The sound of a 5am alarm going off in the dark for something you want to do on purpose is totally different than the sound of a 5am alarm for really any other reason.  It’s interesting how consistently life got in the way of morning writing, which I always grieved.  But once I grew a pair and truly committed to it — idk, life just sort of slunk away with its bullshit, and here I am.

Also, we completed narration of our first audiobook since we moved to Hawaii, yesterday!  And hopefully my author’s quick on sending me the next manuscript.  I was torn on whether or not to wait until my acoustic sound panels arrived, in the U-Box, but that could be a while.  Ultimately we just set up a blanket and some buffering in the spare bedroom and I think it sounds great.  I have a very high quality condenser mic, so hopefully the rooster proclamations never made it into the track.  Nick’s romance narrator pseudonym — DUKE MADDOUX — was fun to announce on the credits, but I’ve been using my real name since I started narrating, so heck with it.

I’ve had good times and bad with narration, but I seem to have reached some sort of christ-like state with it these days.  When I first got myself into this gig, about six years ago, I had all sorts of judgements and thoughts and feelings about the quality of the prose, the craft decisions of the plot and character construction, x y z.  All these ego things, really, which is extra ridiculous because I’m over here NARRATING what someone else wrote, not the other way around.  And lots I could say about that, but mainly I want to say that I didn’t have a sense of narrating itself — what it is and isn’t.  I grew up in a reading-out-loud family, right?, so I was like: what more preparation do you need.  But our family process was quite centered on the content.  We would tell each other, “yeah let’s hear more of that,” or “no I don’t like that, read something different”.

So it’s like, a lot of my early narration gigs consisted of me reading out loud competently, while telling myself on the inside, “no, read something different” lol.  And I didn’t realize how much of a christ-like state I’ve ultimately arrived at, with narration, until I started co-narrating with Nick, who is internally at war with much of the content.

Now, he can soften around that or stay at war or whatever, but the thing I’ve discovered (and please excuse what a no-brainer this is) is that the job of a narrator is like the job of a portrait photographer: to capture something in the most flattering light possible.  The prose could be lovely.  Or it could be the ugliest and most awkward subject imaginable — like those medieval painters put in the ethically awful position, back in the day, of being commissioned to paint a portrait of some noble’s tragically lumpy daughter, in order to get her married off at the highest bid possible.  What an artistic conundrum.

Anyway, though, *I* don’t have conundrums about it anymore, and frankly I’m wondering if I’m arriving at some new level of mastery.  I enjoy it — it doesn’t even matter what I’m reading, I enjoy the sound and feeling and process of verbalizing it, all the subtle decisions around that.  I like relaxing and channeling the basic spirit of a book, its various passages, without any attempt to control the content through my approval or disapproval.

I felt like a bit of a charlatan, for a long time, and sounded like one too no doubt, but not anymore.  I think people are lucky to have me narrate their books.

So anyway, it’s nice to get here to Hawaii and re-engage a lucrative skill that actually is feeling like a skill.  And poor Nick — he gets self conscious because I offer pointers, so I had to leave the room for the whole last half of the book because he didn’t want me there anymore.

Anyway, he’ll find his own process with it, like I did, or decide he doesn’t like it and move on.  It’s easy money if you can keep your head in the right place.  Took me quite a bit of trial and error to get there, is what I’m trying to say.

So yes, audiobooks are allowing this whole Hawaii transition to be much less stressful than it might, otherwise.  I’m going to try and really pump up this royalty stream before I even consider extending my energies in other directions.

My brother has decided to just go ahead and get rich (again, or more), so we can buy the land just to the south of us.  I think I’ve mentioned, we just happened to land in this INCREDIBLE area, with perfect weather.  Apparently lots of people on the rainier parts of the island have to treat their houses with chemicals to prevent pests and mold, but it’s dry enough here to avoid that, but also rainy enough that a person can set up water catchment and be entirely water self-sufficient, if they’re conservative with use.  I mean, that’s a winner of an equation right there.

So anyway we have these truly excellent neighbors to the further south of us, Haley and William, who are building their ICF dream house on 56 acres.  They already have a little citrus orchard planted, and they have this big ass canyon/ravine thing on their land that they’re gonna trick out with a zip line, just for fun, and they have chickens and cows and they took me all around the other day — gah, it was just gorgeous, and impressive.  I mean, it’s not often you meet people where you’re like: wow, you REALLY have your shit together.  They have two young kids that are def in the top 3rd percentile of happy, autonomous, self-soothing, most well behaved young kids I’ve ever met.

