It’s been almost two weeks, I think?, since I deleted my social media with the exception of Twitter?  Still feels real good, especially since Zuck is going full communist now.  He better hope it’s Biden, because otherwise FB et. al. will never recover, legally or financially.  What I don’t understand, though, is how anyone actually believes this communist coup will work, here.  Trump is nowhere near bowing out, although I could understand how it would seem that way to those blinded by dejection or derangement.  But even if he did — even if, right now, Trump was like ‘fuck it, good luck y’all’, there would still be the issue of, like, half the populace.  Scott Adams observed rightly that our 1A is all but gone already, now that it’s a sure bet any and all legitimate protests will be infiltrated by violent elements.

Anyway, I guess their plan is to just squeeze and squeeze, little increments at a time, and unfortunately it does seem to be working.

It really does come down to an issue of nationalism vs globalism right now, or at least nationalism as the most relevant and important brake on an otherwise runaway what-the-fuck.

So anyway, Zuck deleted the entire #walkaway page, and I think associated accounts?  Rendering himself irrelevant as fast as he can, MSM style.  I haven’t messed around with Parlor yet — mainly because I’m not really missing the social media experience per se, it’s good to have a break.  I am excited about BitChute as a non-communist alternative to YouTube, and somehow Twitter continues to remain relevant despite its own constant attempts to the contrary, ie suspending POTUS for life or whatever is going on with that.

I continue to feel good, and more often even great, about the proceedings!  This blog could, and probably should, be a link-fest, but I just don’t have the energy.  I’m extremely lazy this morning…frankly considering going back to bed.  Too much toast, too early?  But let me for sure, at least, link this one very brief video.  It’s Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes each explaining, in 3 minutes to Robert David Steele, what they think happened at the Capitol on the 6th, and then in another 3m, what they think will occur between now and inauguration.  Very succinct.

Mental-health-wise, I feel like I’m handling the attempted totalitarian takeover of the entire world pretty well, all things considered.  I mean, I’m not in denial it’s happening; I’m not fatalistic.  I am a bit angry at the people who I know, for sure, do not want a totalitarian world takeover but seem unprepared to recognize that they’ve been maneuvered, to good effect.  But being cut off from their own spirit, spirituality, and god-source-consciousness makes people very deceivable, as JP Sears observed recently in the PC police.

I guess that’s what I want to reiterate with today’s blog, which I’ve either got to wrap up soon or fall asleep in the middle of.  I usually wake up and stay up; kind of embarrassed about this haha!  Anyway, I just want to encourage everyone to meditate.  I think people avoid meditating because they assume they have to reach for God or nullify all thoughts or do something they suspect they’re not able to do.  One time, I spent my whole 20 minutes thinking happily about a purse I’d bought that day, that was on its way in the mail.  I’m totally serious.  I’ve come to this point, with my meditation practice, where the fact of me allowing it in advance to just be 20 minutes of whatever feels most pleasant at the time…IS the practice.  I’m not gonna sit there for 20 minutes and stew about a dilemma or grind my gears.  I mean, that’s obviously not helpful.  But sometimes my mind really does feel more blank, and taking 20m to just indulge that blank-minded ease is truly the most pleasant experience imaginable.  And sometimes, I have a mind full of simple, appreciative, excited or anticipatory thoughts.  It’s fun to sit for 20m and sort of feel the spaces and contours of your own gratitude and receptivity to various ideas and things.

So, meditation can be 20m of pleasant introspection, or the release of introspection towards an increasingly blank mind, or anything at all, but when you do it every day, you have plenty of chances to experiment!

Wouldn’t it be funny if 20m of pleasant, idle “me-time” could save the world?  Well; it can.  Because I guarantee you, if everyone in the world HAD BEEN meditating for 20m a day for the last couple years, none of this shit would be happening.  Germ theory got us all messed up, thinking we’re neutral hosts.  Thinking that predators, microbes, bad actors just come, out of the woodwork, to aggress us.  It’s not true.  We’re living whatever we’ve made inevitable.  We boost our own emotional/spiritual immune systems (which is, itself, becoming a conspiracy theory I swear to god) through sitting for 20m a day.  It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s addictive, and it actually makes you unlikely to be tricked by things.  Highly recommend.

Alright!  I just finished my first cup of coffee and, inexplicably, I’m going back to bed.  Much love.