Ah, so many lol’s this morning, I hardly know where to start.  Facebook as an entity made the *insane* call to assign the term “mass murder” to Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions, in Kenosha WI, platform wide.  Lin Wood, who represented Nick Sandmann, much to CNN’s eventual dismay, is now assisting with Kyle’s case.  Lin tweeted, “Thanks!  I did take a look at that.  I see that Mark & @Facebook want to eventually donate many, many, many millions of dollars to Kyle Rittenhouse and his family.  When the time is right, I am happy to pick up the money in a very large truck and deliver it to my clients.”  Agh!  I just can’t stop laughing.  That is exactly right.  I think it’s time cancel culture experiences the massive backlash of litigation it has made inevitable.  I’m not a sue-happy type per se but this is God’s work. Rittenhouse’s actions can’t be categorized as mass murder even under the technical definition of mass murder, which is four or more homicides in close proximity without a “cooling off” period in between.  And then for anyone with a brain, I don’t think I need to mansplain the situation beyond that.

Let’s see, last night was the extra special 100th night of rioting in Portland, and a BLM threw a Molotov cocktail at the cops but caught one of his own guys on fire instead, to commemorate the occasion.

Reports are huffily emerging that between 93 and 95% of all BLM protests have been peaceful, since the death of George Floyd I suppose.  I took it upon myself to look up excessive force stats, which are easy to find, and it turns out 99.9961% of all police encounters do not involve excessive force.  So by that metric, and by any metric, the entirely manufactured and extremely well-funded race riots have zero legs to stand on, obviously magnifying the same flavor of terrorism they claim to oppose.

Meanwhile, people are getting creative with the BLM graffiti scrawled across every damn surface, adding an O to create “black olives matter”, or a trusty ole cock ’n balls to the black clenched fist.

Sometimes I honestly wonder if this whole thing, aside from the obvious funding and incitement from the Dems, isn’t just about urban white girls misdirecting their culturally suppressed sexual energies.  I’m totally serious.  There is, as we all know now, a semi-professional class of rioters getting luxuriously bused and flown around the country to incite violence broad scale, arrested, released thanks to their higher ups, rinse and repeat.  These people are, actually, stupid enough to think they won’t be thrown directly under that same bus by their friends in high places, which we’re on the cusp of.  Their dumb asses will serve Federal time, with no bailout, once they’ve stopped being useful, which they absolutely deserve.

But the thought occurred to me when I encountered a photo of a mob of white women, brandishing an enormous sign of convicted rapist Jacob Blake (who was rightfully shot, with the x7 being excessive and a result of adrenaline, in my opinion, following the taser scuffle, his statement of intent to kill the cops, and heading for his vehicle to apparently fetch something in order to do just that).  Jacob Blake, in this glam shot, looked like he’d just dropped a new single, “You Can’t Outgun My Love,” with backup vocals by the Onion’s resident imaginary columnist, Smoove B.  That’s the (huge) poster they were holding aloft, with this photo.  No words or claims — just this black and white photo that looked like the cover on the new EP of some straight up baby-making music.  I looked at the photo, and then I looked at the girls’ faces again, and you know I’m something of a white girl myself — I just knew.

And it made me think, whoa.  I mean, let’s look at the emotional and psychological motivations of what’s been going on, beyond the political and social.  We’ve got a huge chunk of people who feel rightfully warranted in causing civil unrest as a means to apply pressure to a justice system they’ve been assured, by the press and LeBron, is very racist, very out to get blacks.  The facts and statistics around that narrative break down immediately under even mild scrutiny, which rightfully turns the onus back onto black communities themselves, and their typically Democrat-driven, infantilized statuses quo that makes lawlessness and generational disenfranchisement inevitable there.  Plenty of black conservative voices are placing that blame squarely where it belongs, and running on platforms acknowledging that an ideology update is in order, and that the police represent the strongest allies a poor community can have, meanwhile.  And they’re dismissed as “Uncle Toms” by the Left, which will persist until the dialectic has evolved a little farther and we’ve all sobered up from this victim-worshipping bender we’re on.

So a good chunk of people are there, no doubt.  Ben Shapiro quoted extensively from a man questioning the extent to which this victim narrative can actually translate into effective child abuse, in his own situation.  White dad, black mom, bi-racial kids, smooth sailing, but then the mom got really indoctrinated into this cult, at her university of course.  She began actually pointing out police officers and telling her kids, “They’ll kill you just for being black,” that type of thing.  Frightening the bejeezus out of them, of course, setting them up for a lifetime of auto-generated, self-fulfilling racial stigma.  She wrote off her own previous history of being a perfectly happy, gainfully employed black woman in America as, idk, Stockholm syndrome, being colonized, Uncle-Tom-ishly rejecting her own authentic blackness in America.  That’s fine, I guess; legal adults can wrastle with reality however they want to, but I think it behooves us all to raise children who feel happy and confident, optimistic and ambitious as a rule.  Whatever problems we’ve experienced, real or imagined, let’s try not to “colonize” them with our woundedness, ffs.  The dad in this scenario is just wracked, you know, watching his wife instill deep, helpless, unnecessary fears in their children, and doing what he can to counter that.  His interpretation was that she got this memo, from higher education, that the wound of being black in America must be honored and explored, and since her own life as a well-to-do black gal had been pretty devoid of racially-charged tension, she felt the impulse to create a self-validating “woundedness” to mourn, via the vehicle of her own kids.

