It used to seem as if the MSM was an organ of the Democratic Party?  But one of the great things about this election fraud and resulting events is that it has shown us, it’s not just the Dems.  Like many people who share my same basic perspective, I call it “the Deep State” because it crosses party lines, national borders, and secular versus religious divisions.  Whatever shape it is, and however big it is, it’s the same shape and size as the human trafficking catastrophe.  It’s also the same shape and size as the flow of graft from the Federal Reserve and central banking.

So, the promise of Q — whatever it is, whoever’s behind it, and however they did it — is that everything is, actually, going according to plan.  The plan, devised in its earliest stages by 200 military generals following JFK’s assassination, as a result of intending to put America back on the gold standard, has been continuously refined since 1963.  200 generals are still involved, although not the original 200.  This community correctly assessed that the Deep State had gained so much power and leverage that, without a serious intervention, they’d take down not only America but the entire world.  The Deep State is, after all, a global club.  The elites, who actually run everything behind the scenes.

Of course it goes without saying that part of the plan, for the Deep State, was to render us all as poor, stupid, fat, sick, disconnected, brainwashed, and mind-controlled as possible.  Even without the backdrop, there’s simply no other explanation for what passes for normal, here.

By 2015, things had gotten so bad that this military intelligence operation surmised a coup might be the only hope, but they decided to try one last thing — a legal and legitimate political takeover.  They needed a presidential candidate who was in on it, and had really big balls, was above being blackmailed, bribed or controlled, and could take an enormous amount of abuse in the process of securing the final stages of this plan to expose and take down the Deep State, to return our nation to the gold standard, to collapse the corrupt central banks, to end the heartbreaking disaster of routine human trafficking, and to ultimately return us to a functioning Constitutional Republic.

Obviously that guy was Trump.

Opinions vary, but here’s what I think happened in 2016: by then, the Dominion voting machines had been in use for who knows how long, and the Dems had a high degree of confidence in winning the election via their algorithms and fraud.  The Deep State had a final plan of its own, with a 16-year timeframe: Obama would kick the can down the road halfway, and then Hillary would seal the deal.  Weaken our nation, strengthen the Deep State, embroil us in conflict, and ultimately being a nuclear war.  FEMA camps, New World Order, fucking adrenochrome harvesting for all I know (I’m not gonna explain that one, it’s too gross), just the whole awful deal.

So, Obama did his job, and now things were all set for Hillary, and then out of nowhere: she lost.  That’s why they spent two weeks building her special stage for her acceptance speech, that’s why she didn’t give a concession speech, that’s why everyone everywhere was shitting their pants.  Trump wasn’t part of the corrupt machinery, and this represented a major upset.  It was time to declare war on Trump.

But how did he win?  How did he win an election rigged for Hillary?  Well — that’s where the Russian Collusion comes in, I think.  I think Putin did get involved but just interfered with the Dominion algorithms, long enough for everyone’s vote to actually count the way it was supposed to.  I can’t prove that, obviously, but I don’t know how else it could have happened.  The Dems were ultimately unsuccessful in pushing their (first) impeachment agenda because, in order to actually prove it, they’d have to admit how they knew.  Haha.

So: Trump took office in early 2017, and the Q drops started rolling in that next autumn.  They were anonymous and absolutely mind blowing.  Talk about some heavy hitter questions!  No one knew what to make of it, but an exponentially growing community starting talking about it, that’s for sure.  The answers to the questions exposed an unbelievable amount of previously hidden connections.  And that’s what it’s always all been about: the connections.  Helping people realize that our sense of a bunch of fragmented, disconnected, and in themselves meaningless facts and trends and events and occurrences actually present a mosaic of meaning, if you learn to look at it the right way.  And that mosaic of meaning is essentially that the Deep State is a big, ugly, powerful thing, and luckily the military intelligence operation currently operating under the guise of the Trump administration is taking them down, and they’re super fucked.

