I never tended to include many images in my blogs, until yesterday (Looks) because I hadn’t figured out how to, and it didn’t seem immediately obvious.  Luckily, after spending a bit of time on it — it was even less obvious.  The whole problem got worse and worse, soaking up an enormous amount of time, until finally resolving, and now I get it.  I’ll probably include images much more often, simply because I can!  Images in blogs are like special effects in movies, though — can’t make up for shitty writing.  (P.S. for readers on the Competing Analogies site vs. SSV — I'm still defeated by image sizing issues here.  See below for more details.)  

So, the nucking futs thing right now is that five — FIVE — soldiers, possibly Delta Force, were allegedly killed in the raid of the CIA-run server farm in Germany, where they were sent to secure evidence of election fraud and foreign interference.  That firefight, then, was between *our* Army Special Forces and *our* CIA, one can only presume?  I’m in a semi-permanent state of reeling about this, punctuated by the otherwise normalcy of my life.  I mean, for as long as I can remember, I guess I’ve sort of wished the US Army would take on the CIA — Jesus, somebody has to.  If that’s true — and sounds like it is — then my heart goes out to their families and teams.  Like all veterans, probably, I’m in total awe of the Special Forces.  Usually when things are described as “elite”, that’s how you know they’re not, but in this case they really and truly are elite.  It’s sad, too, to think of all the times the Special Forces have been used and abused on stupid missions, in stupid campaigns, by stupid self-serving politicians.  Most political leaders don’t deserve a tool like that.  This was a good cause, though.

There must be so much more churn beneath the surface than we can see, just based on the headline blips.  Sidney Powell told Georgia to fucking ante up with those voting machines so they can be inspected.  The Georgia judge was like “well jeez, okay” and then reversed it hours later on a technicality.  I’m no lawyer but looks like a technicality to me — he said the voting machines were the property of the counties, not the state, or some shit.  So Powell’s legal team was like “okay, now this applies to the state and its counties, goddamn” so then the judge re-reversed the order and now they can be inspected.  The way the media is covering it, to the extent they are covering it, is that NOT having the machines wiped before they can be inspected represents a win for Trump’s legal team and I’m like: WHO THE FUCK is out there repping this angle that you have to be a Trump supporter and a Trump voter to be *at all* invested in a fair and legal election?!?!?  Besides like every liberal and the entire MSM

Ugh, the mass casualty nature of this psyop just gets more and more…apparent?  Frustrating?  Depressing?  No, I’m just gonna go with outrageous.

Anyway, I really doubt this rapid sequence double reversal on the part of the Georgia judge represented a calm, sedate proceeding.  Like, I’m imagining he gets a phone call and they’re all “We’ve got your daughter” or something.  Who knows.

Okay and then, my brother and Nick and I were all barbelling in the yard, and Abe showed us some footage from a car window of people walking in a neighborhood with these social distancing sticks.  So, it was like various groups of people — this just had to be Portland — walking down the sidewalk using their 6 foot long white sticks to maintain distance.  But then the groups would pass one another going opposite ways on the sidewalk, or like the first person in one group would be closer than 6 feet to the last person in another group, because they’re retarded.  And I know that’s an offensive term, but I mean they’re more retarded than retarded people, if that helps.

And then there was this other place where everyone was doing yoga together but in these little plastic bubbles.

And then of course it’s winter now in the US (now where I am, but generally), and as these restaurants are constrained to offering only outdoor dining, they’re constructing more and more…let’s say “substantial” enclosures in which to accomplish that outdoor meal.  Built with lumber, studs, sheetrock, roofs, windows, and then heated.  One might almost call them…buildings.

And, in other news, suicides in Japan in one month exceeded all Japanese COVID deaths combined.

So, here we are!  On the last day of November, 2020.

I have this niggling curiosity about what it’s like, on this last day of November in 2020, to be one of the many, many people I know who were assigned their thoughts and talking points and triggers by the MSM (‘Trump Derangement Syndrome: olive drab, one each’ as they used to say in S-4).  You know, the whole ordeal: we have to flatten the curve, we have to wear masks, anyone disagreeing with any of that is a conspiracy theorist, there’s no greater scourge on the planet than these rampaging, brain damaged conspiracy theorists, HCQ is bad because Trump says it’s good, Trump said drink bleach, it’s ridiculous to think there’s a Deep State or a Cabal, we need to all put aside our differences and stand behind People of Color right now as the weight of 400 years of oppression and injustice in the United States has finally gone too far, and if they get a little rowdy, we should bear witness to their passion and their pain, and we white people are called upon to examine our fragility, our entrenched racism, and most of all our capacity to step forward as Allies in this important time, and yes it’s been a big lockdown which has been totally justified of course, but it is so crucial that we all band together now to decry injustice that these mostly peaceful protests do warrant special exemption from the totally legitimate restrictions of freedom otherwise.