Okay, so that’s one psychological point of access to the race riots as they’ve emerged and persisted.  Another is obviously these semi-professional elements, and their interest is easy to understand.  Not only permission, but payment, to go raise hell with a high expectation of a political machine running interference for you, legally and rhetorically?  That wouldn’t appeal to me, personally, because I’m not a piece of shit, but it would be nice, if all this persists, for business owners and landowners to get the green light and essentially be deputized “in the field” to protect their interests as they see fit, with commensurate expectation of legal immunity.

I might get my pessimistic wish, in the form of a really fucked up civil war — I mean, that’s why Kyle Rittenhouse’s example acted as such a clarion call, while being apparently so divisive between people who can think and people who can’t think.  (I don’t know how else to interpret it.)  Just sitting at home or on fires, watching hundreds, thousands of people mostly get away with this shit, night after night, besieging the police who absolutely do not have the support of their own local leadership (the Dem mayors and governors can’t throw them to the mob fast enough, it’s insane) — it just makes us a lot of us feel like we’d prefer to do something about it, if we’re allowed to.  Nobody wants to spend the rest of their life in prison, so…yeah, a green light on bulldozing down these cucks would be great.  But as usual, the law-abiding citizens are, in fact, abiding by the law, so these cops are just on their own, every fucking night.  I would love to be part of a citizen’s brigade in support of them.

In fact it’s been hard, at some points, just to keep Nick *at* the fires we’re on; he can’t stand not figuring out how to kick some Antifa ass right now.  He literally talked about Oregon in his sleep the other night, and was laughing joyously.  I was like, “omg, he’s dreaming he’s in Portland”.

Anyway, I get having a visceral and violent response to injustice, because I have it myself — the injustice of these shitbirds, going basically unchecked.  And then they way they scream and cry and say “don’t fucking touch me” when they’re arrested, and call back cops “house niggers” and verbally abuse dark skinned officers generally, while physically assaulting all colors of officers, and — just the most pussy antics.  I’m sorry, I can’t think of a better word.  It’s all “fuck the cops” and then the first thing they do when they hit the wall of someone not taking their shit is run to the cops for protection.  Jesus.  My tiny white dog at the dog park, who runs out and barks at everyone having fun and then hides under my chair when they run back at her, has more brains and more balls than these people.

Okay, so that’s psychological appeal number two, the professional criminals, which brings me back to the white girls.  I’ve been honestly confused, this whole time, about the white girls, who represent a huge group number three.

FACT: white girls will constantly complain about being sexually objectified by men WHILE listening to rap music that sexually objectifies women as its full time job.

FACT: white girls viscerally enjoy being sexually objectified by men in a certain sense, and on their terms, as evidenced by a massive cultural focus on exaggerated aesthetics, which can be mostly distilled at this point in time to the two big bigs: asses and eyelashes.  (Hey, that could almost be some lyrics: asses and eyelashes.  It’s a slant rhyme.)  I’m not hating; I’m right there with them.  It’s fun to have sexual “pull” with men, and to discard most of the fish in the net in favor of a few good ones.  Nothing wrong with that.

FACT: we have a crisis of responsible masculinity in America.  A failure of masculinity can manifest in one of two ways: the milquetoast male, culturally castrated and operating along manipulative lines as a result; or the thug male, who can be thrillingly direct but, at the end of the day, is all hat and no cattle when it comes to energetic and spiritual follow-through.  Given the option of the tamed sheep or the untamed wolf, women always choose the untamed wolf — a closer match to sacred masculinity but still a flawed one — and so taming the wolf to some extent is always an integral part of that fantasy.

Here’s a massive and probably offensive generalization that I can’t defend but which still seems true: perhaps black men represent more of the latter, while white men represent more of the former, to the extent that masculinity is failing across the races?  I’m not a good person to say, because I’ve met so few black people in my life, period, having grown up on the Rez and operated in the Southwest primarily, where whites, natives, and Hispanics are much more prevalent than blacks.  I can say, though, I’ve never met a black male who wasn’t powerfully vibing with his own masculinity in a palpable sense, however well or poorly constructed that masculinity may have been.  I have, though, met many many white men who are truly floundering in their largely rejected masculinity, becoming manipulative as a side effect, and making concession after energetic concession to a dating pool of (white) women who are intellectually convinced that masculinity is toxic, while continuing to *viscerally* sort out partners on the basis of their shred of remaining, functioning masculinity, nevertheless.  Obviously that puts (white?) men in a tough spot, but what does that do to (white?) women?

My wild hypothesis is that it causes them to become so confused in their overt and covert desires, and all that becomes so entangled with both well- and poorly-constructed expectations of social justice, that what you get is: a bunch of essentially sexually frustrated white women flocking to the beacon of a martyred, untamed wolf with, in the case of Jacob Blake, a handsome face.  I’m not saying that’s the only thing at play, but when I look at the expressions of women in these photographs and videos…?  Dude.  It’s on the back burner at least.

