I didn’t expect to see it happen in my lifetime, except in rumbling further down the scale, as is inevitable.  Tyranny, I mean.  Jordan Peterson and Teal Swan both talk about hierarchies of dominance, the simple fact that you can’t live without them, they’re as old as primates at least, they exist not only external to us but hardwired in to our psychological self-orienting mechanisms, and finally that they trend (in Peterson’s egregiously educated opinion) toward tyranny.  So, dispensing with them is impossible and also undesirable, as everything societally meaningful that gets accomplished, gets accomplished within the context of some dominance hierarchy, but we have to watch them like hawks.

I’m watching, like a hawk, as this particular tyranny comes slow-mo flowing like lava, down the mountain to cover us all.  Everything that’s come so far, in terms of the thuggery, felt more like a collective feint, a testing of the waters, with the maintenance of some level of plausible deniability.  In just the last couple of days, it seems to me the tone has shifted to thuggery in earnest, untangling itself from the wreckage of even its own initial, supposed rhetoric.  The attempt to murder the entire Seattle East Precinct by sealing them in the building and setting it on fire; the 1st Degree murder charges against Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin and accompanying details; the tortured and killed raccoon snuff film BLM made and proudly uploaded to the interwebs; the berating of random people trying to eat their dinners, who won’t raise their fists, and more concerningly, the ones who do.  (How fucking dare they cowtow to this mob.) The utter failure of the DNC and the media to decry or even properly reference the violence whatsoever — peaceful protests in Kenosha “gave way” to fires and riots?  Get the fuck outta here with that.  The entire fleet of torched, twisted cop cars on Fairfax Avenue in LA.

One small silver lining is the guy in the bro-dozer who persisted in simply pulling into the gas station and calmly pumping his fuel, despite a truly alarming degree of white wokeness shrieking obscenities and attempting to prevent him from doing so.  Entire state PD’s left to their own besieged, defunded devices while city and state officials throw them under the bus, en masse, with a zeal that reeks of saving their own skins, which of course won’t work.  You can’t appease the mob, and you mustn’t appease the mob.  You can’t give one inch of ground or, like Kyle Rittenhouse, you’re down and your gun is jammed and you’re getting beaten with a skateboard, but thank god he recovered.

This is still one of the safest nations on earth and I still feel personally quite safe, so the sea change isn’t about, like, my physical location vs. x y z eruptions of violence.  No, the weird thing is, I’m encountering the pattern of that conflict, the evidence of that woundedness, within people’s psyches as I interact with them.  That wasn’t the case when, say, 9/11 happened.  Obviously it was a manufactured disaster on the macro, but on the social micro — well, we didn’t all start immediately scrutinizing each other as terrorists, seeing the root of the dysfunction in one another’s faces, unless you were Muslim, in which case that did happen.  (I got called a racist yesterday for, idk, the fourth time?). It’s a lot easier to see how the Salem Witch Trials got going, let’s just say.  You give people an epithet, make everything about that, interpret all attempts at discourse as being proof of that, and voila — tyranny, with its own, like, self recharging solar panel.  Hardly any fuel required.  And it’s never about the thing it’s supposedly about, it’s always a power grab, masquerading as that thing, and that thing is always framed in lofty terms, and unfortunately only accomplish-able through, you know, thuggery.

And by now we’re all too educationally impoverished and indoctrinated to frame, even on a basic level, the difference between a visionary and a fanatic, or that there is one.  I ran across an interesting idea, in my scrollings before bed last night: the American education system has been so co-opted by Leftists that it’s created a vacuum, and only thing that’s served to meaningfully fill that vacuum is called ‘being red-pilled’ — less a political reference than a philosophical/sci-fi one.  It comes from that famous scene in The Matrix, where Morpheus offers Neo the trauma of waking up fully — the red pill — versus the comfortable unconsciousness of the blue pill.  I scrolled past and didn’t quite know what to make of it, in the moment, but it stuck with me.  I’d say that’s what’s happened with me, and with most of the people currently retaining the ability to think, rather than just parroting nonsensical garbage.

What are the characteristics and components of being ‘red-pilled’?  I’d say, in no particular order, realizing that the MSM is an actual arm of the Democratic party; the Democratic Party is the current “host” of a parasitic thought form that is not, in itself, political or principled, but will simply slide into the DM’s of whatever power structure waxes most yeasty at that moment.  (I’ve already warned you about my competing analogies — you’re on your own now.)  The Republican Party has played host to this thought form many times, too, and still to some degree, so it’s not inherently about party, although everyone, everywhere, better lace up their boots and vote Trump this election or we’re fucked.  And not because he’s a Republican, but because he’s properly neither.  I know the other side is saying “vote Biden or we’re fucked” but they don’t mean we, the People, are fucked; they mean ‘we, the Cabal, are fucked’, and that’s my next point — there’s an actual global Cabal of Moloch-worshipping pedovores.  None of this makes any sense without that context, and as hysterical as it sounds, as unbelievable as it seems, and as many years as I personally spent rejecting that possibility even after having had it framed for me by a person I trust, it’s unfortunately true.  All Qanon has ever done is say, “Here’s a bunch of stuff — research it for yourself,” and then you do, and then you’re like, “I’M SORRY, WHAT?”  It’s been right under our noses this whole time.  Why doesn’t someone do something about it?  Because they’ve all got blackmail leverage on each other, and everyone who isn’t involved, and tries to speak out, gets suicided, or their car blows up, or their brakes fail, or they jump off an overpass four hours away from where their car supposedly broke down, or or or.

