Welp, a day or two ago Sidney Powell recommended all these states and counties think very carefully before they certify their election results, as they’ll essentially be certifying their own fraud in the face of the biggest impending criminal investigation in the nation’s history.  Fair warning.  I found it interesting when Wayne County Michigan went ahead and certified their results showing Biden won, and even more interesting when they rescinded those votes to certify and filed affidavits stating their families had been threatened in order to secure their earlier cooperation.  How many people are in this impossible situation?  Per the (actually) pandemic election fraud plus whatever else — I mean, they say ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’, but who even knows what that ‘pound’ means, these days — I’m sure there are so many people who want to get off the ride, desperately.

Anyway, among my family, should we ever be put in this situation and used as leverage against one another’s cooperation, we agreed right then and there to a principle we’re calling “figure it out”.  As in, we’re each committed to doing the right thing, so anyone affected needs to then figure it out.  Lol.

Then in other news, Germans have been protesting the lockdowns and being targeted with high powered water cannons for their efforts, which is what I said we should do here with Antifa, but they’re doing it there, with people peacefully expressing legitimate grievance.  I suppose one way to look at it is ‘the poor Germans’ but another way to look at it is, I would not want to get myself on the wrong side of that many Germans.  And this re-Tweet from Tim Pool shows, the lockdown situation in Australia is redefining draconian.  Meanwhile California’s trash  ass governor attended a big soiree at the French Laundry, where Nick’s brother used to chef.  We’re a bit disappointed Thomas Keller didn’t simply poison everyone.

Frankly I look at the warring crowds and I wonder why they’re putting up with it and then I remember: oh yeah, they don’t have guns.  Canada, Germany, Australia.  To me, what it feels like in the US — and I notice my steady trickle of international readers, which is just wonderful, so let me speak to that — what it feels like in the US is that we’re waiting on Trump (whose presidency is, in reality, a military intelligence operation).  Trump gives every indication of having things well in hand, so we’re all feeling relatively relaxed, imo?  But yes, failing that, it would be time to make some hard decisions, but at least we have 2A rights here that make those decisions possible in the first place.  I mean, it IS a decision, not just a helpless feeling of being pushed closer and closer to the edge of a cliff, with nothing you can do about it.  Anyway, I don’t think things will get to that point here, and I don’t think they’ll continue that way for long, anywhere.

I had to re-read this Tweet twice to really take it in, but I think she’s right: “The president is making both sides of the isle [sic] and entire MSN [sic] go on the record and in deep…on where they stand on this election before he drops the hammer.”  I think this is, you know, where the ship sinks and the rats can swim away or go down with it.  And for anyone who thinks I’m just some weird Trump nut, fapping about nonsense right now, you better fucking hope I’m right because if not, then it really is hard decision time for those of us who do own firearms, and cross your fingers / hope for the best time for those who don’t.  Going from America to Hunger Games in one generation isn’t my idea of a good time.  Oh, speaking of which: Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says “Second Wave” Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, “Pandemic is Over”.  Did the pandemic ever really start, though?  Whatever — the point being, here’s what we’re using to justify our steady march towards a Hunger Games lifestyle:

So that’s pretty dumb.  The thing I can’t get over, and my brother can’t get over, and Nick can’t get over — none of us can get over, despite experiencing it over and over again — is that the country is still full of people who believe this lie so deeply that they’ll help to enforce its consequences, free of charge.  Literally for no personal gain, and at this point I can’t imagine they feel personally threatened by the ‘Rona, although they still pay lip service to the idea.  It’s like they didn’t have enough staffing for the operation to relocate people in concentration camps and so, out of nowhere, all these otherwise regular (?) Americans are like, Oh hey, I’ll work the cattle prods!  I’ll operate the gas nozzles!  I’ll poke people with bayonets if they balk!