So, here’s what to probably expect of the events ahead: white hats (general terms used for the Q-aware operatives in this whole deal) have already arrested and detained and possibly even executed a number of black hats.  Some of the black hats were willing to provide videotaped confessions and intel, in exchange for some form of leniency, and this growing body of evidence is secure and in good hands.

Joe Biden will never be our president — nor will Kamala — and hopefully it won’t even get to the point where some kind of half-assed CGI “inauguration” runs on MSM, but there’s still the potential for that.  The false narrative is still on track for most asleep people, but it’s getting more and more…destabilized, let’s say.  We’ve got governments around the world collapsing, explosions and tremors everywhere (oh I forgot to mention, a whole bunch of this human trafficking stuff and just Deep State ops generally were being negotiated by way of massive underground tunnels, called DUMBs or Deep Underground Military Bases, and so white hats have been cleaning those out for a while now), Pelosi not showing up to work for 2 days and then she’s got an escort of US Marshals following her around now that she is back, and yeah — back to the, shall I say, heightened military presence around the country.

What’s probably going to happen is this week will be a lot more big moves, arrests and interceptions — that’s why the borders are closed and all that, they’ve got nowhere to hide now, and almost 200k sealed indictments all ready to go — and then there will be a week or ten days where we might not have power, the use of our cell phones, or normal means of communication.  During this time, the evidence and military tribunals will be made available to the everyone, via a controlled TV channel or something of that nature, and when everything comes back to full communication, we’ll find that probably like 70% of government has been replaced and we’re on a new financial system.

In order to understand why any of this needed to happen, people will have to be made aware of the facts, and the facts are awful and upsetting.  It’s better to open your eyes to this earlier, and voluntarily, than to wait until it’s unavoidable.  People are going to be very, very disoriented.  One of the Deep State’s fortes was the art of the psy-op, of course, and quite a few of us fell prey.  Well, all of us fell prey to one extent or another; this last year shook a bunch of us loose, but not everyone.

Now, the next thing I have to tackle: there are many people on the Left and the Right, MAGA but not Qanon, who are essentially saying, This is all hogwash, Trump’s gonna slink off into the night, Biden’s gonna be president whether it was fair or not, and you guys are so full of shit.

Now, obviously I get that perspective, but whether we’re full of shit or not, you have to understand: we are ALL fucked, if Qanon is wrong, and the quacking of kooks as it’s made out to be.  Either Qanon is right and this is all part of the plan and it’s going according to plan and everything’s okay; OR this is just a run of the mill Communist power grab and we’ll all be in detention camps soon.  The craziest conspiracy theory of all is that Biden and Kamala are about restoring us to any degree of freedom or prosperity.  These are the end times and they are fucking proof of it.  They run in some real bad circles.

Even people who would rather die than wake up are having to wake up that something very very big is happening right now.  I hope that I can help a handful of people make sense of it.

Now, Trump has distanced himself from the Q-controversy so far, despite various point-blank questions on the part of the disingenuous press, but we do have one bit of proof.  There’s only one American CEO who openly supports Qanon, Michael Lindell, CEO of MyPillow (I guess you can enter Qanon for a discount on the website lol), and Trump had him over at the White House.  Otherwise — he’s been very circumspect.

One final thing, and then it’s time for me to eat tofu scramble and biscuits with vegan gravy: apparently the Q drops were made possible via the use of a quantum computer.  And it’s not one guy, it’s been a whole team, and that team’s work has been the backbone of the plan, allowing them to see further ahead to cause and effect than would otherwise have been possible.

Oh, and just one more thing.  It’s not clear whether or not JFK Jr. is still alive, but if he is, then the plan is for him to travel all around helping people adjust and thrive, for the next four years, while Trump is in his second terms un-fucking the US and the world from this whole Cabal hangover.  Then, JFK Jr. would run in 2024.  If he’s still alive — which is unconfirmed, but they sure did a slapdash job with the autopsies and remains and funerals, if not.

So!  Maybe I’m a kook and I’m wrong, but in the interests of helping people adjust before the impending comms blackout, I want to get this posted.  Good luck! And again, I highly recommend you follow Simon Parkes for intel.