Anyway, so just between their land and where we live right now is a big ole parcel for sale, also insanely gorgeous, with a big Roman-looking courtyard house on it, and idk like 40+ acres.  Everything everywhere has a view of the massive ocean, because of the slant.  My brother and I had been talking just the other day about how he can get all wrapped around the axle on other desires or frustrations, here and there, but generally when he remembers to focus on money, he receives big money.  And of course the more big money you align with, one way or the other, the easier it is to align with future big money, but it really is a vibrational maneuver at every point along the way.

I can feel my own vibrational money baseline shifting.  It takes time, you know?  I mean, I guess it doesn’t have to, but most of us don’t change our major metaphysical-metabolic process overnight.  It’s just like what I described with audiobook narrating: you stop being at war with your own ideas about a thing and you settle into a receptive space that you, yourself, can accept and celebrate.

So that’s happening for me with money, and I like that a lot.  I’m excited to see what Nick and I, together, can accomplish in the next 12 months, let’s say.  Who knows.

Anyway, my brother’s track record with manifesting wealth is so strong that really the hardest part is him just remembering that he can, and so I reminded him the other day, and he’s going to see about manifesting that parcel of land just to the south.  That would be sweet!

I don’t know if anyone’s been taking my advice and listening to Michael Jaco or Teal Swan or, for that matter, Jordan Peterson (who someone on Reddit assured Nick, yesterday, is a fascist.  Oh, Reddit — teach us your incel ways…) but this is a great time to focus on manifesting.  I often use the surfing analogy, and others do as well, because it’s relevant.  Anyway, whether you’ve surfed or not, I’m sure you can imagine: you get yourself paddled out there, which is difficult enough, and then one of three things can happen: you catch a wave, you don’t catch a wave but just sit on your board while it passes harmlessly beneath you, or you get fucking crushed if you’re set up in the wrong place, or on your way to the right place but at the wrong time, relative to that big wave.

So, destiny is always individual because vibrational countenance is always individual, but our individual karmas are heightened when the surf is pounding, let’s say.  This is a great time to practice your sovereignty, your courage, your equilibrium, your divine timing, in order to either catch a wave or be positioned to let it harmlessly pass beneath you.  And I know a lot of people this year wanna make it about their group, their party, their club.  But that’s why the ocean analogy is so great —we’ve got big surf right now, folks!  You can yell advice and encouragement to some extent but you’ve gotta keep your eye on the incoming swells, and at some point it’s every man for himself.  Some people will have fun, some people will drown or get a concussion, some people will improve their skillset for next time, some people will decide they never wanna do that again and stay on the shore.

2020 is big surf, increasingly so every day.  I think Michael Jaco is a great voice right now.  Get up in your love, get up in your intuition, get up in your power.  This is not the time to play stupid little games.  Live your values.  It’s all starting to matter a lot, and faster and faster too.  We have this idea of heaven and hell, where we get what we deserve — and what we deserve is determined by some kind of divine assessment of how we spent the bulk of our energies, what we thought with the bulk of our thoughts.  The scales.  Well, we’re all gonna land in our own personal heavens or hells on *this* side of the death experience, here soon, so you might wanna keep tilting your scale towards expression, freedom, bravery, expansion, connection, non-reaction, humor, honor, and strength.  It’s like we’re in a big dice-shaker right now, and you wanna land with the highest possible number *up*, when we all get shook out.

Most interesting article I’ve read in the last 24 hours — BOMBSHELL: The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared ‘National Emergency’ that set an Election Day trap for the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure.  This article cites a 2018 Executive Order that Trump enacted without remark from anyone at the time, apparently: Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.

Basically it says the wealth and assets of any persons or entities found to be involved in the big fucking thing that just happened to us, that gazillions of people ARE involved in, to include every confabulator of fraudulent votes, every person who knowingly worked the Dominion machines, every MSM news anchor involved in strategically misrepresenting the truth, every big tech platform involved in censorship and misrepresenting the truth — I mean the WHOLE ordeal — their wealth can be seized.  Under this 2018 executive order.  The foreign interference aspect is clear, now, with the Biden family ties to Ukraine and China and the off-shore nature of Dominion and Scytl.

Yep.  Trump’s definitely just a big bumbling orange idiot with no business in the White House.  I know that’s true because some incel on Reddit told me.

My dad is all fussy: “I wanna see executions!  I wanna see people getting frog marched to Gitmo!  It’s time for Trump to put up or shut up!”