I’m like, damn, fuck off with that!  If you’re so scared, just stay home!  It’s been so crazy and so disappointing to find out how much my fellow people suck, in this whole deal.  To find out how much they want to enforce their personal, wussy, skewed version of reality onto everyone, in order to justify it I guess.  That old chestnut *is* old, and something we’ve probably all been feeling for quite some time, but it’s just — agh.  Impossible to overstate.  I mean, here we are, rounding the corner from November to December 2020; how are we still taking any of this lockdown bullshit seriously?  I mean, how is anyone, anywhere, honestly entertaining the notion of more lockdowns, dictated by these scum of the earth sycophants, instead of just going about their lives as best they can in the wake of what’s already happened?  I’m just shocked.  Shocked.  I’m totally shocked.  The first time, okay, they caught us by surprise and had the advantage of *projected* death counts, just like we’ve got Biden *projected* as our next prez.  I think we all know what happens to projections these days.  The motherfuckers making these projections need to be projected straight into Gitmo, asap.

Anyway, back to my neglected point — the basic feeling here in the US, or my sense of it, anyway.  It’s like, when the whole Left started celebrating because the AP announced Biden as our projected president, and started talking about forgetting our differences and coming together in unity — the rhetoric you’d expect to be thrown around at that point, which will disintegrate into fiery shrapnel as the inevitable events take their course — well, that was interesting in all kinds of ways.  It’s possible to live peaceably with someone you’ve discovered has a traitorous nature, who’s demonstrated a propensity to sell you down the river when it’s convenient.  You don’t ever mistake them for a reliable protagonist again, but sure, you can live peaceably.  It’s called, I’m keeping my eye on you.  We’d all like to get back to normal commerce and activity, particularly that of mingling and intermingling with other human beings as god intended, but I’ll personally feel a lot more comfortable doing so after seeing a big fuckin purge.

And people are like weathervanes, fortunately or unfortunately.  No real moral compass, and when the scales tilt where all the dead dogma they’ve been spitting suddenly loses its cool factor and, instead, it becomes cool to align with some deeper values, then we’ll see the herd twitch off in that direction.  We’re so much more vulnerable to prevailing thought-climate than we like to believe.

Anyway, we have reason to be optimistic, here in the US, but if I was Canadian, German, or Australian right now — I’d be freaking out.  Come on Trump.

In other news: Bitcoin is at 18k today.  Congratulations to anyone who took my advice about buying some earlier this summer!

And in other, other news, our family fun event last night was me, reading aloud from Wikipedia, the extremely but not excessively long article about the Battle of Stalingrad, in WW2.  My dad loves the band Rammstein, and they had done a music video on the subject, and I’m always interested in military history, but wasn’t familiar with the events in Stalingrad.  My lord, what a particularly sad chapter in human history.

So, in case you’re interested, the city of Stalingrad itself had, you know, some degree of strategic importance to both sides, certainly, but both Hitler and Stalin seemed to become fixated on controlling Stalingrad to really a ridiculous, tunnel-vision degree, given the events that played out there.  I mean, the battle lasted well over six months, in the latter part of 1942 and on into 1943, and both sides funneled jaw dropping quantities of personnel and equipment into the meat grinder that battle became.  Two million people died, as a result of the battle of Stalingrad, including the 400k civilian residents of the city that Stalin refused to evacuate because he felt the Red Army might do a better job of defending the city if he left all the women and children there.  Notably, one entire anti-aircraft regiment charged with taking on the German panzers was comprised “mainly of young female volunteers who had no training for engaging ground targets.  Despite this, and with no support available from other units, the AA gunners stayed at their posts and took on the advancing panzers.  The German 16th Panzer division reportedly had to fight the 1077th’s gunners ‘shot for shot’ until all 37 anti-aircraft guns were destroyed or overrun.  The 16th Panzer was shocked to find that, due to Soviet manpower shortages, it had been fighting female soldiers.”

So that’s grisly, and then Stalingrad went on to define brutal, face to face combat: “Fighting within the ruined city was fierce and desperate…Bitter fighting raged for every ruin, street, factory, house, basement, and staircase…the Germans called this unseen urban warfare Rattenkrieg (Rat War), and bitterly joked about capturing the kitchen but still fighting for the living room and the bedroom…some of the taller buildings, blasted into roofless shells by earlier German aerial bombardment, saw floor-by-floor, close-quarters combat, with the Germans and Soviets on alternate levels, firing at each other through holes in the floors.”