And it is the fault of Trump rallies and illicit parties and non-social justice related gatherings that we’re getting a second wave, and there is only one solution to a second wave, and anyone who’s arguing this wants everyone’s grandma to die, except Cuomo definitely did not have anything to do with anyone’s grandma dying — that man is a hero!

And look at awful, awful Sweden, look at these awful, awful states that didn’t take it seriously enough.  Those awful Republican governors.  And there was a plan in place for epidemic but Trump dismantled it, he’s so stupid and so bad and so orange, we wouldn’t be in this position if not for him being so stupid and orange.  All the other countries in the world are totally handling their epidemic, no problems or protests or anything, unless it’s a totally valid BLM protest obviously.  Trump has made the US a laughingstock.  And ugh, SHUDDER at his racist, divisive 4th of July speech and Mt. Rushmore.  Why won’t he just condemn white supremacy??

And oh, speaking of fascism, thank god for big tech censoring false and harmful information.  It’s just shocking, just sad really, how many people I thought were good, non-racist, smart people, who have fallen prey to these harmful ideas and are using their social media account to spread harmful misinformation about COVID, about BLM, about Biden, about Kamala for heck’s sake!  Kamala, who’s never hurt a fly, and who stands to empower all women of color and show the world that we mean business when we say, no more old white men in power!  Standing shoulder to shoulder with Joe Biden — how could these conspiracy theorists take issue with her, with HER?  Anyway thank god for the fact checkers, I don’t want to be associated with people who spread such embarrassing and gauche ideas and misinformation.  Don’t they understand that they’re endangering people, when they deny COVID is real, when they insist on their white supremacist protests of the lockdown, when they argue about churches and business closures, when they condemn the best and most high-minded movement our country has seen since Civil Rights?  Just a shame.

We should stand behind People of Color in this moment, and be willing to get down on our knees on the sidewalk, randomly, with no warning, because a similarly random Person of Color asked us to; and apologize, and own our racism and our fragility, and admit that we can’t ever not be racist because it’s part and parcel of our evil race, and do what we can to cancel everyone everywhere not subscribing fast enough.

And you know what?  Maybe there are like one or two good cops out there, or maybe cops are good for like their first or second day on the force, but realistically, people aren’t attracted to that kind of job if they’re not a bully in the first place.  It’s mostly all white thugs, and if they aren’t white, they might as well be, and it’s not a way to protect communities, it’s a way to terrorize them, and none of us is safe (speaking from my suburban enclave, of course) until the police are defunded, and we need to stand behind every single violent black male resisting arrest with a weapon after having spent years preying upon his own community, living by the sword and, in a turn of events surprising to no one, dying by the sword, but we gotta mostly-peacefully protest that area until those police understand that mysterious busloads full of remunerated and chemically altered freaks will pour into the streets to take advantage of any situation that arises.

And then things get pretty hazy — let’s see, I gotta stay mad about COVID and want everyone to stop living, and oh yeah I gotta drive around solo with my mask on, and then now holiday plans are off so I’m gonna get angry at anyone who disobeys the entirely sensible holiday COVID mandates, mandated by people constantly getting caught for doing the exact opposite of what they’re mandating, and fact checking is totally out of control now but I’m still in sheep-like approval of that, and oh now we had an election and yay, Kamala is our new President!  Siri said so!  Plus Biden or whatever.

But oh my lord, Trump’s saying he won’t concede??  He won’t concede??  What is all this nonsense about fraudulent votes!  What a sore loser!  Now he’s just making shit up!

Oh, I forgot to channel being upset about Amy Coney Barrett — yes, Handmaid’s Tale!  We’ll all be living in the Handmaid’s Tale!  She’s a racist white colonizer!  Who does she think she is, adopting those two Haitian orphans?

Yeah, like all that.  I’m sure I forgot a bunch.  So, back to my niggling curiosity — how are those folks doing?  Is there anyone that’s coming to their senses?  I don’t know how the suspension of disbelief could last this long, but I don’t know how it could have happened at all in the first place, frankly.  It just seems like it would be so, so uncomfortable to…I don’t know, wind up — through negotiating this series of black and white false dichotomies — where your entire identity depends on opposing the investigation of an avalanche of evidence related to a fraudulent national vote.  It seems like a great time to…get real.

I guess it’s just on my mind because my most-loved picture from 2011 came up yesterday, on Facebook, and it was this:

The cover was relative to an article implying that we could probably survive Thanksgiving without a turkey genocide, and in fact most holidays could retain most of their meaning without a big dead animal at the center of the table.

And I was just like: whoa.  That is a town full of shrieking banshees, most of whom have called me racist now.  And I was talking about a fuckin’ moral compass back then.  Whatever.  It doesn’t matter.  God knows my heart.