My brother and me are like, goddamn dad, most of the country doesn’t even believe there’s a Deep State yet.  Calm down.


We were like, “Yeah, but think about it from x y z relative’s perspective, what they would think if all of the sudden there were just executions and people being frog marched to Gitmo on TV.”

My dad just waved that away entirely — “well they’re hopeless, they wouldn’t even believe the sky is blue if the TV told them different.”

“Yeah, and that’s how most of the people in the country are.”

“Well the hell with ‘em!”

I don’t know what my dad ate, or didn’t eat, or should have eaten, or what, yesterday.  It was a lot.

Back to the article, though, and the kraken Sidney Powell has busied herself with releasing, wow: a whole lot of wealth stands to be seized and redistributed right now.  I’ve never been keen on the idea of redistributing wealth attained through skillful manipulation of the physics of capitalism — that’s like understanding the rules of a board game well enough that you earn more points than everyone, except instead of then winning, your points just get redistributed.

But yeah, I think the wealth of people who got wealthy in this system and then used their wealth to attempt a socialist coup of our country can go ahead and have THEIR stuff redistributed.  I’m okay with that.  Socialism happening to them, personally — glorious.

It’s just big stuff happening right now, people.  And I’m feeling more optimistic every day.  At first I was like “oh lawd they rigged the election” and then I was like, wait — I feel like Trump probably knew.  And then I found out about the watermarks, blockchain, trackable ink, etc.  Then I saw an old Tweet of Trump’s from back in 2012, relating to voting machines and votes being switched.  And now I discovered this daggum EXECUTIVE ORDER from 2018?  All the brainwashed people with TDS are truly missing out on the cinematic event of a lifetime, right now, and it sucks for them but they shouldn’t have CNN’d so hard.  I mean, is there a more exciting possible plot twist than the hunters becoming the hunted?

And frankly, if this was a movie, my major critique would be that they did such a slapdash job with the villains.  I mean, come on — they’re ugly AND stupid AND evil AND shallow AND attended by minions who *literally* wear black, come out at night, attack the innocent, the elderly, and the infirm, while burning down mom n pop businesses?  I mean, who wrote this pulp??  It’s totally unrealistic, except that it’s actually, really, unbelievably, but in all honesty — real. And by “real”, I mean — okay no, I haven’t met the majority of people to whom I’m referring, so I could be under a wrong impression, but what I am saying is that, the people I do know, personally and well, who are defending the actions and rhetorical positions of these pieces of shit, are for sure real.  They’re real, and they’ve been blowing my mind since March at least.  There is real sympathy for the deadest, dumbest dogma imaginable.

Which of course leads me once again to question myself — am I just messed up and crazy?

No, I’m not.  So, this brings me back to my original point: I haven’t seen a villain, or villainy, so shabbily constructed since the Star Wars prequels!

“But Anakin — I love you!”

“Your love won’t save you, Pad Mei.  Only my new special powers can do that.”

They said that!  They made those actors do that scene!  And I know those are good actors, and I know they know the difference between good and bad writing, and I know they had to be crawling out of their skins, delivering such poor dialogue.

But that was a movie.  And this is real.  People really feel entitled to walk up and sucker punch someone minding their own business, and kick them in the head when they’re down.  And other people, watching that, really feel that social justice is winning the day.

I have been watching streamed footage of the Million Maga March, the clashes, how the various sides are handling themselves.  (My personal urge to take to the streets with a crowbar has never been stronger.  Good thing I’m in Hawaii.)  It’s as you’d expect.  A BLM woman trying to steal a flag, brandishing a knife.  The MAGAs working together to disarm her, surround her, and wait for the police to arrive.  The Antifas and peripheral thugs attacking innocent people when the chances of retaliation are low, late in the day.  Literally good versus evil.  I’m sorry, that’s a terribly un-literary and unsophisticated-sounding thing to say, but there it is.  There is only one side that’s aligned themselves with chronic, senseless destruction and violence, and if some gradation of civil war is on tap, and if the skirmishes I’m seeing in DC are any type of foreshadowing, it’s gonna be real short.  Especially if Trump defunds the Cabal, which seems to be hanging upside down by its hairy ankle, shrieking, per this most recent trap.

And then after that, I’m happy to come back together in unity along rooster lines: I’m over here, so you stay over there.

I just googled the March to get a sense of the total numbers, and every MSM outlet had something sneery to say.  I can’t wait to watch those motherfuckers burn.  I had a sense, you know, earlier this year, that we’ve all already made our beds and the rest of the year will be a whole lot of lying in them, and I think that was accurate.