This wouldn’t be the first time the demographic power of sexually frustrated white women has been harnessed and leveraged to devastating effect.  Almost all marketing everywhere at least nods to this trend.  We henpeck and cherry pick acceptable masculinity, and frame women as this brave but obliquely powerless group — you can’t be “brave” without also framing yourself as “powerless”, the two go hand in hand — but you wanna know the truth?  Females and femininity, in both aligned and misaligned aspects, represent a voracious force of nature.  What we lack in physical strength, we make up for in energetic ferocity and sheer pull.  We don’t make things happen nearly as much as men do — it’s just that all the things that happen, happen because of us.  The more misaligned with masculinity men become, in either of its two manifestations, the more the bank of energetic and sexual frustration builds up, for all women everywhere — like Ekhart Tolle’s collective feminine “pain body” but on crack cocaine.

Men can address their energetic sexual frustration through compartmentalized and transactional hook ups.  It doesn’t feed their soul, but having their souls fed represents an uptick from their baseline, for the average male who’s walking around and feeling fine at baseline.

Women cannot address their energetic sexual frustration transactionally — we actually require both the wolf and the partial taming.  The whoooooole fuckin thing, in other words.  Despite any given woman’s ready access to wiling sexual partners, we get more spiritually-sexually frustrated, and stay more spiritually-sexually frustrated, than men.  This effect is compounded and amplified by our cultural disownment OF our sexuality (newsflash, stuff you suppress doesn’t just go away; it festers), and whatever remaining tatter hasn’t been disowned by our culture, we go ahead and disown ourselves, as an avenue to greater personal advancement in a world where poorly-understood (even by ourselves) sexuality is intensely problematic.  The spiritual-sexual frustration of women is a shrieking, howling giantess, smashing at the bars of her giant cage.  It only has one solution, and that is the addition of a man, who *is* a man, and who can figure out out to act right. The wolf that submits to only a certain degree of taming.  That is like the Kobiyashi Maru of women — the insoluble problem.

I don’t think we experience this coherently — it’s fractured into shards that we variously interpret, and the voracious feminine hunger remains unnamed, mostly, even by us.  And w’ere not hard to please, in my estimate, even though it may seem that way on the surface.  You know how people who eat shit food are hungry all the time?  That’s because empty calories are just that — empty.  It is appropriate and necessary that the body continue asking for food, because calories aside, it has not yet received the actual nutrition it requires.  It will keep asking and asking and asking, no matter how much shit food you eat, until some nutrition finally happens.

People are like this too, both women and men, particularly women in keeping with my blog’s focus.  On a steady diet of empty male calories, we get phenomenally, scorched-earthishly hungry, and even if we THINK empty male calories taste good — just like fast food junkies think their sack of crap tastes good — it’s not what we need.  No matter how screwed up anyone’s appetite signals become, a good nutritious meal still has the power to make them feel fed, happy, and relaxed.  Women still have the ability to feel fed, happy, and relaxed in the presence of a partially tame-able wolf, no matter how misdirected and tricked our appetites have become.  I believe that, deeply.

So, what do you think it means when thousands of economically privileged, emotionally charged, seethingly angry white women hit the streets holding signs of the handsomest, most arrest-resisting thug yet?  They just really want everything to be fair?  No they fucking don’t.  Here’s a simple test for men.  When a man screams in your face, as you’re trying to mind your own business and just get to your car, hit him.  However he reacts, he’ll instinctually acknowledge this as your right.  When a woman screams in your face, as you’re trying to mind your own business and get to your car, hit her.  OH, shit’s not supposed to be fair now.  These women have been literally using their privileged sex status as a means to further harass and aggress innocent people, an overt and strategic double standard: I can aggress you with impunity, but you can’t aggress me back.  I think I can say with some degree of support, in the face of unprecedented social unrest largely driven by hordes of obscenity-shrieking white women: it’s time to start hitting chicks.  Please do not take this out of context.

Additionally, I’d like to advance this critique of historical feminism — they always agitate for equality in white collar professions; but coal mining, ditch digging, railroad tie laying, getting drafted to be literal cannon fodder in the latest stupid war?  They’re like, naw, I’m good.  Just gonna hang out over here and have babies.  And rightfully so!  Low status men’s work will kill you, but not before it breaks your body all the way down first.  Low status women’s work will, too, but we can see from the dearth of agitations for equality there which way the wind blows.  I’d stay home and have babies ten times out of ten, over those more typically men’s labors.  Grapes of Wrath and shit.

Back to the point, though, what enormity of frustrated energy is really behind this psychological grouping of incensed white women, in the 2020 Race Games, if not essentially spiritual-sexual, whose momentum of hunger we can never escape, just like all our other appetites?

So that’s what I think, in part, and you can take it or leave it.  I abandoned the negotiation of what I’m allowed to say (think) versus what I’m not supposed to say (think) a long blogging time ago, and whomever my actual readership consists of — this one goes out to all the white women, from a white woman.  I see you :)