So, in other other news: barbell is going great — I actually love the new workout (every lift every day lollll — not quite, but 3 days on / 1 day off / repeat).  Today will be the last day of our 2nd cycle with that, so I mean we’ve barely driven this new car off the lot, but believe it or not I already see improvements in the contours of my legs etc.  Look at this picture from yesterday  — my legs didn’t look that good even one week ago, I kid you not.  The right barbell program works fast!  Nick wants to add 1 kilogram to our lifts every cycle, which is a great idea but we don’t have the right increments yet, so we’re kind of making due, and not always getting our reps in my case.  Whatever, it’s a project.

My brother is naturally very strong, even having not trained per se, and so his lift numbers are going up and up as he’s just figuring out his basic movement patterns etc.  It’s really fun to add this to our historically more sedentary Pralle repertoire :)

Abe! Rawr!

Audiobook narrating is set to crank, with my actual sound panels having arrived in the U-Box and the studio reasonably set up, but we’re going to have to figure out some time that works.  The first idea was in the evenings, after the workout, but we’re kind of obliterated.  So we were going to move to afternoons but now Nick took a job working up the hill, helping out my friend Haley’s husband with the house they’re building.  William has only had so-so help up to this point, so Nick represents a great resource for him — a guy with a lot of energy and like infinite strength who’s really nice and wants to learn about ICF houses.  Perfect.  The only thing is, now we’re really fucked on audiobook session establishment.  So I’m wondering if maybe it’ll just revert to a thing I do on my own.  Makes me kind of sad but oh well.  I narrated alone for six years, I’m sure I’ll be fine.  It was just fun, together.  Either way, it’s gotta happen — that’s my income stream, here, and I’m lucky to have it.  I have some concerns about my sound engineer keeping up, but we’ll burn that bridge when.

Narrating in a hotel room this past summer

I haven’t gotten my guitar out of the case yet.  The closest alligator to the boat right now is adding clothes hanger rods to this little loft thing, above the art room, so that I can retrofit it as a closet of sorts, so I can get all these boxes on the floor unpacked and put away.  Like I said, I have a lot of clothes.  I honestly don’t mind climbing a ladder to my own wardrobe secret garden, complete with little banister — sounds kind of fun, like I might hang out up there :)

Nick and I have spent a lot of money so far on ocean recreation equipment, but haven’t had that many chances to use it.  It’ll come.  He’s gone out surfing a number of times, but we got set up with snorkel equipment and long fins, last week, and boogie boards and fins in Hilo, yesterday, and tried them out at Honoli’i Beach Park on the way back.  I was a total kill joy, but I gave it a shot anyway.  It was almost dark by then, the ocean looked cold, the ocean was cold, the barefoot way to get to the ocean was very rocky, I had my ass handed to me just trying to paddle out, and then a strong current was trying to pull me towards the river mouth.  Nick is a very strong swimmer and experienced ocean recreate-er, but I am not!  This is all new to me.  So I caught a couple waves back to the beach, partially intentionally and partially ass over tea kettle.  A lot of people sit on the hoods of their cars, higher up, and just spectate.  I’m sure I was the most remarkable carnage around, in like three feet of water.  Then we walked all the way over to this other spot — ouch ouch ouch — further from the current, but turns out there were big rocks just underneath.  By that time, it was getting legit dark, and I said, “Babe, I’m gonna wait for you in the truck.”  So I’ll be happy to figure it out, in a sunnier warmer moment, and I really do think I will enjoy ocean recreating, but I’ll have to take it slow.

Nick is not the best teacher.  We were surveying the ocean when we first arrived, and it was pretty randy in my opinion.  I said, “So what do we do?”

He said, “Oh, we’ll just take these inside waves right over here, and just play around.”

I digested this and then reiterated, “No, but I mean, literally what should I do?  I have a board; I have flippers; what do I do.”

“Just get in the surf and mess around!”

It was a stalemate.  He doesn’t understand the extent to which I don’t understand.  I know this probably sounds pedantic, to the reader, but it’s not like the halcyon idea of tropical beaches.  It’s this actual reasonably violent, very rocky, shrouded in increasing darkness, cold salty thing that is just slavering to pummel you.  I mean, it’s not cold-cold, but too cold for me.  I want the hot sun to compensate for the rest of it.

Okay that’s it!  Got stuffs to do.  Happy end of November, everyone, in the most insane year to date. I’ll close with some pictures, since I know how to do that now!

Two constants in Hawaii: rainbows, and my dad wearing these heavy ass overalls for no reason
Milo and Buffy, seeing us coming home from a rare excursion we didn’t take them along with! Quite a show, at the sliding glass door
My dad playing with Milo; Milo getting distracted. Overalls and headlamp: check.
Milo having a big day with Haley’s son lol
Haley and I twinning in one of our mutually favorite Spell prints