I’m glad I brought my Walmart sweatpants to Hawaii — it’s easily several degrees below 80, before sunrise.

So, yesterday’s exploration of the Executive Order signed September 2018, green-lighting the seizure of wealth and assets of all entities involved in election fraud involving foreign interference, made me realize something: all this time, I should have just been checking the Executive Orders at whitehouse.gov.  As a form of news, I mean.  I am, and have been, reasonably frustrated that the MSM is all propaganda and various people’s Twitter feeds seem to be the most viable workaround.  And I say only “reasonably” frustrated because I think I always knew, in my heart, that it was propaganda; it just wasn’t right out in the open like this, for most of my life.  A bunch of Spell gals I know have said they like NewsMax but it recently came out they donated $1M to The Clinton Foundation.  And I think we all know, or at least suspect, by now, what the Clinton Foundation has been up to.  There are, probably, some other good alternatives — I mean, if you know of one, comment it.

But anyway, you know how I always bemoan the fact that I wasn’t buying $10 worth of Bitcoin this whole time?  Well, I’m bemoaning this in the same way.  Now that I see how easy it is to just check the EO’s, I realize I could have never gotten bamboozled by the MSM in the first place.  The whole thing is a big he-said/she-said, but the executive orders definitely represent the things the Big Dawg definitely cares about, and/or is softballing in there years ahead of time for future Cabal trap purposes.

So, right now the buzz about NESARA (national economic security and recovery act) is increasing, and I found this image:

Don’t try going to that website, it doesn’t work and it’s got weird stuff.

And I found this executive order, Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission, signed on Nov. 2nd which people are saying somehow hints at announcing NESARA.  I read through it though, and I don’t see anything pointing me in that direction.  I did, however, find this juicy Fact Sheet, which makes me so happy: Donald J. Trump is Taking Action to Promote Good Governance and Accountability Within the Federal Workforce.  It identifies some Federal roles as “schedule F”, meaning “schedule: you’re fired” ahaha.  Not really, but just tackles this bizarre issue of government workers not doing their jobs *and* not getting fired, which has always confused me.

Two truck school jobs ago, part of my job was to keep us in compliance with Arizona’s 3rd Party Testing oversight, and that was crazy.  Their job was to keep us from cheating, but they tried to keep us from functioning at all.  It’s enraging to be a small business in the private sector trying to serve customers who need things and to be hamstrung — not by any of the significant challenges and logistics inherent in your model, but by this random government entity, who doesn’t contribute anything to the equation, or have any stake in good outcomes for anyone at any level.  Just a parasitic monkey wrench, bumbling around, having to be managed like an organizational toddler who perpetually needs a nap.

So yes, this “schedule F”, dated October 2020, pleases me immensely :)

Amid all the other churn this year, can you imagine being one of these firmly mediocre people, actually enjoying the feeling of being, essentially, a non-porous membrane — enormous pressure on one side and a vacuum of resources on the other side — and you play it for compliments, you know, or gift certificates, or who knows.  How low will you go, to get me to do my job?  Will you pretend to admire my rumpled, pancake-y ass?  Will you pretend to be my friend and listen as I relate, with oblivious scorn, the wasted heroics of people with livelihoods on the line, who became irate at me and now not only will I not do my job for them, but I’ll go out of my way to fuck them over in the future, because they made me feel a flash of shame that I’m too far gone to really analyze or process?  Can you imagine being one of these “essential” bureaucratic sub-humans and suddenly, out of nowhere, President Trump makes it so you can be fired for the crime of being exactly what you are, which is to say, a troglodyte?

Ah, I love that.  Panic at the gridlock.  Almost more exciting than NESARA amiright :)

Back to that point, it occurred to me this morning that even those of us consciously thinking about these seemingly fantastical possibilities like NESARA are not truly prepared for their ramifications, because how could we be?  I wasn’t even prepared for the ramifications of moving to Hawaii, despite having spent nine solid months thinking about it and working towards it.  Now that I’m here, there are so many nice places to go; the weather is perfect for going there every single day; after decades of being real scarce in the girlfriend department I have super amazing girlfriend options; after decades of having to work real hard at various jobs, all I have to do is go into the spare bedroom and record a couple more chapters of whatever romance novel we’re narrating now; I have my family here, I have my boyfriend here, I have the bugaboos here, I have everything I’ve ever wanted, including a swimming pool, and I’m kind of overwhelmed!  Like, so overwhelmed I feel the need to just go lay down instead of doing any of it.  I spent so many years coping with *not* this situation, I barely know how to arrange my time and my psyche, now.