I went through a brief depression, several fires ago, as I finally explored it all, to the extent I could.  Sounds like my friend Shad, on this fire, is going through the same thing, after being red-pilled some time ago by a best friend.  There’s an incubation period of initial disbelief, followed by a savage appetite to simply rip off the bandaid of misinformation and know, followed by the depression, followed by a total immunity to the tissue thin paper tiger of this false flag distraction machine that’s constantly going on.  If there’s a phase after that, I don’t know about it yet, because that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  Well, without even wanting to, you start feeling a sense of responsibility to share what you know, because the fact is we’re all basically good people at heart, and those of us who militate hardest for social justice can be our biggest allies, if they can be convinced that literally all grown-up problems need to be deferred right now in favor of a focus on the savage sexual abuse, torture-for-sport, and murder going on right now involving babies and children, on the scale of millions.  Even if we can’t focus on that entirely, we can at least know that a cop is 18.5x more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a cop, so there’s certainly enough nuance in the data to back up and reassess, which would be a lot more productive if we’d stop calling each other racists.

It’s been kind of uncomfortable to be blogging my way through this red-pilling because it occurs in fits and starts.  I was just telling Nick yesterday, “This is my fourth fire season, but it’s my first fire season being out here, doing this job, experiencing constant cognitive dissonance in the knowing of what’s going on and not able to do anything about it, but just…knowing it every day.  I miss the seasons where I didn’t know.  Just counting my days, counting my dollars, comfortably expecting to re-enter off-season reality after my last fire.”  And it’s not just the discomfort of knowing, of having skeptically but rationally yielded to the facts that are there to see, for anyone who cares to look, but the additional sense of urgency of, on the one hand, doing this work of fire season, accruing capital, while also formulating plans A, B and C of exiting the continent with our dogs, my dad, and a realistic triage of our possessions in the face of increasing urban mob rule that’s actively being cheer led — cheerleaded? — by the talking heads on TV.

Well, Don Lemon on CNN finally came out and said people should stop rioting because it’s starting to affect the polls.  That’s even more disappointing, with the only consolation being that the parasitic thought form possessing our nation’s talking heads is not only that evil, but also that stupid.  If anyone decides to stop rioting because Don Lemon said it’s affecting the polls — for fuck’s sake, just keep rioting, then.  That’s as bad as people in restaurants raising their Black Power fist because they just wanna finish their sandwich without being surrounded by a bunch of human piranhas.  Come on.  Have some standards, even if they’re double standards, you cucks.

But also, for what it’s worth, I’ve gotten red-pilled enough that evidence of the 5D chess match this really is has become apparent.  An annual average of 60,000 sealed indictments, since around 2017 on forward, versus a previous average of about 1,000 per year, is not a good sign for the Cabal, or for things going as diabolically planned.  And since this is all too fascinatingly stupid to represent anyone’s version of a totalitarian tiptoe going well, it must represent, to some extent, a panicked response.  It feels, more than anything, like the entire pot of spaghetti being thrown at the wall, and whatever sticks, they just go with that.  And I’m sorry I’m not providing hyperlinks to all this, for your own further edification — I’m having too many connectivity problems as is, and just getting something uploaded everyday is challenge enough.  I’m kind of past the point of convincing anyone of anything, too.  It’s flagrantly obvious to anyone looking, and most people have a better internet connection than I do.  I’m glad I woke up to the victim narrative, and what’s behind the constant advancement of the victim narrative, and the only true victims I see right now are the people still sleepwalking and, of course, the millions of sex-trafficked children.  I know I sound like one of “them”, now — “wake up, sheeple!” — and I can’t help it.  It’s just like when you red-pill to veganism, you don’t wanna sound like one of those vegans but you just can’t help it.  The truth is the truth, and it’s not pretty.

Regardless of all that, we have to break down our entire operation here because the incident management team is moving everybody again, this time for an even more arbitrary reason than last time.  The unfathomable wisdom of incident management teams and their propensity to do arbitrary things is just as likely to benefit us dumb contractors, sucking at the teat of the government, as to harm us, so you can’t really object.  I figured this out on literally my first fire.  If you guys wanna pay me a lot of money to do something that we can all see is stupid and unnecessary — I’m certainly not the one to call foul.  Incident management teams are like the weather.  Sometimes it’s a good day, sometimes it’s not.  Today, we have a bunch of shit to do, which we just got done doing a couple days ago, for no reason anyone can articulate, and which cannot be explained using a map or a budget or any other metric, and that’s just how it goes.

I always forget to say this, but I’m trying to get better: your comments and thoughts are very welcome, and I’ll always get back to you eventually, but probably not immediately.  I appreciate your likes and observations more than you can possibly know, as I yell into the void.