The Germans had air superiority from day one, with their deadly Luftwaffe, and as you read the article, it’s just astounding that they lost, ultimately, because they pressed every advantage and the Soviets, it seemed, were as shit out of luck as ever anyone has been.  But the issue seems to have been with this tunnel-vision, on the part of Adolf Hitler.  The initial goals around Stalingrad, in the southern Soviet Union, were to idk disable some oil pipelines or some shit, and like control the nearby rivers.  Something reasonable.  But Hitler personally re-wrote the Stalingrad objectives to include, essentially, demoralizing the Soviets by seizing and holding their city, just because.  Stalingrad had a bunch of big factories and stuff but the Germans could have had a better ROI without this huge focus on holding Stalingrad.

So the really funny part — and I mean, none of it is funny, it’s all unimaginably horrible, but you know what I’m saying — is that I guess you just can’t demoralize Soviets?  You just can’t.  They’re like, have you met us? We’re already dealing with Stalin.  And the saddest part — well, I’ll get to that in a second.

Okay, so after months of just awful, awful, awful fighting, face to face, whites-of-their-eyes, all over the city, even in the sewers, the Germans had managed to get their whole ass army in occupation of (fucking destroyed) Stalingrad, and they held this position with help from their Romanian allies, who had been constantly asking for resupply, and constantly saying they were undermanned and underpowered, and had been constantly told “no” by the Axis.  So the utterly not demoralized Soviets actually encircle the fucking Germans, in Stalingrad, by overrunning the poor Romanian infantry allies, who had been asking for fortification like I said, and their urgent requests falling on deaf ears.  So now the whole remaining German army is just, like, fucked, in this ruined city, totally surrounded.

The guy whose job it was to advise Hitler initially goes “well it’s okay we’ll just supply them by air and then they can figure it out”, but then the reality of the air supply situation became apparent.  Long story short, the army needed 750 tonnes of supplies every single day to survive — this would be food, ammo, and fuel mainly — but the airfield and the Luftwaffe plus whatever other planes they rustled up could only manage max 100 tonnes per day.  So do the math on that shit.

So then the guy in charge of advising Hitler actually changes what he said he initially said — “no, I told der Furher we *couldn’t* resupply them from the air” — what a pussy — but anyway it didn’t matter.  Der Fuhrer was actually okay with the situation, whether the German army made it or not.  There was a whole ‘nother German army that had been moved into Russia and then they were like, oh shit, and were moving those guys back out again, and this whole situation in Stalingrad was soaking up a bunch of Soviet resources which made it slightly easier to get that other army moved.  So Hitler basically sends back messages like, “You guys are heroes and will show history what Germans are all about, good luck!  Figure it out!”

So the saddest thing, as I started to say earlier, is that this was Hitler’s attitude, despite increasingly urgent communications from Stalingrad — we’re all starving to death, we have 80,000 wounded soldiers and not even a goddamn bandaid to give them, in the winter in the Soviet fucking Union — that sort of thing — and meanwhile Stalin had this policy of executing any military leader who led his troops in an “unauthorized” retreat.  And I’m not sure what it took to get a retreat authorized?  But I’m pretty sure that a guy who kept 400k of his own civilians trapped in a city about to be annihilated by the German Luftwaffe, just so his own guys would ‘fight harder’, isn’t someone willing to authorize your retreat.

For what it’s worth, the Soviets offered really good surrender terms, twice, to the trapped soldiers, and their general conveyed these terms to Hitler, who said both times, “Nope! Fight to the last man — you’re buying us time over here and that’s just great.”

So the saddest part is that basically everyone in this situation, all two million people who died, which was only in this one particular battle, were pawns of this enormous, horrible pissing match between Hitler and Stalin, who were rabid psychopaths not only willing but actually eager to kill their own people, or the other guy’s people, or frankly just whoever, for whatever reason.  Awful — so awful.

We all had salads for dinner after the reading, and Nick said, “Yeah…Stalin and Hitler were pretty bad, but have you heard about this guy Trump?”  We all laughed, really hard.  And that salads were really good.

Poor everyone involved in the battle of Stalingrad!  I can’t believe humans have had to undergo excruciating circumstances like that.  May it never happen again.