So how much crazier would NESARA be?  For one thing, it would probably act as a lollypop suddenly inserted into the mouth of a crying baby, relative to CNN’s infantilized victims.  Or a jingling set of car keys.  Frankly, I can’t even conceive of it, so I’m going to go down that list and just free-write, with the disclaimer that I *know* NESARA is a long-standing conspiracy theory (based on sound economic principles, apparently), with cult-y proponents and many instances of being allegedly near unveiling, but then not — kind of like the end of the world.  I’d feel a lot more confident about it if it had been mentioned in Q drops, because that shit tends to come true, but I don’t think it ever has been.  Oh well — for fancy’s sake:

Okay number one: forgives credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities.  This is interesting because Joe Biden just announced $50k worth of student loan forgiveness for everyone, I believe?  If we agree to overlook the fraudulent and treasonous nature of his candidacy, presumably?  Lol.  I’m a fan of Will Chamberlain’s Tweet in reply: “No cancellation of student loan debt that doesn’t come straight out of university endowments.  If the debt is so odious that it must be cancelled, then it was fraudulent, and the universities were the perpetrators of the fraud.”  Universities are the new churches, when it comes to technically legal graft.  Let those motherfuckers burn.

Two and three: Abolishes income tax.  Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government.  So, I have just a few good things to report about my first over-the-road trucking co-driver, back in 1999 after I first got my CDL and finished training with the incomprehensible Cajun.  Mark was in his forties, while I was 22, and he had very strong feelings about a lot of things, including the IRS.  We actually ducked off to Nevada on our way across the nation (not a big deal, we did it all the time — crossing the nation that is) one time, so he could set up a P.O. Box there because something about income tax.  He gave me this whole lesson on how the IRS is illegal.  I was like, “dude I believe you, but try telling that to the IRS”.  For me, I guess the concept of not getting taxed on everything, in every direction, up down and sideways, multiple times on the same thing, like — well — like a boot stomping a face over and over again — yeah, that’s hard to imagine.  But I don’t think Trump is into this comfortable corruption racket.  I mean, if he was willing to defund the EPA because they spent 92 million dollars on chairs, what might he be willing to do to the IRS?  It’s all one big MVD.  Let those motherfuckers burn, too.  (This is not to be construed as financial advice.)

Four: increases benefits to senior citizens.  Well, that doesn’t make any sense.  We’re all going to get old, unless we die first, and the one thing we should be able to count on is no one, anywhere — not us, not our families, not our communities — having any means to deal with the basic, 1000% predictable fact of our accelerating infirmity.  Nope, this should definitely be a wheel we desperately attempt to re-invent over and over again, attempting to snatch victory from the jaws of healthcare defeat, medical insurance defeat, bureaucratic red tape defeat, VA gridlock defeat — you know, just all the defeats.  I mean, why would any developed nation have a plan to care for its elderly?  They’d all just die of COVID if they were smart.  Not implying there’s any sort of connection between COVID and old people; it comes out after ten pm and mostly targets millennial Asians, we all know that.  Whoever’s been in charge of running elder care in the US up til now: let those motherfuckers burn.  Also, per my explorations around whitehouse.gov, looks like Trump’s Schedule F’ing the bejeezus out of the historically lackluster VA.

Five: returns Constitutional law.  That probably has something to do with dissolving the pack of wolves; nay, horseflies, that surround and mire the average small business.  Among other things.  I’m not a Constitution buff so this is not my strong suit.  I would think race and gender quotas would go away, while protections for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness would remain?

Six: establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement.  So here’s where the connection between the Nov. 2nd Executive Order and NESARA may lie: the 120 day thing.  Extra interesting considering we have a bunk election.  We don’t even have an opposing candidate.  I don’t think you’re allowed to remain a horse in the race if your whole fucking side is exposed for fraud and treason and endangering the entire nation so…it’s not a matter of counting votes anymore, is it?  I can’t imagine what it will take to convince the ranks of the self-infantilized that we need to show some ID to vote, but like my friend Julie said: “I have to show my ID to pick up my fucking dry cleaning!”  It’s a big mess, so I don’t know if it needs to be re-done, or what that would involve exactly, or who could even produce a candidate to run against Trump once all this is over, or what.  Nothing like any of this has ever happened before so I’m just flummoxed.

Seven: monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities or special interest groups.  The phrase “Banana Republic” means, mostly, phenomenally attractive work pants at a higher price point than you were hoping to pay, for most of us here in the US, but more realistically it’s what we have now become, corruption-wise, if we don’t get a handle on this election thing.  More of a zucchini republic though, practically speaking.

Eight: creates new US treasury currency, “rainbow currency”, backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals.  So, NESARA or not, Trump has been making noises about this sort of thing, and crazy stuff has been going on in the precious metals market (not to mention that Bitcoin, dayum!), so I regard some kind of un-fuckening of money as inevitable, if we’re to stay remotely afloat.  More about this below.

Nine: returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters.  I feel like they could have consolidated this with the point above.  I still don’t have anything smart to say, but yes sounds great.

Ten and eleven: initiates new US treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional law.  Eliminates the Federal Reserve System.  So again, NESARA or not, the fact that the Federal Reserve is basically a private bank printing money out of thin air, lending that money to the government, and then charging interest on the whole operation is, ah…not ideal.  Could stand some improvement, mainly in the category of let-those-motherfuckers-burn.  So yes, whether or not this whole thing is a conspiracy theory, Trump seems both intent on fixing money and disentangling it from casual, routine evil.  I’d expect the Federal Reserve to be on Trump’s chopping block, NESARA or not.

Twelve: restores financial privacy.  Imagine a world where the amount of money I have is none of the government’s business.  It’s almost impossible to imagine, right?  That’s how much financial privacy we don’t have.

Thirteen: retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional law.  I feel like their lives would be simpler?

Fourteen: ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide.  Personally I’m having a hard time even keeping track of which side are the war mongers now but anyway I know Trump’s not, because he had four years to get us in a war and he didn’t.  Now would be a great time for the US to stop being the actual source of global terrorism.

Fifteen: establishes peace throughout the world.  Wow, every Miss America contestant’s one wish.  I’m no war monger but I’m suspicious of the idea of world peace.  World prosperity and relative peace, though, sounds great, and totally do-able, particularly when we’re looking at actual quantum leaps in energy and medical tech.  I mean, we’re conditioned to think of the problems of the world as so unfixable and complex, but are they really?  How much of the unfixable-ness has to do with the Clinton Foundation using all its donations to secure more Third World children to rape, and the Biden Cancer initiative using all its donations to pay big salaries and travel around the world, probably raping children, and everything everywhere being a big Cabal funnel, sucking up all the money and resources and spitting out only dead babies and wars?  I mean — maybe world peace isn’t that hard, realistically.  Idk.

Sixteen: Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades.  Okay from what I hear, a lot of it was found in the DUMBs, and then there should be a couple trillion more from the surprise self-disenfranchisement everyone will experience who brought a dish for the 2020 election fraud potluck.  The age old question: yes, but where will we get the money? — is no longer in question.  The money’s there, the money’s always been there, it just had to get put back into the People’s economy, not the Cabal’s economy.  How do you keep the trusted distributors of all these funds from skimming?  I mean, it’s tradition, right?  I guess you just let them think they’re getting away with it enough to make your case and then — you guessed it — let those motherfuckers burn.  That’s the chorus of the song of NESARA.

Seventeen: release enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.  Quick caveat: these would be humanitarian purposes other than raping babies, securing more babies for rape, accumulating crack pipe and Chinese hooker selfies and videos on a laptop, and shamelessly embezzling funds intended for disaster victims.  No, my understanding is that this would be, like, actual humanitarian aid, not a skim for the DUMBs — or in other words, a funnel for the tunnel.

Eighteen: enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices.  Tesla med beds, where we make use of what we’ve known for a long time about vibration and frequency.  I don’t know what else.  This is one area where, NESARA or not, I don’t think our state of the art in medicine and energy could possibly be this backwards without a chronic suppressive influence.  I have no reverence for the dot on the map those technologies got stuck at, just because that’s where they got stuck at.  Let’s get moving.

Okay, that was a very slapdash treatment, and now I’m out of time, but it’s fun to think about, you know?  I didn’t realize until I free-wrote myself through this little self-imposed exercise how opinionated I am, on many of these things, and how much of our lives and freedoms and natural liberties are inhibited by highly artificial constructs we’ve come to regard as permanent.  If anyone has good input for me about how to basically THINK about a return to Constitutional law and what that would mean, I’d appreciate.  It’s such a big one, I find myself struggling.  Okay thanks bye!